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Resistance (2) - Recap

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Josh and Jim are in the holding cells and Josh tells Jim that it is his fault that they are there for hitting Lucas in the head with the tray. Jim tells him that it is alright. Lucas comes in and tells him that Josh is free to go, but says that Jim has to stay. Lucas shows him that he has a type of stun gun to electrocute Jim with. In the infirmary, Weaver goes in for an itch. Elisabeth comes up and says that there is a type of larva that can eat the brain from the inside out. She says that she injected him with a huge dose of them and that she has the cure for it. She tells him to get her husband out of the holding cell that Lucas has him in. He agrees to get him out. Meanwhile, Lucas is electrocuting Jim trying to get information out of him, but Jim refuses to talk. He asks him about Somalia and Lucas says that Taylor made a choice to save him and not his mother. Jim says that it wasn’t Taylor’s fault, but Lucas says that Taylor blamed him and says that he could see it. He gets angry and shocks Jim again.

Weaver comes in and tells Lucas that they found Taylor’s camp. He leaves and Weaver takes Jim back to his house. Elisabeth gives him the cure and tells him that it wasn’t the larva and that she gave him a sedative. They leave the house as fast as they can. Washington comes up and tells them that Taylor is waiting outside the gates, but they are going to need a distraction so that they can escape from Terra Nova without Lucas and the others finding the Shannon family. Jim says that Washington is part of the escape, but she says that they are going to need someone to distract them and runs off. She tells him to tell Taylor Chu La Chum. There is an explosion and the Shannon family runs for it. The men catch Washington and bring her to Lucas. He says that he knows that she helped the Shannon family escape and that she is going to tell them where Taylor is. However, she is silent. Taylor asks where Washington is and Jim says that she chose to stay behind to allow for them to escape without getting caught. Taylor watches as Lucas turns around, aims the gun on Washington and shoots her.

They arrive at their new camp and Jim tells Zoe that they have to stay there until the bad men leave. Maddy asks for Reynolds and Riley tells Dunnam that he needs to find Reynolds and take over his shift. Meanwhile, Mira and her team get back from the Badlands as Lucas ordered and she tells them that they found something. However, before she shows them, she wants to know if they’re going to hold up their end of the bargain and allow her to go back and see her daughter. They tell her that as soon as they have the Portal fixed, they will send her away. They look inside with shock on their faces. Back at the camp, Taylor talks to Zoe about Washington and Zoe says that she taught her a lot and says that she knows how to make fire and where North is. Taylor says that she was taught well. Zoe hugs Taylor and says that if he needs more, to let her know. Jim says that they can’t win this war because they are going to bring reinforcements and keep sending back things. Elisabeth tells him not to worry and that they need to look on the positive.

Reynolds and Maddy are kissing when they hear the sound of a raptor. Reynolds says that they are safe. Jim comes up and they run off pretending that they weren’t doing anything. Jim goes up to Taylor and tells him about Chu La Chum and Taylor says that when he was on an island, their only escape was a bridge and that they had to blow it up to survive. He says that she meant that Taylor needs to blow up the bridge that connects Terra Nova with 2149 and take out Hope Plaza. Jim says that they would be cutting themselves off. Taylor says that 1,000 is a good round number. Jim says that if they have to cut themselves off to survive, then it needs to happen. Back at Terra Nova, Weaver tells Lucas that a kilo of ore is worth a lot in 2149. Lucas says that they are going to be able to be rich because the Portal is fixed. Skye comes in and tells Lucas that she is not going to wait for Taylor to apologize and that she is joining up with him. Back at the camp, Riley shows Jim how to operate the charge to be able to set at Hope Plaza. A truck belonging to Phoenix comes up and Riley says that it is their own men. Jim likes that they stole a convoy from them that is going through the Portal. Elisabeth comes up and gives Jim a syringe filled with adrenaline.

Skye gets ready to go with Lucas to the portal with the convoy and tells Lucas that she can tell him where to find Taylor. Lucas stops the car and asks how she is going to lure his father into an ambush. Skye reveals that they are ambushing him. They get the convoy and move toward the Portal. They scan the container and it declines the card to begin with. Jim is inside of the container. However, when they try it again, it works. They push it through and Jim puts on his mask to be able to survive. Lucas talks to Skye, who is in the middle of wiring the car. He says that he was close to beating Taylor. Little does Skye know, but Lucas is getting through his restraints. He manages to get out and hits Skye against the car. He calls Cooper, the soldier in charge of the portal, but it is too choppy that he can’t be understood.

Back at the Portal, Malcolm sets off a charge that destroys a component on the Portal. He says that he is going to have to come back with a replacement. Cooper tells him to hurry up. Elisabeth asks where Jim is going to land when he comes through. Malcolm tells her that he will be 3 clicks away. Jim is in 2149 and Weaver is with the investors for the Ore. They ask about the material that they found in the Badlands and Weaver tells them to see for themselves. He opens the container and Jim injects the adrenaline in the thing inside. It is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. They run for their lives as Jim goes over to the container that she needs to put the charge down into. He is forced to kill a group of the Phoenix team and manages to set the charge. He runs for it. Skye calls Taylor and tells him that Lucas got the best of her. Taylor manages to catch him and starts to beat him up. He tells him that he didn’t think that he had it in him. Lucas and Taylor continue to fight and Lucas gets hit to the ground. He says that he always knew that Taylor blamed him. However, he says that he doesn’t blame him. He hugs him and Lucas stabs Taylor. He is about to stab him again when Skye shoots Lucas.

Jim runs into Weaver who tells him to go back. However, the Tyrannosaurus Rex comes up and eats Weaver. Jim runs for the Portal with the Tyrannosaurus Rex on his feet. He makes it through the Portal and Elisabeth is there waiting. Boylan gets a hold of Taylor and tells him that the Phoenix group left and that they all headed North. They get back to Terra Nova and Jim goes up to Taylor and tells him that the Phoenix Group were seen heading North. They look in the container that they confiscated and Taylor sees that it is the head of a ship. It looks really old which means that they may have found another Portal to another time. Later that night, the Shannon Family gathers and Zoe says that there is a meteor shower. They watch as it happens. The episode ends.