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John and Derek go undercover at a military prep school in order to stop the execution of a young man that will be important in the battle against Skynet. Ellison starts his new job for Weaver by looking deeper into the Serrano nuclear plant's near meltdown.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x5
Production Number: 3T7303
Airdate: Monday October 06th, 2008

Alternate Airdates:

UK (channel one) Nov 20, 2008
NL (Veronica) Sep 24, 2009


Guest Stars
Jonathan JacksonJonathan Jackson
As Kyle Reese
Dean NorrisDean Norris
As Nelson
Billy UngerBilly Unger
As Marty
Will RothhaarWill Rothhaar
As Martin Bedell
Beau BillingsleaBeau Billingslea
As General Hobbes
Patrick KilpatrickPatrick Kilpatrick
As The Terminator

Co-Guest Stars
Johnny DJohnny D'Agostino
As Bartender
Rene HegerRene Heger
As Pyle
David CheaneyDavid Cheaney
As Martin Bedell (other)
Bobbi Sue LutherBobbi Sue Luther
As Bar Skank
Alexandra RainesAlexandra Raines
As Marty's Mom
Garland SpencerGarland Spencer
As Senior Cadet
Main Cast
Lena HeadeyLena Headey
As Sarah Connor
Thomas DekkerThomas Dekker
As John Connor
Summer GlauSummer Glau
As Cameron Phillips
Brian Austin GreenBrian Austin Green
As Derek Reese
Shirley MansonShirley Manson
As Catherine Weaver
Richard T. JonesRichard T. Jones
As James Ellison


The episode begins at the home of Martin Bedell, where a large unpleasant man confronts him, and we find out later kills him. Bedell's death was an accident since he had the same name as another man more important to John Connor and the resistance in the future. John finds three Martin Bedell's in the phone book, then realizes the writing on the wall left by the time traveler from the future contains a clue. Further investigation confirms that the Martin Bedell from the future is currently attending a military prep school. John declares he is going to help Bedell with Derek as backup. He wonders where they will hide Bedell but Derek recommends they not try to hide him. He needs to receive the military training to be important in the future, plus there are lots of soldiers and guns at the school. Sarah and Cameron will stay behind and try to save the other remaining Bedell listed in the phone book...

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Episode Notes
John Connor identifies himself to a T-888 for the first time in the series in an attempt to redirect the T-888 from its mission and attack him.

Episode Quotes
Derek: His name is Martin Bedell. He was in Century work camp with you. Right up until the escape.
John: So I knew him.
Derek: You knew him. Everybody knew him.
Sarah: But he doesn't know this one, does he? Not this Martin Bedell.
Derek: No, another Martin Bedell.
Sarah: Maybe it's just coincidence.
Derek: How many coincidences named Sarah Connor got killed before Skynet locked in on you?

John: Okay, there are three Martin Bedells in LA, now there are two. How do we know which one is the target?
Derek: They both are. Machines are thorough, only good thing about 'em.

John: I'll load the truck, we'll go.
Sarah: We will, will we?
John: Its a boy's school. I can do this, I am doing this.
Derek: Nothing complicated, we find the kid, throw him in a hole, babysit, safe as anything we do.
Sarah: Go..... Two. Two Sarah Connors were murdered before they found me. Cameron and I will find the other Martin Bedell, maybe we can stop the triple eight before it gets to you.

Sarah: (speaking about John) He's not a soldier.
Derek: No, not yet.

John: About Bedell, after we grab him where are we supposed to hide him?
Derek: Who said we're gonna hide him? Martin Bedell hiding in a cave somewhere might as well be Martin Bedell dead somewhere. No use to John Connor.

Marty: Who was that man? He should be dead. How come he's not dead? And where's my mom?
Sarah: No more questions.
Cameron: Your mother's current location is unknown. That man is a cyborg sent to kill you.
Sarah: Cameron!

Marty: Do you do this every night?
Sarah: Yeah.
Marty: Well what happens when you go to sleep?
Sarah: She happens. (indicating Cameron)

Cameron: We made a tactical error. We should have engaged the triple eight.
Sarah: With a little boy in the crossfire?
Cameron: The boy is not important. He's not our mission.
Sarah: He is now.

