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That's So Raven: Mother Dearest

Raven tries to speak up in Mr. Petrachelli’s class after a vision. Mr. Petrachelli gets mad at her and wants to speak to her parent’s. When Raven gets home, her mom and dad think she’s being responsible. Then she doesn’t know how to tell them about the issue. Raven decides to dress up as her mom and trick Mr. Petrachelli. Meanwhile, Eddie is bullied out of his locker.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x2
Production Number: 102
Airdate: Friday January 17th, 2003
Special Airtime: 09:00 pm

Guest Stars
Ernie SabellaErnie Sabella
As Mr. Petrachelli
Episode Notes
Anneliese Van der Pol does not appear in this episode.

When this episode began airing after May 26th of 2004, when Raven says (to Victor) "Is it Kobe? 'Cause you know I like 'em tall", Kobe's name is replacd with "LeBron", due to the events surrounding the Kobe Bryant case.

Episode Quotes
Eddie: We got to get our lockers back! I have to keep my reputation!
Mr. Petrachelli: Thomas, you never had a reputation!

Raven(as Tanya): (Looks at globe) What? Now, I never knew Brazil was that big!

Mr. Petrachelli: I need you and Raven
Raven (as Tanya): Okay, when would you want that Mr. Petrachelli?
Mr. Petrachelli: When? Uhh, let me check my calender . . . Today!

Cory: Just use The three C's.
Raven: What does that stand for? Crazy, Creepy and Constipated?
Cory: Hey, that was one time! It stands for Cuddle, Compliment, and the ever-loving Cry.
Raven: Is that how you still got that bike after burning down the Christmas tree in '98?
Cory: Yep. I cuddled up into dad's arms, complimented mom on doing a great job on the decorations, and had a little tear right here. '98 was a good year.

Victor: Cory.
Tanya: Angry voice.
Victor: (angry voice) Cory!

Tanya: I just have one question; when you put this on, exactly what mother were you thinking of?
Raven: You look bootylicious.

Raven: Okay, when did ya'll find out?
Victor: Well when your butt went left you went right!
Raven: Mmm, mmm, mmm. Betrayed by the booty.

Tanya: CORY! Get down here right now!
Cory: Okay, I messed up a little in class today. You might want to take notes.
Tanya: Don't you go cuddling up to him, giving us any of your lame compliments, and don't you even think about crying or you will see a side of me that is not pretty.
Cory: Mother, how is that possible if you're so beautiful?
Tanya: Knock it off and go to your room!
Raven: I want my five bucks back!
(Cory hands her the money)

Raven: (in the girl's restroom) Excuse me ladies, but I think the mayonnaise on my sardine sandwhich went bad, so if you have any perfume...I'd spray it now!

Eddie: Uhhh. . .
Mr. Petricelli: No, "uh" is the capital of duh which YOU seem to be mayor of!

Eddie: And that cracking thing he does with his neck is nasty...my grandmother does that with her toes.

Eddie: You dont even look like your mom, you look like you ate your mom!

Mr. Petricelli: NO!
Raven (as Tanya): Oh, cranky? Someone needs a little nappy nap!

Raven: Knock knock
Eddie: Who's there?
Raven: Not you!

Mr. Petricelli: Ms. Baxter are you in the P.T.A?
Raven (as Tanya): No.
Mr. Petricelli: Let's keep it that way.

Episode Goofs
As Raven goes into the classroom to find her mother, the door opens by itself.

When Cory says the "3 C's", he holds up four fingers instead of three.

When Raven is disguised as Tanya, she dances, but she doesn't have her hat on in one shot but in the other shot where she's going to the bully she has it on.

Episode References
Episode Title: Mother Dearest The title of this episode seems to be a parody of the book Mommie Dearest, which was written by Christina Crawford.

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