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The Awesomes: Robotherapy

Joyce informs the Awesomes that they must disband, but reconsiders when her new consultant Dr. Malocchio suggests that the team undergo robotherapy. Everyone but Prock, Hotwire, and Gadget Gal agree, and the Awesomes are soon in chaos.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x6
Airdate: Thursday August 29th, 2013

Guest Stars
Bobby MoynihanBobby Moynihan
voiced Miscellaneous Male Voices
Cecily StrongCecily Strong
voiced Miscellaneous Female Voices
Main Cast
Ike BarinholtzIke Barinholtz
voiced Muscleman
Rashida JonesRashida Jones
voiced Hotwire
Taran KillamTaran Killam
voiced Frantic
Bobby LeeBobby Lee
voiced Tim / Sumo
Josh MeyersJosh Meyers
voiced Perfect Man
Seth MeyersSeth Meyers
voiced Prock
Paula PellPaula Pell
voiced Gadget Gal
Emily SpiveyEmily Spivey
voiced Concierge
Kenan ThompsonKenan Thompson
voiced Impresario
Rachel DratchRachel Dratch
voiced Joyce Mandrake
Bill HaderBill Hader
voiced Dr. Malocchio


After the Awesomes return to their Earth, Joyce Mandrake arrives to inform them that she's revoking their government funding. As Dr. Malocchio looks on, Joyce points out that the government isn't going to pay superhero teams to go to alternate Earths. She denies their appeal but Malocchio suggests that there is a way the Awesomes could keep their charter. He mind-controls Joyce into obeying him, and then tells Prock that the government has hired him because he knows so much about superpowers. ..

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Episode Quotes
Prock: First of all, we didn't zip. We were zapped. Huge difference.
Impresario: I may have zapped my pants on re-entry, if you know what I mean.
Tim: Uh, who wouldn't know what you mean?

Prock: Is there any way to appeal the decision?
Joyce: Yes, you can appeal it verbally to my right now.
Prock: I feel like you're just going to say no.
Joyce: Well, you won't know until you appeal.
Prock: Will you please...?
Joyce: No.

Frantic: My cousin used to make patterns in the cornfield with a tractor. He said he was sending signals to alien lifeforms.
Muscleman: That's crazy.
Frantic: What's crazy is how he died.
Muscleman: Aliens?
Frantic: No, the horse he was having sex with fell on him.

Gadget Gal: Who wants some nose candy?
Prock: Gadget Gal!
Gadget Gal: And by that, I mean Dr. Bloomer's Nose Lozenges.
Prock: Oh, that's fine, then.
Gadget Gal: Made from pure cocaine.

Gadget Gal: In my day our men kept their feelings bottled up inside. Just a churning mass of emotions and rage they could never show the outside world. Eventually that pressure would be too much to bear. The weak ones would blow their brains out, but the strong ones would use it. They'd use it in the bedroom. And it would turn them from men into animals who exploded with passion. And then when it was over, they'd cry out, "Mama! Mama!" And then you'd have to slap them and say, "I ain't your mama and I never will be, but if you think you can muster the energy, I'd happily take another ride.
Tim: I just hit puberty.
Impresario: *bleep*

Prock: But robots always turn on us.
Joyce: Says who?
Prock: Says the "Robots Always Turn on Us" mural.

Tim: You need to ask yourself, why am I rampaging?
Wombat: Uh, cause Wombat like rampaging. And stealing. Must steal. I mean, rampaging not pay very well.

Prock: But I'm not crazy.
Impresario: Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, baby.
Frantic: Nope, it's also a stripper my daddy used to let sleep over. Ohh, Mary Ann Denial. You are likely dead.

Muscleman: Robots? Holy crap.
Tim: Yeah, what did you think was happening?
Muscleman: No time to think! Now, to think about what to do.

Paul the Robot: But ask yourselves, which one amongst you hasn't given us a secret we can tell? Which one among you is safe to reveal their true selves?
(all thinking)
Concierge: My southern accent hides it, but I'm a stone-cold bitch.
Impresario: I don't love my mamma. Enough.
Frantic: I'm severely mentally ill.
Perfectman: I worry that I might be too perfect.
Old Lady: I collect glass elephants. And murder hobos.
General: I only became a general because I watched General Hospital.

Tim: The robots are malfunctioning.
Impresario: I'm about to malfunction my lunch. if you know what I mean.
Tim: Again, who wouldn't know what you mean?

Cultural References
Muscleman: So I Wizard of Oz'd a few people.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorMichael Shoemaker  |  Seth Meyers
Executive ProducerMichael Shoemaker  |  Seth Meyers  |  Andrew Singer  |  Brendan Countee  |  Charlotte Koh
Supervising ProducerMark McJimsey
Co-ProducerKaty Jenson
Consulting ProducerJudd Winick
Associate ProducerDavid SanAngelo  |  Emily Hymes  |  Sarah Immelt
EditorMark McJimsey  |  Kris Fitzgerald  |  Sean Coyle  |  Jo Ryan
MusicMichael Tavera
Script CoordinatorClarissa Follayttar  |  Mike Olsen
Assistant EditorBrian Hall (1)  |  Dan Earley
Re-Recording MixerMike Greenberg  |  Michael Kohler
Production SupervisorSeranie A. Manoogian
Storyboard ArtistNick DeMayo
Production ManagerBrandon Betts
Animation DirectorAaron Hawkins  |  Jason Schwartz
Main Title ThemeThe Hold Steady
Original Character DesignerAndrew Bialk
Animation ProducerCraig Hartin  |  Janielle Momary-Neely
Production AssociatePaige Garrison  |  Lauren Teasley  |  Martin W. Powell
Special ThanksBlossom Lefcourt  |  Jack Sullivan (1)  |  Andy Forssell
Background DesignerTimothy Barnes
Recording EngineerChris Cirino  |  Justin Ulbrich
Animation Executive ProducerMark McJimsey  |  Scott Greenberg  |  Joel Kuwahara
Sound DesignerHunter Curra  |  Michael Kohler
Audio AssistCooper Skinner
Animation Co-producerAshley Kohler
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