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In an episode that occurs across three times, events relate Sarah, Derek and Cameron's efforts to save a family that will have implications for the future survival of the resistance.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x12
Production Number: 3T7307
Airdate: Monday December 08th, 2008

Alternate Airdates:

UK (channel one) Feb 19, 2009
NL (Veronica) Oct 22, 2009


Guest Stars
Peter MensahPeter Mensah
As General Perry
Stephanie Chaves-JacobsenStephanie Chaves-Jacobsen
As Jesse Flores
Rebecca CreskoffRebecca Creskoff
As Anne Fields
Samantha KrutzfeldtSamantha Krutzfeldt
As Lauren Fields
Carlos JacottCarlos Jacott
As David Fields
Johnny SneedJohnny Sneed
As Roger Shafer
Haley HudsonHaley Hudson
As Sydney Fields
Main Cast
Lena HeadeyLena Headey
As Sarah Connor
Summer GlauSummer Glau
As Cameron Phillips
Brian Austin GreenBrian Austin Green
As Derek Reese


Derek is in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, he is talking on the phone with Sarah. Sarah tells him she is “hunting it”, then he loses the connection. Suddenly he hears a scream coming from somewhere in the warehouse. He investigates and sees a very pregnant woman lying on a table with another woman standing over her. The pregnant woman has been shot and the other woman is trying to help her. When she notices Derek, she pulls her gun on him but he tells her that Sarah sent him and she puts her gun away. The bullet wound has punctured her lung and Derek helps put a tube into the lung to help the woman breath. The other woman tells Derek the cyborg has been tracking them form six months...

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Episode Notes
This is the first episode where John Connor does not appear.

Episode Quotes
Sarah: I need to get you out of here now, someone is coming. I'm not here to rob you.
David Fields: Then put down the gun.
Sarah: You don't understand, you're in danger. We need to go.

Anne Fields: Why would you keep a gun in the house?
David Fields: For situations like this. Or a bear.
Cameron: (examining the gun) This wouldn't work in a situation like this.
Anne Fields: Why didn't you tell me?
Cameron: Or a bear.
David Fields: Because I knew you would react like this and this is not helping.
Anne Fields: (to Sarah) Does your son know you kidnap people at gunpoint?
Sarah: Yes.
Anne Fields: Then you know he'll be prone to delinquency himself.
Lauren Fields: Mom, I think it's obvious she's well beyond Dr. Phil.

Anne Fields: Do you think David could be alright?
Derek: Anything's possible.

Derek: Your plan sucks, you can't use metal for this.
General Perry: They hit Eagle Rock Bunker with a bio-weapon that killed everybody inside. Only one person survived out of two hundred. Now we need her back here, alive. Metal is immune to disease so we're sending in metal and...
Derek: Tin cans are immune to disease, but not immune to going bad and putting a bullet in the skull of a person out there who could save us from this plague. I'll find the survivor, I'll bring her back.

Sarah: No one gets left behind.
Anne Fields: What about your daughter?
Sarah: She's not my daughter, she's one of them, from the future.

Jesse Flores: (to Derek, pointing a rifle at him) Excuse me. You're fly is open.

David Fields: So what guarantees he comes through the front door?
Sarah: They always come through the front door.

Jesse Flores: You the one? Who sent the signal? (both lower their drawn weapons)
Derek: No.
Jesse Flores: My shore party picked up a coded SOS about 45 ticks back. Sent me to fossick around.
Derek: What's that in English?
Jesse Flores: It means someone's still alive inside. Probably a civilian. Probably hiding. Radio room I'm guessing.
Derek: I didn't go in that far. What did you say about a shore party?
Jesse Flores: We're making troop and supply runs back and forth from Perth for months. Seawolf sub. The Jimmy Carter.
Derek: You've got a nuclear sub? Who drives it?
Jesse Flores: Not who, what. We've got a scrubbed Trip-Eight for a captain.
Derek: You've got metal running a sub?
Jesse Flores: Well if you find me a sub commander who survived J Day and I'll switch him in. Have a little faith, mate, she'll be apples. Means we'll be alright.
Derek: You believe that?
Jesse Flores: Sure as my mother loves me.
Derek: My mother's dead. Here. (hands Jesse a gas mask)
Jesse Flores: Gas?
Derek: Bugs.
Jesse Flores: This gonna work?
Derek: Probably not.

Anne Fields: So you're from the future, like them? Like those machines?
Derek: Yeah, yeah like them.
Anne Fields: In the future, you know my baby? So does that mean she makes it?
Derek: Your daughter Sydney has an immunity, in her blood. She helps us cure a deadly disease, she saves a lot of lives.

Episode Goofs
Six months ago at the Fields' cabin, Cameron is thrown through the window by the T-888. The next scene shows it walking towards the cabin a considerable distance away. Why would it retreat and not just enter?

Cultural References
Jesse Flores: We're making troop and supply runs back and forth from Perth for months. Seawolf sub. The Jimmy Carter.

The USS Jimmy Carter is a real world nuclear submarine in service in the US Navy.

Derek: Rabbits? I thought Australia was all wombats and wallabies and stuff.
Jesse Flores: No. Some wacker brought 'em over in the 1800s and we've been overrun with them since.

Rabbits have been a devastating problem for Australia's ecology since the 19th century.

Episode References
Derek and Jesse's first meeting is shown in this episode. It was referred to in episode 2x06, The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerAndrew Vajna  |  John Wirth  |  Josh Friedman (1)  |  Joel Michaels  |  James Middleton  |  Mario Kassar
Co-Executive ProducerToni Graphia  |  Natalie Chaidez
Supervising ProducerJohn Enbom
ProducerJill Lopez Danton
Co-ProducerHilton Smith  |  Zack Stentz  |  Ashley Edward Miller  |  Jessie Ward Dugan
Production DesignerMarek Dobrowolski
EditorHeather MacDougall  |  Scott Gamzon
CastingBonnie Zane  |  Gayle Pillsbury
Unit Production ManagerHilton Smith
First Assistant DirectorGlenn Steelman
Second Assistant DirectorDan Lazarovits  |  Jessica Lowrey
MusicBear McCreary
Music EditorMichael Baber
Costume DesignerAmanda Friedland
HairstylistKetty Gonzalez
Set DecoratorRyan Welsch
Property MasterScott A. Buckwald
Script SupervisorKelly Leffler
Supervising Sound EditorJon Mete
Re-Recording MixerDan Hiland  |  Gary D. Rogers
Director of PhotographyStephen Collins (2)  |  Joseph D. Urbanczyk
Stunt CoordinatorJoel Kramer
Art DirectorMatthew C. Jacobs
Sound MixerRichard Mercado
Special Makeup Effects ArtistRobert Hall (1)
Visual Effects SupervisorJames Lima
Special Effects SupervisorSteve Galich
Original CastingLisa Beach  |  Sarah Katzman
Second Unit DirectorJoel Kramer
Based On Characters Created ByJames Cameron  |  Gail Anne Hurd
Makeup ArtistHarriette Landau
DeveloperJosh Friedman (1)
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