Gone (2) - Recap

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Marco stops by Diana's apartment for dinner and brings her flowers. He notices that there are three plates set and asks who the third person is. She replies that it's only the two of them and also finds it strange that she set it for three. Meanwhile, Tom and Alana are in a fantasy world in which they are driving a fancy car along the countryside. However, a young girl resembling Maia suddenly runs in front of the road, and the car hits her. The two get out of the car to check on her, but there is no body. They then see her walking down the road, so they follow. To their shock, the girl has no face. After seeing that, the two return to reality and question who the girl was.
Alana explains to Tom that she creates her fantasy worlds from memories, so she probably pulled up a fragmented memory. Elsewhere, Isabelle and Shawn, in formal attire, are making out in a staircase. However, Devon sees them and walks away, embarrassed. Isabelle reassures Shawn that Devon won't tell Richard because she would be too afraid, but Shawn states that word will spread and eventually get to Richard.
At NTAC, Tom is drawing a picture of the faceless girl. Jarvis enters and informs him that a 4400 named Christopher Dubov was attacked outside of his home. Jarvis thinks it may be a hate crime, but Tom suggests that his occupation as a lawyer in a major mergers and acquisitions firm is the cause because he has put many people out of work. Diana then arrives and has many magazines in her bag. Tom questions her about it, but she explains that it's for a "project" that she is working on.
Later, Tom and Diana question Christopher Dubov, who disappeared on June 29, 1999. Since being taken off of the promicin inhibitor, he has gained the ability to smell pheromones. Dubov explains that his son, Michael, attacked him for setting his mother up with her new husband. Diana sees photos of Dubov and Michael, and she comments that they look very happy together. Dubov tells her that the photos were taken when Michael was 10, and Diana strangely replies that "10" is a great age. Dubov then states that he isn't going to press charges. He is instead going to set Michael up with a waitress at a local bar. After leaving Dubov's office, Tom and Diana get into their car. Diana suddenly starts crying after thinking about how much Michael must have missed his father during his five-year absence.
At the 4400 Center, Shawn confesses to Richard about his relationship with Isabelle, and Richard is furious. He orders Shawn to stay away from her, but Shawn states that he can't promise that. Matthew Ross then enters and stops the argument, siding with Richard. That night, Alana and Tom are in a fantasy world in which they are at home, about to go fishing with Kyle. Tom calls for Kyle and heads for the stairs. To his surprise, Maia is on the steps. He recognizes her as the girl that he hit in the other fantasy. She states her name and informs him that she is in his fantasy because he wants her to be there. After Tom realizes that he wants to remember her, he and Alana return to reality.
The next day, Tom visits Diana, who called in sick. After talking to her at the door, he suspects something is wrong and enters, finding magazine clippings everywhere. She explains that it's her "project." Tom finds a picture of Maia's face, taped together from pieces of other faces. Diana states that she was up all night doing it, and she fears that she is going crazy. However, Tom replies that he has seen the girl in his fantasies, and the girl's name is Maia. After hearing this, Diana takes Tom into another room, where the name "Maia" is formed on the wall from clippings of girls.
Tom tells Diana that there is no "Maia" in any of their case files, and he suggests that they may have met her at one of Agent Garrity's barbecues. However, Diana replies that she knows Maia more than that. When Tom then says that the only place that Maia currently exists is in his fantasy worlds, Diana requests that he have Alana take her to one. Meanwhile, Richard walks in on Isabelle brilliantly playing a piano, and she reveals that it's her first time playing! He then sits down next to her to talk. Richard requests that she stop sleeping with Shawn for the time being, but she refuses. Isabelle then departs to find someone at the Center with a cello.
At Tom's house, Diana tells Alana to take them to her apartment. However, when the fantasy starts, they instead arrive in a courthouse. The door in front of them opens, and Maia emerges. She takes Diana into the judge's office, where Diana legally adopts her. When Maia hugs her, Diana's memories return. The fantasy then ends, and Diana reveals what has happened; Tom believes her.
