Earthlings Welcome Here - Recap

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Sarah travels to a UFO convention to find answers to the three dots she sees written in blood on her basement wall and in her dreams. She sees a presentation of photos taken of aerial drones of unknown origin, drones that have 3 dot logos on their surface. The drones seem to be confirmed by the blog of a man named Abraham, who claims to be working on a top secret project using alien technology. The presenter has no idea who Abraham is or where he can be found. A woman she meets gives her a lead on Abraham and she sets off to find him, calling John and letting him know she will be late.

At home, John and Riley are repainting his room. Riley tells him she flipped out at her foster parents, and comments how everyone seems to be a whiner and does not realize how good their lives are. Cameron stops by and John tries to send her on an errand but she counters his arguments. He finally gets her to at least leave them alone.

Riley has a flashback to when she first meets Jesse in the future. Riley is scrounging for food and trying to survive in dark tunnels when Jesse notices her beauty.

Sarah and the woman arrive at her trailer in the desert. The woman is called Eileen, and has many photographs of Skynet drones on her walls. She tells Sarah that Abraham's real name is Alan Park, a scientist from MIT whose specialty is LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). She shows Sarah a map with locations of drone sightings, and also locations where Abraham was sighted. Sarah declares they will start with the most recent Abraham sighting.

Sarah and Riley travel back in time and arrive in an alley during a rainstorm. They check into a hotel where Riley is obsessed with the flowers and furnishings. Riley showers and Jesse takes care of her hair, then puts her to bed, something it appears Riley has never experienced.

In the present, John and Riley are working on the painting when she asks where Sarah is. John does not tell her even though she is somewhat insistent. He then notices a bruise on her face and confronts her about it. She tells him it is nothing and walks away.

James Ellison tells Catherine Weaver that he has thought over her offer and he cannot take on the training of John Henry (nee Cromartie). He still thinks of the Terminator as being the killer of his FBI team. She tells him that program is gone and the current program is not responsible for those deaths. She points out that he is the one who said she built the AI program without giving it ethics, and he is the right person for the job.

Sarah and Eileen stop at a diner where Abraham was last spotted. Eileen excuses herself to use the restroom. A few minutes later, Sarah follows and discovers that Eileen is really Abraham, aka Alan Park dressed in woman’s clothes.

Park reveals he started working on a project using technology and materials he had never seen. He soon became a liability and an attempt was made on his life. He subsequently went into hiding. Sarah asks if he has any proof and he says he has a piece of the material that he stole just before he left. They leave together to retrieve it.

Riley has a flashback to shortly after she and Jesse arrived in the past. She is starting school where John Connor attends, as he is her mission.

James meets with his pastor after services. James called because he wanted some guidance. They talk about his former wife and it turns out she had their only child aborted, shortly after 9/11. This was part of why their marriage failed.

Sarah and Park enter a storage locker and Park opens a safe where he discovers his evidence has been stolen. Sarah walks away in disgust not believing Park, when someone on a motorcycle attacks them with an automatic machine gun. Sarah returns fire and the motorcyclist flees.

Sarah and Park return to his trailer where Sarah confronts him, wanting to know who he really works for. Park is nearly hysterical after the attempt on their lives. Sarah finally calms him down and asks where his lab was located. Park doesn't know as he was driven there in a blacked out van. Sarah suggest he see Dr. Barbara Morris, a hypno-therapist who might be able to help him remember some details.

Riley flashes back to how she received the bruise. She had gone to see Jesse after being kicked out of her foster home. She had no place to go and wants to live with Jesse instead of another foster home. Jesse hits her and tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself and complete her mission, to keep John Connor away from Cameron.

Cameron tells John that Riley is lying, about what she doesn't know. She says she can get Riley to talk but John tells her to keep away from her. John goes to find Riley and finds her unconscious on the bathroom floor with her wrists slashed.

James plays chess with John Henry. This is the beginning of his attempt to educate and install ethics in the cyborg. His first lesson is about human life being sacred.

Sarah takes Park to see Dr. Morris and before they speak, Sarah plants a listening device on him. Dr. Morris hypnotizes Park while Sarah listens from her car. She notices a police car and ducks down to avoid notice. While she is hiding, the motorcyclist enters the building and kills Park and Dr. Morris, not before Sarah heard a brief description of a location of the laboratory. Sarah follows the clues and finds a warehouse like the one described. She spies a van pulling up to the warehouse and a man enters. She prepares to enter, arming herself with guns and pipe bombs.

She finds a man at a desk names Ed Winston. He professes his innocence but when she looks away, he pulls a gun and shoots her in the leg. They grapple and she manages to kill him. She starts to crawl away getting dizzy from the shock and blood loss. She makes it outside and stops, lying on her back looking at the sun. She sees a Skynet drone hovering over her, or is she hallucinating? The way the drone is built it appears to have three circles or dots, like the symbols she has been obsessing about. She finally passes out.