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Season 4

79 :04x01 - Raven, Sydney, and the Man

Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie volunteer to run clubs for Mrs. Valentine's class of 2nd graders, who need a fund for money to buy a new playhouse and other essentials for their classroom. Raven is stuck with one student, Sydney.Meanwhile, Cory's friend Larry is having a Bar Mitzvah and Cory points out that he didn't get that many gifts. But Larry explains that it's tradition to usually give money at Bar Mitzvahs. So obviously, Cory has dollar signs in his eyes! He asks Mr. B. if can throw a Bro Mitzvah at the Chill Grill and he agrees.
Guest Stars: David Henrie as Larry | Karly Rothenberg as Mrs. Valentine | Sydney Park as Sydney
Director: Richard Correll

80 :04x02 - Pin Pals

Raven's mom is out of town and her family is helping around the house.Then Raven has a vision that her favorite fashion designer, Donna Cabonna, is thanking her for saving Donna's party.
Guest Stars: Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna | Jodi Shilling as Tiffany | Shon Little as Heimlich
Director: Richard Correll

81 :04x03 - Dues and Dont's

Raven regrets bragging about her internship with fashion designer Donna Cabonna after several classmates show up at her work, forcing her to employ an elaborate ruse to cover the fact that her job is far less glamorous than she had led them to believe. Meanwhile, Eddie gives Cory an old leather jacket without realizing something valuable was left inside the coat.
Guest Stars: Rose Abdoo as Senorita Rodriguez | Ashley Eckstein as Muffy | Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna | Jodi Shilling as Tiffany
Director: Richard Correll

82 :04x04 - Unhappy Medium

A famous movie director is filiming the final scene of his movie a Bayside, which is starring a famous, rich actress. Raven has a vision that the actress is going to choke on a special flavor of taffy, so she dives at her to prevent her from choking. Her bodyguards sieze Raven, who explains that she just didn't want her to choke on the special flavor of taffy. Raven admits to the actress that she is psychic, who is, coincedentally, playing a psychic in the movie. She wants to spend time with Raven to learn about psychics, but Raven tells her that they are just normal people. The actress is uninterested, so she leaves. Raven is convinced by Eddie and Chelsea to act like a stereo-type psychic so she they can go to her house in Malibu, but Raven then has a real vision that the actress will get fired for imitating Raven's actions, and feels guilty. So Raven tries to stop her.
Guest Stars: Amanda Tepe as Becky | Ryun Yu as Toshi Nakamora | Brooke Lyons as Nikki Logan | Sam Rubin as Himself

83 :04x05 - Adventures In Boss Sitting

Tiffany, Donna's assistant, is going on a business trip. Raven takes her place. Then Devon calls and says he's taking Raven out to dinner at this fancy restaurant.But Donna's boyfriend breaks up with her and Donna goes to Raven for support. Raven has a vision that Devon is gonna break up with her. When her boss comes she tries to not let Dona meet Devon. Meanwhile Cory looks for some movie to take Brittney, his new girlfriend, to. Eddie helps Cory out in picking a movie. then at the theater, Cory spots Cindy at the same show., with another guy.Cory misses Cindy and his date dumps him.Later on, Raven tries to keep evrything smooth but Devon breaks up with her but Cindy comes for Cory andDevon for Raven. Donna thinks she alone but, then her boyffriend comes for her.
Guest Stars: Jamie Rash as Movie Actress | Vinnie Pergola as Tyler | Niner Parikh as Pizza Delivery Man | Sahara Garey as Brittany | Richard Steven Horvitz as Teddy | Jodi Shilling as Tiffany | Jordyn Colemon as Cindy | Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna | Jonathan McDaniel as Devon Carter

84 :04x06 - Hook Up My Space

Raven's room is getting clogged up with stuff. Then she has a vision that Cory is going to ask Victor if he can turn the basement into a band room. Then Victor agrees. Raven beats Cory to Victor and he says that Raven can turn the basement into a bedroom. Cory figures out that Raven had a vision and Cory gets back at her. He gets her on " Hook Up My Space" and makes the room dorky because he disigns it. Then Raven and Chelsea sneak in and try to fix the room.
Guest Stars: Steve Truitt as Sly
Director: Richard Correll