Derek: You're alone and exposed here, it's not good.
John: And you're gonna tell me I know better.

Sarah: The machine won't stop. It will go back to that kid's house, find his parents, find his mom.
Cameron: I would.
Sarah: Police will be there by now.
Cameron: Police won't matter.
Sarah: I know. You don't need to be here, there are other places to be.
Cameron: You want me to protect his parents?
Sarah: I want you to keep this contained.

Cameron: The FBI has moved Marty's parents.
Sarah: And the triple eight?
Cameron: He's made no attempt to acquire them.
Sarah: So what would you do now in your professional robot opinion?
Cameron: Marty's trail's gone cold, I'd switch targets to the other Martin Bedell.
Sarah: So go to the other Martin Bedell's house, wait for the triple eight. When it shows up, blow it's head off.
Cameron: He can put it back on.

Sarah: The triple eight has been to that kid's house, it knows about the school, it has his picture.
Derek: How long?
Sarah: Cameron says two, maybe three hours, she's on her way. You told me you'd throw that kid in a hole, babysit, nothing complicated.
Derek: It won't touch him, I won't let it.
Sarah: You better not. Cause if you do, pray the triple eight gets to you before I do.

Sarah: If you get into trouble you call me, say "book report" and I'll come, whatever it is I'll come.
visual: Marty hugs Sarah.
Marty: Are you a spy?
Sarah: No, I'm not a spy?
Marty: Are you a mom?
Sarah: Yeah, I'm a mom.
Marty: You kinda suck at it.
Sarah: I know, I'm working on it.

Derek: He died, John. He died for you. We all die for you.

Episode Goofs
When the T-888 arrived at Marty's house, it shot at him through the door then it kicked the door down. Had Marty been shot as expected, the door would have landed on him. So when the T-888 walked through the door, it should have automatically looked downward to see if Marty had been killed but instead it looked around at eye level.

Cultural References
Sarah mentions two other Sarah Connors being killed. These events happened in the 1984 movie, The Terminator.

Episode References
The "P Alto" clue written on the basement wall in blood was left by a time traveler from the future in episode 2x02, Automatic for the People.

The near meltdown of the Serano nuclear power plant referred to by Weaver and Ellison occurred in episode 2x02, Automatic for the People.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerAndrew Vajna  |  Mario Kassar  |  James Middleton  |  Joel Michaels  |  Josh Friedman (1)  |  John Wirth
Co-Executive ProducerNatalie Chaidez  |  Toni Graphia
Supervising ProducerJohn Enbom
ProducerJill Lopez Danton
Co-ProducerDrew Matich  |  Hilton Smith  |  Zack Stentz  |  Ashley Edward Miller  |  Jessie Ward Dugan
Production DesignerMarek Dobrowolski
EditorVikash Patel  |  Sarah Boyd
CastingGayle Pillsbury  |  Bonnie Zane
Unit Production ManagerHilton Smith
First Assistant DirectorGlenn Steelman
Second Assistant DirectorJessica Lowrey
MusicBear McCreary
Music EditorMichael Baber
Costume DesignerAmanda Friedland
HairstylistKetty Gonzalez
Set DecoratorRyan Welsch
Location ManagerLeif Tilden
Property MasterScott A. Buckwald
Supervising Sound EditorJon Mete
Re-Recording MixerGary D. Rogers  |  Dan Hiland
Director of PhotographyStephen Collins (2)
Stunt CoordinatorJoel Kramer
Art DirectorAlicia Maccarone
Sound MixerCharles Kelly
Special Makeup Effects ArtistRobert Hall (1)
Visual Effects SupervisorJames Lima
Special Effects SupervisorSteve Galich
Original CastingSarah Katzman  |  Lisa Beach
Second Unit DirectorJoel Kramer
Based On Characters Created ByGail Anne Hurd  |  James Cameron
Makeup ArtistHarriette Landau
DeveloperJosh Friedman (1)
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