Gone (1) - Recap

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In the morning, Shawn and Isabelle are naked in bed, making out. There's a knock on the door, so after pulling on a robe, Shawn answers it. Richard tells him that since he's taken over Lily's position in the foundation, he's been looking at financial reports. He then asks Shawn if he remembers what some of the large transactions from the foundation's account were for, but Shawn lies and states that he doesn't.
Meanwhile, Alana and Tom go to the 4400 Center for a barbeque. Many of the 4400 there resent Tom for working at NTAC, but he and Alana then run into Heather Tobey, the 4400 that brought out her students' artistic potential. Heather reveals that she's now a teacher at the 4400 Center's school. She mentions that Alana will be, too, so Alana tells Tom that she's been offered a job to work with the children at the 4400 Center's school.
Elsewhere, Maia and Diana are in a parking garage. Maia forgot her sweater, so she starts to go back to get it. However, she suddenly has a vision and states to Diana, "You're gonna forget me." Diana reassures her that she'll never forget her. Maia then heads back to their apartment to retrieve her sweater. When Maia is gone for a long time, Diana goes to check on her. She finds Maia in the living room with a woman that claims to be Sarah Rutledge, Maia's sister!
Maia and Sarah look through a photo album and reminisce. Diana then makes Maia leave the room so that she and Sarah can talk. Diana, who had searched for Sarah for a long time, is angry at her for not coming for Maia when she was first returned. For Maia's safety, she then refuses to let Sarah see Maia until she can prove that she is really her sister.
At Tom's home, he is furious with Alana for not telling him about the job offer. She apologizes and then explains that the 4400 Center wants her to use her ability to help the children. Meanwhile, at a hospital, Shawn is about to perform a group healing on children. A disguised member of the Nova Group then throws red paint on him and calls him a traitor; security grabs the 4400 and takes him away. Elsewhere, at NTAC, after Diana talks to Tom about Sarah, the duo is told by Jarvis to investigate the disappearance of 4400 Lindsey Hammond.
Meanwhile, at the 4400 Center, Matthew Ross shows Richard and Shawn a postcard from the Nova Group. After being asked why he has suddenly become a target, Shawn explains that he donated money to the Nova Group before they turned deadly. Richard is furious that Shawn took money from the foundation, and Shawn apologizes. Elsewhere, Maia is in the backyard of the home of classmate Amy Paspalis, who disappeared on July 23, 1999. The two are playing badminton. Sarah then appears. At NTAC, Tom informs Diana that the DNA tests show that Sarah isn't Maia's sister, so the two go to Amy's house. However, they are told by Amy that Maia left with her sister.
An Amber Alert is put out for Maia, and unfortunately, Sarah's true identity can't be found by NTAC. Meanwhile, Maia and Sarah are walking on a sidewalk. When asked about her abilities since being taken off the promicin inhibitor, Maia explains that she's learning to focus her premonitions now; they rarely sneak up on her. The two then arrive at Sarah's new house, and she shows Maia a room identical to how Maia kept hers before she was first taken.
As Matthew talks to Richard about him sharing power with Shawn at the 4400 Center, Marco points out recurring butterflies in Maia's diaries. He also reveals that he read how he is going to die. Marco then shows them an entry about Diana going to pick her up from Amy's house but already being gone; she is in a circle with Tyler Downing, a classmate of Maia's. Diana and Tom speak to Tyler, but he claims that he doesn't know anything about Maia's disappearance or the "circle."
At Sarah's house, Maia leaves her room to ask Sarah when Diana is going to pick her up. However, the hallway door is locked. Lindsey Hammond, who disappeared on November 23, 1979, and a few other children emerge from other rooms and tell Maia that there's no point in calling for Sarah, because she never comes. Maia is told that, like them, she is part of Sarah's "collection." The hallway door then becomes unlocked, so the kids all run back into their rooms. Maia secretly watches as a crying Tyler is brought in.
Tom arrives home and finds Alana practicing her ability on Heather. Alana reveals to him that she is going to accept the 4400 Center's job offer. The next day, Matthew is questioning Isabelle about her relationship with Shawn. After giving her lingerie, he tries to get her to manipulate Shawn into letting Richard share power. Back at Sarah's home, the kids meet to try and form a plan. Lindsey asks what each of them can do. One of the boys reveals that he and his sister can make water move, but they must be together. Tyler states that he can manipulate electrical currents, and Maia tells them of her ability. Lindsey is amazed at Maia's precognition and then asks if they're going to be kept at the house for long. Maia replies that they won't be there long, but it's probably not due to an escape. When the hallway door starts to open, the kids run back to their beds. A man enters Maia's room and leaves her new clothes that match the other kids'. Maia then hears screams from Lindsey and watches as the man takes her out of the hall.
At NTAC, the disappearance of Tyler, as well as the disappearances of Olivia and Duncan Germaine (the siblings that can make water move), are reported. Marco arrives and gives Diana some coffee, and after taking a sip, she sets it on a map of the city. It creates a ring stain on the map, and when Tom is shown it, he states, "I'm in the circle." Elsewhere, Richard and Matthew ask Shawn to let Richard share power with him. However, Shawn takes it as a threat. At Sarah's house, Maia asks Tyler if he can make Sarah's car stop if they manage to escape, but Tyler refuses to help. The hallway door then opens, and the man takes Lindsey to her room. Maia goes to check on her and finds that Lindsey has no memory of her. The man soon returns, along with Sarah, and they take Maia. She screams for help, but none of the kids help her.
As Tom and Diana search for Maia, Isabelle shows Shawn her new lingerie. She tells Shawn that if he wants to keep his job, then he can; she can make it happen. However, Shawn considers taking Richard's offer. Meanwhile, Maia, Sarah, and the man are in the kitchen of Sarah's house. Sarah gives Maia a drink and some pills and then tells her to take them. Maia refuses, but Sarah and the man intimidate her into obeying. However, before she can, the lights start flickering. Maia realizes that the kids are helping. The man then collapses, and Sarah is in pain, water emerging from her skin. Outside the house, Diana sees a butterfly design above the home's street address, and she states that Maia is inside. However, when the agents storm in, they discover a real estate agent showing the house to possible buyers.
Meanwhile, Maia runs out the front door of the house and finds herself in the lab where the 4400 were created. Sarah enters and explains that ever since she stepped into her house, she has been in the future. The kids were brought there because their help is needed. A little while later, Maia is on the table, and Sarah is comforting her. Sarah states that the 4400's existence hasn't altered the timeline; the catastrophe still happens. However, they have found a way to fix it by using the kids.
That night (in the present), Shawn signs documents allowing Richard to share power at the 4400 Center. Later, Matthew gives Isabelle a necklace as a "thank you" for getting Shawn to agree with their request. However, Isabelle reveals that she told Shawn to keep his job, and nothing bad happened like Matthew said it would. After stating that she used to be scared of him, Isabelle reveals that he doesn't have any power over her. She then telekinetically tortures him in the air and states that she'll do her own shopping for now on.
In the future, Sarah states that they're sending her and the rest of the kids to a time earlier than when they originally returned. Before doing so, Maia's memories, as well as the memories of the other children, will be wiped. The rest of the world will also forget about her. As Maia disappears into a bright light, her belongings in Diana's house are replaced with other things.

To be continued...