Good Wound - Recap

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Sarah awakens in a hospital, her gunshot wound has been bandaged. She is being given blood through an IV. She notices the doctor's chart lying on a table and reads that she is listed as unidentified. Through a partially open door, she sees and hears a deputy speaking with a nurse. She hears a voice telling her to get to her feet. She pulls the IV out and collapses in pain when suddenly she hallucinates and sees Kyle Reese, the man who came back through time and who is the father of her son. The hallucination directs her to call “him” to help her, since she still has the bullet in her leg and she needs backup. Sarah thinks he means John but Kyle keeps saying “him”.

Derek is with Jesse when he receives a call from John, telling him that Riley tried committing suicide and he is taking her to the hospital. When Derek arrives at the hospital, he criticizes John for exposing himself to the authorities and inevitable questions. John tells him he made the call and to live with it. Derek next receives a call from a now escaped Sarah telling him about Alan Park and his discoveries, and his subsequent death. She tells him about the warehouse and how her truck is there with her DNA everywhere. She tells him he needs to burn everything.

In the hospital parking lot, Sarah abducts Dr. Felicia Burnett who was just arriving for work. She takes Felicia to a motel and tells her to take the bullet out of her leg. She also sees Kyle in the room and he sees the many scars on her arms and shoulders. When he asks what happened, she tells him he (meaning a Terminator) stabbed her to try to make her give up John's location. Felicia hears only Sarah's side of the conversation of course and assumes Sarah is running away from an abusive husband or boyfriend.

The sheriff and his deputy are going through Sarah's vehicle which is covered with blood. They have the voice recorder Sarah used to record Alan Park's session with the hypno-therapist, but the sheriff has not listened to it yet because Sarah has not committed a crime as far as he knows. He receives a call from the hospital and is told Sarah has escaped, and one of the doctors is missing, a doctor he seems to know.

Felicia prepares to cut the bullet out. She asks Sarah about her son to calm her, because she says the pain will be comparable to childbirth. She makes the first cut and Sarah gasps and writhes with pain.

John visits Riley who seems in good spirits until Cameron enters the room. She then begs off her visitors, saying she is tired and John and Cameron leave.

Sarah wakes up and panics, pointing the gun at Felicia but Kyle calms her and she lowers the weapon. Felicia tells her she could not get the bullet out because it is too close to her femoral artery. She says she needs detailed x-rays and real instruments to successfully extract the bullet without killing Sarah.

James Ellison visits John Henry who is playing with toys. He compares his own body to the toys, saying it has inferior joints. James tells him he was built to resemble a human, who was built to resemble God. John Henry then relays the history of his current appearance and the deaths of all the humans that occurred in order to make it happen. James wants to know how he knows all these things. he says he searched the Internet using “James Ellison” as his search parameter.

James is troubled that John Henry has access to the Internet and he relays this worry to Catherine Weaver. He worries about what John Henry could become and who will guide him. Catherine confidently replies that is his job.

The police find the motel where Felicia tried surgery on Sarah but the two have already gone. They arrive back at the hospital where Sarah directs Felicia on how to get her inside. They go the morgue which is unoccupied and Felicia leaves to get supplies and equipment. While she waits, Sarah calls Derek and updates him.

In the waiting room, John asks Cameron what his future self would do about Riley in a similar situation. Cameron tells him future John has more important things to worry about. Meanwhile, Riley is texting on her cell phone when Jesse appears from nowhere, telling her she is checking out.

Catherine visits John Henry where he matter-of-factly tells her that she is not human, he has looked into her eyes and there is nothing there. He knows that part of his endoskeleton is made from Coltan, and that Zeira Corp has been quietly buying up quantities of the rare metal. He also found an unsecured voice conversation that mentions Coltan. Catherine gets up to leave and rectify this security breach but before she leaves, John Henry asks her what she is doing. She says she cannot say, but the end goal is for his benefit.

Before Felicia agrees to operate, she insists that Sarah give her the gun. Sarah reluctantly agrees, with Kyle's encouragement.

At the hospital, John learns that Riley has escaped and he has the police looking for her. John tells Cameron they need to find her and gives her an assignment, but she disobeys him, saying they do not need to find her.

Jesse and Riley return to Jesse's hotel room. Riley tells her the suicide was a ploy to win over John and try to divide him from Cameron. She asks to stay with Jesse but Jesse says only for one hour.

The warehouse where Sarah was shot is a beehive of activity. A small army of people is busy removing everything before anyone arrives. Unfortunately for them, Catherine Weaver gets there and slaughters everyone on the premises. Security arrives and try to arrest her to no avail. She scrubs the computer systems and blows up the warehouse.

The sheriff listens to the voice recorder and hears the gunshots that killed Alan Park and the therapist. He determines it was a 9mm and not the .45 handgun they found in Sarah's vehicle. The sheriff tells his deputy to send all the information they have to all other police agencies and leaves to find the warehouse. There is an explosion and the deputy rushes outside to see Sarah's vehicle on fire. When he returns inside, their files have been destroyed by Derek.

Felicia is successful and is just finishing when Derek arrives. Thinking he is the abusive man in Sarah's life, Felicia points Sarah's gun at him. Derek tricks her long enough to pull his gun and the two are in a standoff when the sheriff arrives. He draws his gun and aims at Derek and orders Felicia to put her gun down and quickly becomes irritated when she refuses, even threatening her. Felicia shoots and kills the sheriff and then Sarah awakens. Sarah calls Derek “Reese” and Felicia is confused. Sarah admits that Derek is not the father.

Sarah and Derek prepare to leave, taking the voice recorder from the sheriff's pocket. Sarah tells Felicia to put the blame for the sheriff's death on her but Felicia refuses, saying she will tell them he put his gun to her head, that it wouldn't be the first time he did that to her.

Sarah and Derek are driving to the warehouse when Derek sees smoke rising behind the hills where the warehouse used to be. The episode ends.