Complications - Recap

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On the way back from Mexico, Sarah awakens from a dream and has to stop and vomit. Cameron asks if she is pregnant and argues that Kacy experienced the same symptoms with her pregnancy. John checks his mother and notices she has a high fever. Before he can get her back into the truck, she reaches for a turtle what has wandered under the truck and moves it aside to prevent it from being crushed.

Back home, John and Cameron are tending to a bedridden Sarah. Sarah attempts to rise, saying they need to return to Mexico and finish destroying Cromartie but John stops her, saying there is no hurry. Cameron disagrees with John and agrees with Sarah that leaving Cromartie whole (albeit without his chip) is dangerous.

Derek is out driving when he receives a call from Jesse. She asks him to come to an abandoned warehouse and bring a gun. When he gets there, he finds she has captured a man she calls Charles Fisher, a man she says is from the future and who works for Skynet. The man proclaims his innocence and says his name is Paul Stewart. Jesse insists he is Fisher but Derek wants the man to confess himself. Jesse reluctantly agrees and says she will prove he is Fisher.

Sarah awakens to the sound of voices coming from a baby monitor. She gets up and wanders into a nursery filled with baby turtles. She notices Cameron in a rocking chair holding something in a blanket. Cameron gets up and Sarah sees she has a baby turtle, which she hands to Cromartie as she leaves the nursery. Sarah abruptly awakens from her dream and she is standing outside holding a gun. She goes back inside and writes three dots on a piece of paper in the shape of a triangle and ponders them.

John and Cameron return to Mexico to finish Cromartie's destruction. They dig up the grave where they left him and find only a boot, Cromartie is gone. John says there is only one other person who knew where they buried him.

Derek returns to the warehouse with some food for Stewart. Stewart says he repairs watches, but he used to be an engineer. He tries to convince Derek of his innocence when Derek notices a tattoo on his arm. Derek asks him where he did time, but Stewart denies being in prison. Derek is now suspicious of the man and re-tapes him to the chair.

John and Cameron are driving back when Cameron changes the radio station to one with music playing, much to John's surprise. Her phone rings and Derek tries to talk to her but fails to send the proper code so she hangs up. He calls back this time with the proper code and sends her a picture of Stewart, but she cannot identify him.

Sarah returns to Dr. Sherman's office and he tries to get her to call later and make an appointment but agrees to talk with her once she tells him about her dreaming and sleepwalking.

John and Cameron are sitting in the truck outside Ellison's house waiting for him to return. Cameron is curious why Sarah saved the turtle earlier in Mexico. John explains that is something they do, helping when they can. Ellison returns and they confront him. When he denies any involvement with the disappearance of Cromartie, Cameron proceeds to fling him around the room several times and only John's intervention keeps her from killing him. After Cameron walks out, John notices a photograph of his mother in the debris. The photo is of Sarah when she was pregnant with John, shortly after her first encounter with a Terminator.

Jesse returns to the warehouse with another captive, this one a much younger man. She reveals a birthmark on his shoulder and then shows the same birthmark on the older man who professes to be Paul Stewart. But even in the face of this, Paul Stewart refuses to break. Jesse tells Derek he needs to beat Stewart to get him to talk. Instead, he starts torturing the young man. The older man tries to get him to stop but Derek explains that some people can take massive amounts of punishment, accepting it as if it belonged to them. But watching his younger self get tortured proves too much and the older man finally admits to being Charles Fisher. Fisher explains he is not on a mission, but that he was sent back as a reward. He was in prison on Judgment Day and had no choice but to help Skynet.

Dr. Sherman tries to get Sarah to open up but she is just as guarded as the last time she saw him. Frustrated, Sherman tells her unless she will talk about John and Cameron, there is little he can do to help her.

Jesse is adamant that Fisher needs to die, that he is the worst of the traitors. She explains about how Fisher taught the Terminators how to break down human captives and get them to talk. Derek assumes she was talking about herself but she tells him he was the one who was Fisher's captive. Derek cannot remember, but confronts the older Fisher. Fisher was waiting for Derek to remember but Derek says he doesn't and pulls out his gun. As he prepares to kill the younger Fisher, Jesse kills the older man.

John returns home to find Sarah resting on the couch. She shows him the paper with the three dots, saying she is seeing it in her dreams. He tells her she has been sick and then tells her about Cromartie being missing. She also initially thinks of Ellison but he assures her he wasn't involved. She then tells John she is responsible for Cromartie finding him and tells him about the boy in the bowling alley that she let go. He assures her she did the right thing, that they are not murderers.

Derek finishes burying the older Charles Fisher. He talks with Jesse about letting the younger man free, but she says he is not the monster that the older man was and hopefully will not become him. Derek still does not remember anything of his interrogation and Jesse tells him that is all he used to talk about. Derek proposes an idea that he came back from a future where he was never Fisher's prisoner, while she came back from one where he was. He says that during his time back, he has done things that will change the future. She wonders if there is a future where the two of them are not together and he firmly says no.

The younger Charles Fisher returns to work to find the FBI waiting for him. They accuse him of unauthorized access two days earlier but he denies it. Flashbacks show it was the older Fisher entering the building using biometric security scans that only he could use. The older man hacked into military computers and installed roving backdoors into those systems that the FBI so far cannot remove. When he tries to explain and tell the truth, they lock him up.

Ellison meets with Catherine Weaver and show him Cromartie secured in the trunk of his car. He tells her they need to figure out how the Terminators work, and figure a way to stop them.

Sarah dreams about climbing down into a large open grave and finding a door. She opens the door to find Dr. Sherman waiting. He tells her she is wasting time, that she just lies, and that she has work to do. She agrees she needs to get back to work and dreams of the writing on the wall of her basement. She sees Sherman's name written there and at the end of his name is a triangle of three dots made from the author's blood covered fingers.