85 :04x07 - Driving Miss Lazy

Eddie recieves his driver's license, and becomes the only person of the group to be able to drive. He has found the perfect car to buy, but he's $200 short of the cash. Raven and Chelsea spot him the cash, and they now have a new car. To decide where they will go, they decide to have votings, where two out of three votes wins. This backfires, and Chelsea and Raven over rule Eddie on where to go everytime (including whether to paint the car pink or not. Finally, Eddie decides to leave them, when he is arrested by a sherriff, who claims that he is the Pink Bandit, and robber who drives a pink car.
Guest Stars: Tim Reid as Sheriff Jefferson | Bobb'e J. Thompson as Stanley | Orlando Brown as The Pink Bandit

86 :04x08 - Be Prepared

Raven's job, Donna Cabonna's intern, is doing a video for disaster preparedness. Donna need a group to do the video and Raven calls Boy's 'N Motion to do the video. Donna let's Raven design the outfits while Chelsea and Eddie do her daily work. The Boy's 'N Motion end up hating Raven designs. Raven tries to get them to stop arguing. But can't handle it. Meanwhile, Cory and Victor try to get their own disaster plan ready. Then at Donna Cabonna's studio, the power goes out and Raven hadn't copied the plan and they don't know what to do. Finally a firemen squad comes and everyone realizes Coco,Donna's dog, chewed up some wires. Then Donna Cabonna gets the perfect idea for the video. The idea is The Boy's 'N Motion wear Firemen suits and everyone is in the video along with Chelsea and Eddie and Victor and Cory. Also Maria Shriver is in this episode
Guest Stars: Ryan Hansen as J.J. | Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna | Jodi Shilling as Tiffany | Michael Copon as Ricky | Columbus Short as Trey | Edward James Gage as Captain Berman |
Co-Guest Stars: Maria Shriver as Herself
Director: Debbie Allen

87 :04x09 - Juicer Consequences

Cory handles a bully who steals kids' lunches, Raven questions how well she really knows Chelsea.
Guest Stars: David Henrie as Larry | Dan Mott as The Juicer
Director: Richard Correll

88 :04x10 - Sister Act

Raven and Sydney had been spending time together alot. Raven suggest that she and Sydney do a Big Sis and her Little Sis pageant. But Muffy and her sister Buffy are in the pageant also. Raven and Muffy fight over winning. Meanwhile, Cory and Stanley host the pageant and fight over who gets the biggest part. Then, Chelsea and Eddie want to start a Thomas and Daniels music and choreography business but fight over the name.
Guest Stars: Sydney Park as Sydney | Karly Rothenberg as Mrs. Valentine | Rachel Fox as Buffy | Ashley Eckstein as Muffy | Bobb'e J. Thompson as Stanley
Director: Marc Warren (1)

89 :04x11 - Checkin' Out

Raven goes to Boston and checks in the Tipton where she is supposed to meet Pistasch and have a fashion photoshoot for Donna Cabonna boys clothing line. But all goes wrong when Pistasch is stuck in Milan. She meets Zack and Cody, who agrees to dress up as the models while Raven dresses up as Pistash not knowing that Donna Cabonna also dresses up as Pistasch. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Stanley are competing for World Records back at home and Corey and Eddie wants the prize money.
Special Guest Stars: Jasmine Guy as Pistache | Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin | Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin | Phill Lewis as Mr. Moseby |
Guest Stars: Jodi Shilling as Tiffany | Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna | Annie Wood as Kendra Blair | Malik Yoba as Judge | Bobb'e J. Thompson as Stanley
Director: Richard Correll

90 :04x12 - Fur Better or Worse

Raven may finally get her chance at a big break when Donna Cabonna wants to use one of her designs. The only problem is that Donna wants to make her design out of fur-- something Chelsea strongly objects, and makes it known by protesting. Now Raven must decide whether her friendship with Chelsea is worth giving up the opportunity of a lifetime.
Guest Stars: Jodi Shilling as Tiffany | Bobb'e J. Thompson as Stanley | Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna | Fred Meyers (1) as Leaf

