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Message Posted On Monday, May 29th 2006 at 5:18 pm
This is the exact same post I posted here, but I'll just post it again here.

If any show has over stayed it's welcome, it was That '70s Show. Holy mother of Christ this season was awful. I thought it was f***ing hilarious seasons 1-4. In season 5 it started to go downhill for me. Season 6 was a little better than season 5, but I was surprised it got renewed to season 7. At the end of season 7, both of the stars that made the show a hit left. That's when the show just should've called it a day. But then they move on to Season 8, where they kill off Charlie, who was introduced in Season 7, who was supposed to replace Eric. Why introduce a character just to kill him off? Although that probably had a lot to do with the character's role on, The Loop. They also added the stupidest character I have ever seen (Randy), the acting just seemed to have gotten worse. The jokes were almost unbearable to listen to. And the finale. Don't even get me started on the finale. Jackie and Fez? I mean I didn't really care that it didn't end up Jackie and Hyde, or Jackie and Kelso. But Jackie and Fez? Give me a God damn break. All that time Hyde and Jackie spent together, and Hyde ends up single and there's not even a slight attraction? And that final Eric and Donna scene was just dead awful. It seemed like there wasn't any closure to the show. For example, where the hell is Laurie, and did her and Fez get a divorce (I might have missed an episode, but I didn't see any of which they officially got divorced)? And what happens next with Donna and Eric? God, if this isn't the best example of a great show gone horribly wrong, I don't what is.
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Message Posted On Thursday, July 27th 2006 at 9:17 am
I think season eight did a fair job. Though I dislike Randy. I feel that if there is a season eight and Topher and Ashton are gone, there is no need to replace them. I think without Randy, season eight might have been more popular among fans without Randy, though not a popular as Seasons one through Seven.