What Remains - Recap

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The scene opens with a man playing with a bug. He gets walks outside and sees a dinosaur who then eats him. A few days later, Elizabeth gets her things packed and tells Jim that she is going to find out what happened to the research team that hasn’t responded. Commander Taylor says that it is a tech mission and not a scientific one. Malcolm says that he should go with them, but Taylor says that he will call if they need his assistance. Jim doesn’t like that Malcolm has his own Rover and Jim doesn’t have one. Malcolm teases him and says that it must be awkward with his siren. Elizabeth and Taylor get to the compound who have not made contact in a few days. They see the gate open and that Oversaurs have chewed the cables. Elizabeth finds notes that say that it is not a dream and not to leave the building. They go and see a room full of people mumbling. Elizabeth examines one of the girls and she says that she was walking through the snow and that would explain why she is there. Elizabeth tells Taylor that the woman thinks that she is still in the future.

They walk out and Elizabeth tells Taylor that the scientists were confused. Elizabeth sees a recording of Dr. Jonathan Guagenti telling about his research and how everyone got a sort of amnesia. Taylor tells a soldier to search the perimeter. Dr.Guagenti tells Elizabeth about the pathogens that infected them and Taylor tells Elizabeth to go on from where Dr. Guagenti left off. Back in Terra Nova, Jim gets the wedding ring that Elizabeth left behind and Maddy and Zoe come in. Maddy says that Zoe is sick and that they had to stay home. Zoe says that she wants Elizabeth, but Jim says that she is gone for a little bit. Maddy warns him about her cold and Jim says that he doesn’t catch colds. Josh and Skye sit around with Max and the rest of the group is sitting around drinking. Elizabeth makes contact with Jim and tells him about the predicament they are in. Jim says that Maddy is having Reynolds over and has already changed outfits 3 times. Elizabeth tells him to behave and Jim sneezes. He says that he must have caught Zoe’s cold. She gets off the phone and asks herself who Zoe is.

Maddy gets done with her date with Reynolds and she asks if it was the worst date. Jim tells her about when he made a fool of himself when he was dating Elizabeth, but he knew that it was going to be worth it. The next day, Jim asks Washington if she has heard anything back from the station where Elizabeth and Taylor are at. However, they haven’t. She instructs him not to go and Jim tells Malcolm that Elizabeth is in danger and that he needs his Rover. He gets up and Jim sneezes. Malcolm gives him something and it stops the symptoms of the cold. Josh and Skye sit down alone and Josh says that they should tell someone about the signs that they saw by the waterfalls. However, they don’t know who to tell. They kiss and Josh tells that he likes Skype buy he can’t do this. Skye says that she might have a guy who can get Josh’s girlfriend to him. Together, Malcolm and Jim go to the site and have masks. They get inside and are shot with a blast wave gun by Elizabeth. She sees Malcolm and hug him instead of Jim.

They get things settled and Malcolm says that she has lost memory of the past 20-30 years and that Malcolm and she have just started dating. Malcolm says that he can work with Elizabeth and says that they need to get her enough information to get her to work. Back in Terra Nova, Skye goes up to Tom, the man who can get things over, and Josh asks the price. Tom says that Josh is the cop’s son and that trust is a good thing to have. Back at the compound, Malcolm tries to explain to Elizabeth and she thinks that it is ridiculous. Jim shows a video to Elizabeth about herself. The electricity flickers and Jim says that he will go chase off the Oversaurs. However, once outside, Jim hears something and follows it back inside. He finds Brady on the ground. He hears more noise and he is attacked and finds that it is Taylor. Jim tries to tell him who he is, but Taylor thinks that he is in Somalia in the year 2138. He thinks that Iani, his wife was taken and his son. Taylor knocks out Jim.

Elizabeth finds out that someone in the lab has been experimenting on Genetic Mutation. Malcolm looks at Elizabeth and tries to kiss her. Elizabeth is back to normal enough to know that Malcolm is trying to make a move and Jim grabs him and tells him to remember that Elizabeth is his wife. Elizabeth asks what happened to Jim and he says that he met Taylor and that he is on his way to Terra Nova. Malcolm says that he will infect everyone. Jim says that he can’t contact Home Base. Malcolm says that he has to go and Elizabeth asks if Jim is affected at all. He says that he isn’t. Jim asks Malcolm to help him move Brady’s body. Back in Terra Nova, Maddy gets a visit from Reynolds and he asks if she is alright. She tells him that she is not sure what is going on because all Jim told her was that he was going to get Elizabeth. She asks what is going on and Maddy tells that it is her parents.

Taylor finds his way around and sees a dinosaur and thinks that it is a mind trick. Back at the compound, Jim and Malcolm carry Brady’s body and Malcolm slips out of it and asks what is going on. Jim says that Brady isn’t dead, but he doesn’t believe him. Suddenly an Oversaur comes through the vent and Jim grabs Malcolm out of the way. Malcolm panics and Jim has no choice but to punch him. Elizabeth says that she can’t do this on her own, but Jim says that she is good on her own. Jim tells that he says that they are friends and she quickly changes the subject. Jim almost lets it slip that they are married with kids and Elizabeth says that they need to get hacking. Meanwhile, Taylor arrives at Terra Nova and sneaks in. Back at the compound, Elizabeth finds that one patient has a strain of Alzheimer’s Disease. She says that they had a delivery system, but she says that there is no time. Elizabeth finds the named of her children and Jim’s name written. Jim tells her that they are married. Jim tells that he feels more for her then just a memory and says that he is fine. Elizabeth doesn’t understand why he is until he sneezes and takes a bite out of the thing that Malcolm gave him. She says that it is the cure.

At Terra Nova, Maddy wants to ask Washington what is going on when Taylor comes being Reynolds and demands answers. Taylor asks where they are and Washington tells Taylor the truth of where he is at. He tries to kill himself, but Washington shoots him with the sound wave gun. At the compound, Elizabeth realizes that Jim’s cold is the thing that is blocking the pathogen. Jim says that he has a better way of infecting her. He leans in and kisses her. She asks if she is sick yet and she says that she isn’t quite yet sick and kisses him again. Taylor wakes up later and Elizabeth is there. He is back to normal and Elizabeth says that she created a vaccine that cures the pathogens. Taylor thanks Washington for shooting him. Malcolm says that he is must have taken a fall. Later that night, Jim gets into his room and sees Zoe on bed. She says that she is feeling better and Jim says that Zoe made dinosaurs. Meanwhile, Tom goes upon the “Sixers” and Mira thanks him for the medicine, but there is no ammunition. He says that the next time they have contact with 2149 they need to get Shannon’s son’s message. Mira says that she is going to take advantage of this opportunity. The episode ends.