At the 4400 Center, Richard receives a call from Daniel Armand of the Nova Group. Armand wants to meet to form a truce, or Shawn will be in danger. Richard informs Matthew Ross and Shawn. Shawn doesn't want him to go, but Richard is still considering it. At NTAC, Jarvis tells Tom and Diana that Maia and the other missing kids aren't 4400's. However, after Diana explains that they've been wiped from their memories and records, Tom reveals that, within the past week, the children's families have been haunted by phantom memories of their children lost long ago. Marco then enters and states that he has found the kids. He shows them a photo from 1893, and Tyler Downing is in it! Tyler graduated first in his class from Yale University in engineering. In 1915, he helped develop synthetic petroleum, which cars currently run on!
A picture of Lindsey Hammond in 1918 is shown. She was adopted by rocket pioneer Robert Goddard, and she invented the composite materials used in the first lunar colonies. Diana asks about Maia, and Marco explains that she was harder to track down. He shows a picture of Maia's diary that is dated 1847. She wrote in it while part of a wagon train crossing the Oregon Trail. Unfortunately, she died of smallpox in October of the same year at the age of 25. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Isabelle that they have to stop seeing each other. However, she doesn't want the relationship to end, so, according to her, it won't.
Diana later comes to Tom's home during a storm. She begs Alana to let her see Maia again, so Alana does. However, when the fantasy starts, Diana is in her apartment, and Alana is nowhere to be seen. Maia then enters the room and asks if they can have pancakes. In the real world, Tom returns to the living room, finding Alana and Diana unconscious on the floor. Tom wakes Alana up and finds that she is bleeding from her nose. Alana explains that she tried to bring them back to reality, but Diana somehow broke away and is still dreaming. Tom questions why Diana hasn't come back yet, so Alana suggests that Diana is happy there with Maia and has no intention of returning.
Tom and Alana take Diana to the hospital, and they are later told by a doctor that her brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure are far beyond normal and are steadily increasing. If her rates aren't slowed down, Diana will die. After the doctor leaves, Tom and Alana enter Diana's mind. Diana knows that she will die if she doesn't leave, but she doesn't care. When Diana refuses to let the fantasy end, the duo leaves.
At the 4400 Center, Richard is about to meet with Armand. He passes Isabelle in the hall and wants to talk to her. She states that he has nothing to do with her relationship with Shawn. When he refuses to stay out of her business, she starts to kill him with her powers! Matthew seems happy as he watches, but Isabelle then stops her actions and apologizes with a hug.
At the hospital, Tom tells a comatose Diana that he has a plan. He then goes to a bridge and ties a noose attached to the bridge around his neck. Tom jumps but suddenly finds himself in the future. When Sarah enters, Tom demands that she return the children, or she may as well just return him to where he was. Sarah obeys and extracts them, but she warns that doing so has threatened both his time and the future. She explains that the original 4400's existence hasn't stopped the catastrophe because their enemies, who prefer that history remain the same, are more resourceful than imagined. To stop the 4400, the enemy let loose an evil into Tom's time. The 4400 children were sent farther back in time to combat the evil force, so extracting them will negate any good effects they had. Tom questions if there is another way to stop the evil, and Sarah replies that there is: Tom himself. He promises to do whatever he has to do if the children are returned, so Sarah reluctantly takes him up on his offer. However, before doing so, she states that he will regret his decision.
Tom arrives back in the present in front of Sarah's home. He enters and finds an envelope with his name on it above the fireplace. When he hears noises coming from upstairs, he puts the envelope in his pocket and then investigates. He soon comes upon the missing children. Meanwhile, when Richard fails to meet with Armand, the Nova Group leader remotely uses his ability on Shawn. At the 4400 Center, Shawn pulls out a box cutter, and after cutting open his bed, he begins cutting his arm.
In Diana's fantasy world, she is tucking Maia in bed. Maia gets her to shut her eyes and hold her hand. Diana obeys and awakens in the hospital to find the real Maia holding her hands. Tom then leaves the room and opens the envelope. In it is a syringe with a vial full of a white substance, as well as a note reading "Kill Isabelle."