Within - Recap

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The scene opens with Taylor and Jim going up to the portal to make sure that all preparations are made for the 11th pilgrimage. Jim says that he doesn’t remember going through it. Taylor says that he doesn’t know how it works exactly. He tells Jim that he wants the “Sixer” spy found. Jim says that he needs a word with Riley and he asks why he checked into the infirmary and she says that her partner slammed her finger in a door. Jim talks to another employee of the infirmary and she wasn’t anywhere near. Jim talks to Skye and sees the cuts on her hands. He asks her where she was and she says that she was with Josh and says that they were at her house. Maddy is trying to read while Josh annoys her. Suddenly the Core on her PLEX goes out and Josh tells her that his died last week.

Elisabeth comes in and Maddy tells her the dilemma that she has. Elisabeth says that she is going to have to wait for the 11th pilgrimage. Josh says that Casey Derwin might be able to help her out. He says that she needs to have something to trade. Josh goes outside and Skye comes up to him and asks him to lie to Jim for her and say that he was with her on the night of the tampering of the sample. He asks why and she begs him to help her out. He asks her if she is making a new still. He says that he knows that she is not a spy and agrees to help. Later that night, Skye sneaks out and goes to an outpost. She gets a gun and leaves to meet with the “Sixers” camp. She gives them Intel on Terra Nova. She gets in to her mother. She asks if they have been feeding her alright and she says that they haven’t. She turns around and Lucas is there. Lucas says that he needs to talk to her and says that it is sweet that her mother doesn’t know that Skye is a spy. He says that he needs her to go to “The Eye” to reconcile the code and says that she has to do it or he will throw her mother over the side of the camp.

Jim looks around with Washington and Josh walks by. Jim asks where he was the night of the contaminated sample incident. He says that he was playing chess with Skye. The next morning, Skye goes into “The Eye” and puts in the card. Meanwhile, Maddy goes up to Casey and says that she would like to trade. However, he says that he has no use for a scarf, a bear and an Abacus. He says that he needs something that the person who can’t live without. She asks if she can get him a wheel and he agrees. Later, Skye goes up to Lucas’ camp and gives him what he needed. He says that it is great and asks what happened in August of 2138. He says that she needs to ask Taylor that question. Later, Washington shows Jim that Skye has been sneaking out and Jim goes up to Josh. He asks him to be honest and Josh admits that he wasn’t with Skye and he says that he was looking for a “Sixers” spy. Jim tells Josh not to lie to him and that he is grounded. Jim tells Elisabeth that he found the spy. He goes up to Taylor with the news and he is shocked. He says that he has a man in the “Sixers” camp and Jim realizes that it is Curren. Jim tells Taylor that they will bring Skye in. Taylor says that he has a better idea.

The next day, Skye and Taylor play chess and Reynolds talks about a convoy that they are going to go on. Maddy asks Reynolds about a wheel and he teases her that she hasn’t done homework for a day. He agrees to help. Taylor and Jim see Skye sneak off to the “Sixers” camp. They ride the convoy and Jim and other men are in the hills with sniper guns. They get movement, but it is only Brachiosaurs. Taylor wonders why Skye didn’t tell and Taylor says that they have never had anything bad happen and says that he thinks that they are hanging something over her and says that she is giving them Intel that doesn’t hurt the colony. Skye gets into the “Sixer” camp and Mira says that she is coming by more often. Skye tells her that she has to since her people aren’t feeding her. Mira says that she needs to start giving them Intel that is worth something or else. She agrees that she will. Maddy goes up to Casey and tells him that she has a wheel for him and says that she did a little scavenging in the military junk yard. However, he says that he already got a wheel from Boylan.

She goes up to Boylan in his bar and he says that he needs the Core to run more kegs. She says that she needs it and offers to do his book. He asks who she is and she says that she is Maddy Shannon. Realizing that Maddy is Jim’s daughter, he gives her the Core and tells her to tell Jim that he is a nice guy. She asks if he wants a wheel. Skye gets to Lucas’ place and Lucas says that he knows how to make the portal go both ways. Lucas asks why “bucket” is Skye’s nickname. She says that she used to put a bucket on her head to pretend that she was her father. Lucas says that it fits and says that she shouldn’t go back to Terra Nova because he is going back to 2149 and bring back his employers. He says that Taylor is a man, not a God. He says that he has been waiting for this day since he was younger.

Jim goes up to Taylor and says that he found maintenance access cards and says that there could be something out there. Taylor hopes that there is a reason for this. Skye tells her mother everything that has happened and that she is a spy for Mira. Her mother says that she has lived long enough and says that she is to never come back to her. She tells her that she loves her and leaves. Taylor and Jim go to the outpost and find that there is a holster in a vent. Skye comes around the corner and Taylor asks why she has been spying. She says that her mother is alive and tells him that Lucas finished his calculations. She says that he is going to the portal now and says that she is done lying. He asks what she could say to convince him and she says that he mentioned August 2138. Jim tells her to go strait to the colony. Skye apologizes to Taylor. Jim tries to contact Dunnam and Riley, but it is choppy. The portal activates and Lucas comes up and blasts the energy of the portal at them.

Taylor and Jim arrive at the portal and Taylor tells Lucas to step away from the portal. Lucas says that they better not shoot him. He says that he is glad that Taylor is there and Taylor says that Terra Nova will be destroyed. Lucas says that the employers are going to strip Terra Nova. Lucas says that he won and says that Taylor will be on his knees begging for his life the next time they meet. At the same moment, a man comes up to Skye’s mother. Skye tells Josh what happened and how she left her mother there. He says that she did a good thing. An employee comes up and tells Skye that they need her in the infirmary. She goes in and sees that her mother is there. Jim says that Curren got her out of there and Curren gives Elisabeth the medicine. Jim says that he is surprised that Taylor is letting a murderer in. Taylor says that he earned himself a second chance. Taylor tells Jim about the mistake that he made in Somalia. August of 2138, Lucas’ mother died because he couldn’t save her. He says that they are going to have to fight now and tells him that the people behind Lucas and the “Sixers” are going to come in hard. The next day, the Shannon family walk up to hear Taylor tell them all that they all are going to have to fight soon and that their home is going to be under attack. He says that they will prevail. The episode ends.