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Message Posted On Wednesday, May 20th 2009 at 8:29 am
On Friday, April 17th 2009 4:21 am, Cokebeard wrote:
On Thursday, April 16th 2009 3:27 pm, sAclvFJOUZ wrote:
I feel as if TSCC was never given the opportunity to shine, ratings-wise. First, it was scheduled opposite established heavy hitters. And then it was sent to Fridays, where Fox sends shows to die. (Was it scheduled against Battlestar Galactica on Fridays? I don't recall if TSCC or Dollhouse had that unenviable slot.)

no, neither tscc nor dollhouse was ever put against galactica (fox has no programing at 10pm). Fox, in there infinite wisdom actually tried to use some of the sci-fi's thunder and put it's two shows of that genre with it. since SF was only showing new episodes of any kind at 10, fox tried to leach hoping SF viewers would watch fox's shows before watching galactica.

fox is stupid yet again.

Why is Fox stupid? They renewed DH, canceled Terminator.

I'm a long-term SF fan, but for me Terminator ran off the trolley and started shark jumping when Sarah is sneaking easily into a nuclear plant. The "Bogon Flux Capacitor" overloaded on that one, pegged the needle and wrapped it around the stopping pin.

They literally lost my interest when they did that. I think I got two subsequent eps and never watched it again.

That one stupid thing is what did it -- that wasn't SF, that was Sci-Fi (and if you don't know the difference, stop trying to argue and go investigate).

I wanted the show to be good. I thought it easily could be, but the writing was always off, to me -- too many improbable events and behaviors in the show. That works in a movie, it's not a sustained event -- but you just can't write a series like you do a movie. The level of improbability, if you intend to maintain any sense of realism is important. And an effort to maintain a sense of realism is the hallmark of SF vs. Sci-fi. If you're going to violate known principles, you need to offer at least a handwave as to how you've worked around them. And if you're going to send Sarah into a nuclear plant, you have to at least offer a decent explanation of how she passes a long, drawn out clearance process, in days, despite being one of the more well-known and recognizable individuals on a domestic terrorist watch list. Being "really good with computers" isn't going to cut this. This is checks on checks, some of which are people, not computers. And that was FAR from the only example, it's just the most egregious one I saw up to that point.

Dollhouse, OTOH, is SF, moreover it's GOOD SF, and deserved a decent chance. The early eps (thanks to Fox meddling) were weak, yeah, but they were still good, and as soon as the show started going where Whedon wanted, it got very, very good (it peaked with the next-to-last ep, mind you, not with the finale)

So Fox saved the better of the two shows because, among other things, they noted that its DVR numbers were off the chart -- DH had a 40% increase in viewership via DVR. With it renewed, it's likely to get some attention and word of mouth from others, which is good. If Fox is very smart, even if they don't re-run the eps on Fox during the summer, they'll re-run them on either Sci-Fi or, better yet, FX, to give viewers a second chance to watch the eps they've missed. Word of mouth about how good the show was in ep 11 will keep them watching, now, even if they don't think the first 5 or so are that interesting.

If you're a fan of T : SCC, then I do feel for you, but if one show was going to get the axe, and that was likely, then it was the right one of the two to get that axe

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Message Posted On Friday, May 29th 2009 at 9:49 pm
I will never get why the cancel such amazing shows and keep the ones that are utter garbage. The movie was awful though...I walked out...first time in my life... it was so incredibly stupid.

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Message Posted On Tuesday, August 14th 2012 at 8:19 pm
This show is getting to be more exciting,
as it progress. Now we are left with a big,
question mark. Whether to continue or let
it be dead (cancelled). What a waste. Well,
I hope the people involve, should wash their
brains and think twice.

I myself hope, they will renew the show and
cancel those not popular. Maybe, they can,
have a popular vote.
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