Today is the Day (2) - Recap

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Present Day

John and Derek are talking in the car about Riley. John asks Derek how long he could survive against Cameron if she wanted to kill him and he was unarmed. Derek says John already knows the answer. John then says he wants to talk about Derek's future.

Jesse stares at pictures of familys and children that are posted on a bulletin board in the facility where she is preparing to take a swim. She remembers...

U.S.S. Jimmy Carter - Pacific Ocean - 2027

Lt. Dietz and his team return from the oil platform with the package. Queeg takes possession and locks it in the magazine. Dietz is curious what is in the package, claiming at least one human should know what it contains, not just Queeg. Jesse tells him one human does know, John Connor.

In the break room, Dietz continues his discourse about “metal” really being in control, despite what John Connor thinks.

Present Day

Sarah tells John he shouldn't have gone to see Riley in the morgue, not because it was a risk, but because he shouldn't remember her like that. He says he needed to see her for himself so he could understand. He then says “I'm sorry i doubted you”, but he isn't speaking to Sarah, but to Cameron who had entered the room silently.

U.S.S. Jimmy Carter - Pacific Ocean - 2027

Jesse and Queeg are talking on the bridge when an alarm goes off in the cargo hold. They arm themselves and go to check out the unauthorized intrusion. Dietz and his team have opened the package to discover what is inside. The container seems to be filled with a liquid that looks like mercury. The liquid suddenly morphs into a T1001 Terminator and kills a female crew member. The T1001 then returns to its liquid state and disappears into the air duct. Jesse wants to search the boat and capture it but Queeg orders them to return to their duty posts. Jesse chases after Queeg and asks him to tell her what just happened but he refuses.

Present Day

Sarah and John continue preparing for their move. Sarah apologizes but John takes responsibility, saying he broke the rules. Sarah reminisces about another town they lived in but John surprises her when he tells her he hated that place, making her realize how much she doesn't really know about her son.

James Ellison is working with John Henry who is painting miniature statues to hone his fine motor skills. While talking, Ellison realizes John Henry still does not grasp the concept of a human soul. Ellison prepares to leave and starts to shut John Henry down but John Henry pleads to allow him to finish his statues. Ellison consents and sits back down to help. John Henry is pleased and asks if they are now friends.

U.S.S. Jimmy Carter - Pacific Ocean - 2027

The crew are in the mess hall and Dietz is not happy. He accuses Jesse of being a Terminator in disguise and she punches him. The rest of the crew grabs her and Dietz starts beating her. Queeg arrives and grabs Dietz and slams him into a bulkhead, killing him instantly. Queeg then orders everyone to their duty stations and leaves.

Present Day

Cameron starts to leave the house but Sarah stops her saying if John wanted her company, he would have asked her. Sarah then gives Cameron something to think about by asking her why future John sent her away into the past if she was so important to him.

Catherine stops to see John Henry. He tells her Ellison left him turned on so he could finish his statues and she is pleased. He then tells her he has also looked through her private database and she is less pleased. John Henry has discovered paperwork for all of the project Babylon team members that indicate they have quit and moved on to other jobs, but he cannot locate any of them now. He even found a file that indicates Ellison has resigned and moved to Denmark. John Henry asks Catherine if she is going to kill Ellison, even though he is their friend. Catherine indicates they need to plan for contingencies because humans always disappoint them.

Jesse is leaving the swimming pool when an employee stops her and inquires after Riley. It seems that Jesse never swims without Riley and the employee was curious why she wasn't with her. The conversation clearly disturbs Jesse as she leaves.

U.S.S. Jimmy Carter - Pacific Ocean - 2027

Jesse confronts Queeg for his execution of Dietz. He claims Dietz threatened the mission but won't tell her anymore. Jesse then relieves Queeg of command but he refuses, saying his new classified mission overrides standard protocols. Queeg then threatens Jesse if she doesn't return to her quarters. As she leaves, she picks up a plasma rifle she hid there and shoots Queeg in the head, destroying his chip. Jesse plans to abandon the sub and send it to the sea floor to crush the T1001.

As Jesse is about to enter the evacuation pod, the T1001 in the form of the dead crew member appears and instructs her to inform John Connor that the answer is no. As the escape pod surfaces, the Jimmy Carter implodes below them from the extreme pressure and the T1001 escapes to the surface.

Present Day

Jesse returns to her hotel room to find John waiting with a gun. John explains how he figured out her association with Riley and that he knows she killed her. He tells her he is going to let her live so she can experience the guilt. He also tells her that her plan would not have made him destroy Cameron, even if it had been Cameron who killed Riley.

Serrano Point Resistance Base - 2027

When Jesse returns to the base, she is questioned about the events aboard the sub by Cameron. Cameron states that Jesse's actions caused the resistance to lose several very impornat assets, including a T-888 Terminator and the nuclear submarine. Jesse points out that Cameron failed to include the loss of human life, just like Dietz had said. Jesse asks to see John Connor to deliever the T1001's message but Cameron says telling her is the same as telling him. Jesse gives her the message and asks what the question was that the T1001 said no to. Cameron tells her the question was will the T1001 join the resistance.

Cameron also tells Jesse that the doctors say she lost her unborn child due to the events of the cruise.

Present Day

As Jesse leaves the building she encounters Derek. He tells her the story of his best friend Billy Wisher aka Any Goode. She knows nothing of this man which indicates she came from a different time line. He tells her she is not his Jesse and even though John said to let her go, he pulls his gun to shoot her. She tosses her duffel bag at him and runs away, not before he gets one shot off.

Derek returns to Jesse's room to talk with John. John wants to know what people think of him in the future. Derek tells him they don't always agree with his decisions, but they follow him. Derek also says they watch him, not for a mistake, but for him to be human. John asks Derek if he killed Jesse and Derek says simply, John Connor let her go. This implies John Connor acted human and Derek was watching and correcting his mistakes.

Back home, John finally breaks down and cries for Riley. Sarah cradles him in her lap while Cameron looks on without expression.