Genesis (1) - Recap

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The scene opens in the year 2149. Jim Shannon returns home where his son, Josh welcomes him. Jim shows that he found an orange. Jim’s wife, Dr. Elisabeth Shannon and daughter Zoe come out and are amazed. Suddenly, Jim’s other daughter, Maddy, comes in and tells that someone is coming. They hide Zoe in a wall unit and there is a knock on the door. Jim answers it and the police tell him that they are being investigation for overpopulation. The men toss their place and hear Zoe crying. They find her and Jim snaps and punches the officer. Being a police officer himself, Jim almost gets away with it, but is taken down and arrested and taken to Golad Prison. The scene fast-
forward’s to 2 years later. Elisabeth visits Jim in prison and tells that they are leaving for Terra Nova, a new civilization in the past. Jim tells her to go and start a new life. She tells that she can’t take Zoe with her because of the 2 child limitation. However, Jim says that they need to do the plan that they have been talking about so that everyone is happy. The guard allows Elisabeth to give Jim a gas mask. Inside, Jim finds a laser device.

The Shannon Family gets ready to go to their transport to Terra Nova and at the same time, Jim is being transported. Jim manages to break through and goes to a place where he has money stored and stocks up on it. Josh says goodbye to his girlfriend and continues through the security checks. Jim goes to a man who shows him where the package that he wants is. He grabs it and continues through the security checks. The family gets to the transport to Terra Nova and they see that Jim has been stopped by security. As Jim watches his family go through, he punches the guard and runs through the portal. As he comes out the other side, he is disoriented by the sunlight and fresh air. Coming from a smoky dangerous living experience to fresh, he stumbles around. A security team of Terra Nova is about to rip open the backpack when the rest of the Shannon Family run over and stop them. They open it up. Zoe is inside the bag. The security team escorts the newly transported group and tells the Commander that they have two stowaways. They hear a noise and the Team tells the new residents that it is a dinosaur, but they are protected.

They arrive in Terra Nova and are introduced to Commander Taylor, the leader of the Security Detail on the land. He tells them all that they are there in Terra Nova to start over and learn form their mistakes that they did in the future. He says that they are going to start new. Elisabeth looks at Jim and agrees that is what they are going to do too. However, Jim and Elisabeth are called over by the Security Team and they tell them that Commander Taylor wants to talk to them without their children. They walk up to Taylor and he says that they are in need of a doctor like Elisabeth, but says that they don’t need a convicted felon. Jim says that this was his own idea and says that they weren’t going to allow them to take Zoe and Taylor says that the law of the future caps children at two, but he doesn’t care about that. Elisabeth says that they just want to be a family again. Taylor talks to Jim alone and brings up his time as a police officer. Jim says that having another kid seemed like a good time. Jim tells that he could join the security detail, but Taylor says that he can join Agricultural Detail instead and Jim says that he will do his best.

The family gets escorted to their quarters and they get settled. Zoe comes up and Jim tells Elisabeth that she doesn’t know him. He jokes with her about not knowing Zoe’s name and then introduces himself as Alfrado. She laughs and says that it is not Alfrado, but that his name is Daddy. He kisses her and Maddy tells Zoe that they are going to share a bed and Josh sarcastically says that they are a happy family now. Jim says that they are going to starts over as a family now. Maddy comes in and asks if they have seen Zoe. They go outside to find Zoe feeding a Brachiosaurus. They are amazed at the creatures that live on Terra Nova. Later that night, Jim says goodnight to Maddy who tells him that she is glad that he is home. He says good night to Josh who gives him a half hearted goodnight back. Elisabeth says goodnight to Jim because Zoe is sleeping on their bed. Jim says that he has the couch. He says that they made the right choice coming to Terra Nova.

The next day, Maddy tells Josh that they have to drink the enzymes to get their bodies used to being able to process new foods. Elisabeth tells them that she has to get to her new job and tells Zoe to go with Josh and Maddy, who are going to orientation for Terra Nova. The family splits up and Elisabeth tells them to behave. Maddy sees a statue of "The Probe", a device that they sent back in time to see if their was a space in time to be able to see if they could go back in time and then realized that they were dealing with a new time stream. Meanwhile, Jim gets to his job on Agricultural Detail and the manager gives him his first job. He tells him that he is going to have to do some weeding. Jim doesn’t think that it is so bad, but when he sees that the weeds are not like he remembers and that they are 10 times bigger, he is a little intimidated. He gets to work getting the weeds cut down and a giant millipede crawls on Jim’s arm which causes him to fall. He gets on top and finishes his job. Taylor watches him with interest.

Meanwhile, Josh walks through the village and meets a girl who helps him open his fruit. She introduces herself as Skye. At Elisabeth’s work she looks at a patient and sees that he has a giant leach on him as a form of treatment to medical care. She takes it off and is amazed. Jim runs into Josh and Skye and asks why he is not at his orientation. He looks at Skye and tells him that this not the way to start. He tries to force Josh to orientation, but he tells that he is fine. Skye takes Josh to her group of friends she introduces him to Tasha, Hunter and Max. They wait for Max to get home and when he does, he asks them if they are into some OTG. Tasha looks at Josh and says that he is lucky to have OTG on his first day. Jim meets with Elisabeth and she tells him that she attended to a thief. She tells him that he is not a cop anymore. She asks why Josh blew off orientation and Elisabeth says that he will come around. Josh and Skye approach a gate and Skye slips under it. She tells him that OTG is "Over the Gate". They meet with the others in the group and drive off.

Josh hears a noise and Skye says that it is a Howler and it sounds worse then it really is. With that, Skye jumps into the water below. Josh follows suit clothes and all. They get to the surface and go on the rocks. Josh sees drawings on the rocks and wonder what it is. Skye says that they found it when they were exploring. Josh is intrigued and Skye says that she doesn’t understand who did this or why they would do it on rocks. Skye says that Josh can’t tell anyone that they were out of the gate because it is off limits. He agrees.