Paternity - Recap

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The world is waiting for the Awesomes to screw up again, blaming them for the Robotherapist attack. In his office, Dr. Malocchio watches with satisfaction . He receives a scrambled signal from his secret mole within the Awesomes, and takes it in private. The mole says that he or she is getting close to getting the one thing that Malocchio needs, but that they have to proceed carefully to avoid rousing suspicions. Malocchio assures his mole that no one could possibly suspect that a member of the Awesomes is a traitor.

In the streets, Prock tries to explain to the police why Muscleman tore up the streets tracking down a 9-year-old shoplifter. It doesn't go well. Afterward, Prock tries to explain to his friend what he did wrong without calling him a dumb burden, but Muscleman figures that he can just say he's sorry and avoid any consequences. A girl comes up to get Muscleman's autograph, but when he takes the paper the "girl" transforms into an alien with breasts for eyes and informs the hero that he's been served. Prock confirms that it's a subpoena summoning Muscleman to trial in a paternity suit. The alien then teleports Muscleman away as he says "not again."

Back at Awesome Mountain, Concierge checks the database and discovers that the alien is a member of the Gleeborian race. Hotwire asks if it's happened before and Impresario admits that Muscleman has a taste for alien sex. Concierge makes video contact with the Gleeborian authorities and Prock asks for his friend back. They refuse unless he's found innocent, and agree to beam two members of the team to serve as Muscleman's lawyers. Prock wants to go with Hotwire, but Muscleman chooses Impresario and Frantic because he doesn't want to be a burden. The Gleeborians honor Muscleman's choice and teleport Frantic and Impresario to their planet.

As Prock deals with being rejected by his best friend, a level-5 criminal act alert goes off on a bank alarm. When Gadget Gal wonders if Prock trusts them to handle it on their own, he tells Gadget Gal, Sumo, and Hotwire to handle it. Hotwire volunteers to stay with Prock and he gladly accepts. Once they leave, Prock and Hotwire make eyes at each other until Concierge reminds them that she's still there. She goes to make coffee.

On Gleeboria, the Gleeborians take Impresario and Frantic to the courtroom: a talk show stage for a program named Who's the Daddy? Muscleman is the first human to come on the show.

At Awesome Mountain, Prock is making a teleporter so he can go to rescue Muscleman. When Hotwire suggests that Impresario and Frantic might rescue him, Prock points out that his teammates have problems when they're not following his instructions. She suggests that they might learn what to do if Prock lets them learn, but he isn't convinced. A few seconds later, Prock finishes the transporter but needs an energy source.

Gadget Gal and Tim go to the bank and the security guard tells them that the robber was an older man dressed like a super-villain. Tim asks what they're going to do next and Gadget Gal complains that he's bothering her with questions. She suggests that they go somewhere that an elderly villain would go to blend in. They go to the nearest bingo hall and Gadget Gal starts looking into the players' eyes to see if she detects villainy. When that doesn't work, Gadget Gal goes up on stage and warns that they don't want to see them mad. She slaps Tim, who transforms into Sumo and causes multiple heart attacks. When he turns back, Tim tells Gadget Gal not to do that again. He says that he has a plan but first they have to leave.

On Gleeboria, Muscleman meets with Globo, the man whose wife he's accused of sleeping with. As Globo explains that the child decides, the guards bring in Impresario and Frantic. Muscleman asks about their escape plans and the guards capture the others, even though they didn't have one. The show is ready to go and the guards take the three heroes to the stage.

When Hotwire asks where he's going to find a power source for the transporter, Prock stops time and wonders whether to tell her about the vault. Muscleman doesn't want him to, but Prock is mad at Muscleman. He decides to tell her, but before he can, Concierge calls to tell him that Gadget Gal and Tim disrupted an old folks' home.

As Gadget Gal and Tim walk through the park and work out what to do next, Tim brings up his Villain Finder app. It shows that there is a villain nearby, but the only person in the area is an old man feeding the pigeons. Gadget Gal realizes that it's her old foe, Birdmaster. Birdmaster recognizes her and removes his coat, revealing his wings. As Tim looks up Birdmaster's history, he sends the nearby birds to attack them and the two heroes are quickly swamped. Birdmaster boasts that he plans to return to a life of crime after having tasted villainy once more.

Hotwire and Prock watch the battle on the monitor and Prock figures that it's time to get involved.

On Gleeboria, the guards tie up Impresario and Frantic with energy bonds and Frantic keeps talking until the guards gag him. The mother comes out with the child in the box and the crowd boos Muscleman. Impresario figures that they need a plan and asks Frantic what they should do. The speedster has an idea but needs to get loose, and Impresario tells him to vibrate fast enough to slip his bonds. Once he does, Frantic starts hitting people, including Muscleman, with folding chairs until the guards taser him unconscious. They tie Frantic back up and Impresario realizes all they can do is hope that Muscleman isn't the father.

On Earth, Tim transforms into Sumo and knocks away the pigeons. Gadget Gal warns him that it will take a real superhero to defeat Birdmaster. Meanwhile, the villain gathers his flock in the sky above. Gadget Gal tries to fire her slingshot at him, but Birdmaster is too far away.

Prock and Hotwire fly to the scene in the Awesomes' old-timey airplane and Prock complains that Gadget Gal is a bad influence on Tim. Hotwire tells him that even though he's the leader, he has to delegate some of his work. As Prock thanks her for being so nice, Birdmaster's flock flies into them.

At the show, the mother releases her child... which looks suspiciously like Muscleman. Muscleman tries to ignore it but his fatherly instincts kick in. Impresario tries to work out how to save the day, and Frantic suggests that he use trickery. After thanking his teammate for being so smart, Impresario creates an image of Muscleman behind Globo to attract the baby that way. The baby jumps into Globo's arms trying to get to the fake Muscleman, and the guards release all three heroes. Meanwhile, the host ends the show in the traditional manner: having the baby eat the father. Muscleman says that it's time to go.

Sumo gets an idea, grabs a nearby water hose, and creates a makeshift slingshot. He then shoots Gadget Gal at Birdmaster. She grabs the villain, disrupting the birds' attack, and plummets toward the ground below holding onto Birdmaster. Sumo catches them and Gadget Gal gives him a kiss of thanks on the cheek just as he transform back into a disgusted Tim. Prock and Hotwire arrive and Gadget Gal admits that Tim impressed her. She takes Tim off to get a milkshake and Hotwire tells Prock that sometimes the team doesn't need him.

Prock still thinks that the others are going to get in trouble. They transport down and Frantic boasts that he now has an agent on Gleeboria. Muscleman announces that Frantic and Impresario saved him, and Prock apologizes for what he said about Muscleman earlier. His friend assures him that it's fine, and says that he'll be giving up alien sex from now on so he can serve as a role model and a hero. Unfortunately, he's interrupted when Frantic calls a press conference to announce that his alien agent has set him up for the Miss Global Beauty Pageant, as a judge.