Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep - Recap

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Sarah is investigating a lead that takes her to an industrial park to a company that supplies metal and equipment to Desert Heat & Air. She calls John to have him research the ownership of the company. She is starting to break in when she hears a noise. She looks around and sees a coyote. The coyote stares back at her and while she is preoccupied, a man in a ski mask sneaks up behind her and tazes her.

Sarah wakes up in a bed with electrodes on her head. As she gets up a nurse comes in and tells her they don't have enough data to help Sarah with her insomnia. Sarah has not slept in two weeks but she wants to leave. The nurse warns her she might face years of insomnia if she leaves. After the nurse leaves Sarah discovers she has a new roommate, Dana. Dana is also having problems sleeping and also has an eating disorder.

John and Cameron come to visit her at the sleep clinic. Sarah complains that she doesn't need to be there but John insists, saying she is useless to them when she cannot get her rest. After they leave, Sarah notices an orderly with a coyote tattooed on the back of his neck.

The next night in the sleep lab, Sarah dreams about Ed Winston. She tells him he is dead, that she killed him, but he replies that he killed her. Winston wants to know who she is working for, who blew up Desert Heat & Air while she was recovering from her gunshot wounds. She does not cooperate and he prepares a syringe to inject her with when she awakens from her dream to find the nurse about to give her an injection.

Sarah doesn't understand what is happening to her so the nurse shows her the monitoring equipment and the data they have collected on her. Sarah has no physical problems, her insomnia is being caused within her mind. She asks Sarah if she has ever tried a therapist and Sarah says yes, but it did not work.

Back in her room, the nurse comments on her roommate's sneaking cigarettes and tries to get Sarah to admit knowing it. Sarah feigns ignorance. Dana returns and says the nurse counselled her about the cigarettes. Sarah notices a dreamcatcher and Dana says she got it from Hector, the orderly with the neck tattoo.

In her next dream, Winston comments on the various scars she has, including an emergency caesarian section. She tells him the people that burned Desert Heat & Air will come for him too. She then brings up his wife and asks him what his wife would think if she saw him now. He goes berserk and throws her around, handcuffs her and prepares to inject her with the syringe. She fights back and he falls on the syringe, injecting himself. She wakes up.

Sarah sees the nurse giving Dana an injection in the chest. Sarah tries to awaken Dana to no avail. Sarah follows the nurse who takes an elevator down where she starts to enter a secure room. She pauses when she hears a noise and investigates the stairwell but sees nothing as Sarah has managed to hide herself.

The next morning the nurse wakes her up and tells her she removed the electrodes during the night. She asks if Sarah sleepwalks and Sarah mentions it has happened but she forgot to mention that in her history. She also tells the nurse she doesn't remember anything about the previous night. After the nurse leaves, Sarah notices that Dana is still unconscious.

John and Cameron visit again. They talk about dreams and Cameron wants to know what it is like to dream. Sarah arrives and tells John about Dana and the shot the nurse gave her. She also tells him about the secure room in the basement. She then opens up about her nightmares about Ed Winston. She feels guilty about defending herself and killing Winston.

The next dream Sarah talks to Ed while he holds a gun on her. He says the people that owned Desert Heat & Air got him to a clinic and patched him up after she shot him so he could do his job. She admits he was the first person she has killed. She then offers to help him and his wife disappear. He uncuffs her and she gets out of the van they were in. She finds they are in a warehouse inside a locked fence. Winston grabs her from behind and she awakens.

She discovers that her room is on fire. Dana is unconscious in her bed and on fire. Sarah tries to help when the nurse and two orderlies arrive and haul her away. Sarah calls John and tells him Dana is dead. John tells her maybe it is time to come home but Sarah is not determined to figure out what is going on. While he is on the phone, Cameron walks past John dresses only in a bra and panties.

The nurse gathers the staff and patients and tells them that Dana is still alive. She tells them she hopes they will all stay and continue their treatment but understands if they choose to leave. Later, the nurse comments to Sarah that she is surprised Sarah is staying, then gives her some sleeping pills to take the next night. She waits while Sarah takes the pills but Sarah manages to fool her and not swallow them.

Sarah arrives back in her room to find Hector cleaning up. She asks of his tattoo has any significance and he says it is just for his girlfriend.

Her next dream finds her back in the van with Winston. He figures out she has a son who is her accomplice. She awakens.

She sees the nurse leaving her room and leaving a syringe behind. She finds a puncture mark on her shoulder. She dreams.

Winston threatens John but she says he will never find him. He disagrees saying he will come for her when she asks. She says she never will and he starts to strangle her but stops, saying she wants to die for her son but it is never that easy. She awakens.

John has come to her room and she shows him the puncture mark. He wants to take her home but she wants to stop what is happening to the other patients. They go to the secure room where John hacks his way in. They find a terminal with a wall mounted screen showing patients brain-scans. John looks through the database and finds Sarah's records. She tells him to delete them because Skynet is involved. Sarah is in a panic until John tells her the data is gone. They hear footsteps approaching and the nurse enters to find Sarah standing there, John in hiding. Sarah confesses to sleepwalking and wants to go back to her room.

The nurse starts talking about the human brain as if they were a different species. Sarah wants to know about the injection and the nurse says Sarah is experiencing sleep paralysis, she wants to move her body but cannot. She then starts throwing Sarah around the room and asks where John is, that she heard Sarah talking to someone earlier. Sarah refuses saying she will die before giving up her son. The nurse grabs a computer and prepares to crush Sarah with it when John shoots her in the chest. The nurse goes down on the floor, apparently dead but Sarah is unsure. She takes the gun from John and gets too close and the nurse opens her eyes, takes the gun away and kills John, then Sarah.

Sarah is back in her dream in the van with Winston outside on the phone. She dislocates her thumb to escape her handcuffs and prepares to fight back when Winston returns to the van. She jams the syringe into his eye then struggles with him. She manages to get the gun away from him and accuses him of being real. She then points the gun at his head and kills him. All of the events in the sleep clinic that she thought was real was a dream, induced by the drug Winston was giving her. The events that she thought were dreams, all of her interactions with Winston were real.