91 :04x13 - Mad Hot Cottilion

The school bully known as "The Juicer" asks Cory for help getting a female classmate to like him, but Cory's advice proves useless when the girl expresses an interest in somebody else. Meanwhile, Raven struggles against boredom after getting grounded for an entire week.
Guest Stars: Dan Mott as The Juicer | Nita Norris as Aunt Jeanette | Spencer Locke as Kayla | Amy Tolsky as Mrs. Rothschild | David Henrie as Larry
Director: Richard Correll

92 :04x14 - When 6021 Met 4267

Thanks to an online dating service Raven is paired with Eddie as her "perfect match". Meanwhile Cory and Stanley try to sneak into Raven's "room-warming" bash.
Guest Stars: Matthew Micucci (1) as Nerdy Kid | Tyler Mckinney as Eddie Jr | Andrea Edwards as Loca | Ben Ziff as Danny | Bobb'e J. Thompson as Stanley

93 :04x15 - Soup to Nuts

While trying to cope with Principal Stuckerman's new dress code, Raven has a vision about him falling because of her, so she decides to fake being sick and stay home.
Guest Stars: Steve Hytner as Dr. Stuckerman
Director: Richard Correll

94 :04x16 - Members Only

Eddie attempts to gain entry into a super-exclusive club at school with help from Raven and Chelsea, who pose as his girlfriends; Victor and Cory are bothered by the presence of a noisy cricket in the house.
Guest Stars: B.J. Britt as Dylan | Colin Kim as Jordan
Director: Richard Correll

95 :04x17 - The Ice Girl Cometh

Raven goes camping with Chelsea and her mother because of a cute boy in her vision. Chelsea and her mom do mother-daugther bonding things that make Raven uneasy like balancing on top of your head. Meanwhile, Cory and the boys try to impress Mr. Baxter's friends who is a famous hip hop dj by changing their song. Raven must decide whether to go to a party or be with her friend and her other "mom".
Guest Stars: Dorien Wilson as Mitch | Nathan O'Farrell as Brent | David Henrie as Larry | Frankie Ryan Manriquez as William | Amy Yasbeck as Joni Daniels
Director: Richard Correll

96 :04x18 - Rae of Sunshine

Raven hosts a slumber party at her house for the local Bayside Girl Scouts. Meanwhile, Cory takes Eddie and Chelsea to the movies, and has to deal with their loudness.
Guest Stars: Sydney Park as Sydney | Sammi Hanratty as Taylor | Rachel Fox as Buffy
Writer: Lanny Horn

97 :04x19 - The Dress Is Always Greener

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Angela Walton as Elevator Woman | Kathy Najimy as Lora Stelladora | Jodi Shilling as Tiffany | Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna

98 :04x20 - Teacher's Pet

While Raven is one her way to her history class, she makes friends with a new girl called Courtney. Little does she know that shes actually her history teacher.

Meawhile, Corey auditions girls for lead singer....but the Juicer has other plans.
Guest Stars: David Henrie as Larry | Frankie Ryan Manriquez as William | Jordyn Colemon as Cindy | Candace Cameron as Courtney Dearborn | Dan Mott as The Juicer

99 :04x21 - The Way We Were

Raven and Chelsea throw Eddie a birthday party and invite his divorced parents, whom Eddie wishes would get back together.
Guest Stars: Frankie Ryan Manriquez as William | David Henrie as Larry | Shon Little as Heimlich | Geoffrey Owens as Michael (Eddie's Father) | Rae Dawn Chong as Mrs. Sherman

100 :04x22 - Where There's Smoke

When Raven discovers a cigarette in Cory's shirt pocket, she assumes he is smoking. Also, after Eddie and Chelsea eat a casserole Victor had made for the mayor, they must now make him a new one.
Guest Stars: Curtis William Junior as Dorian | Jasmine Villegas as Patty | Candace Cameron as Courtney Dearborn | Steve Hytner as Dr. Stuckerman | David Henrie as Larry | Frankie Ryan Manriquez as William
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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Teens
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 17, 2003
Ended: November 10, 2007
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