Hi. I'm Sorry. I'm in a Race - Recap

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After a lengthy recap of the season, we learn that the last city will be LA California. The teams start within minutes of each-other and all see each-other at the airport. Brooke & Claire are wearing their leopard print hot pants (LOL). The doctors remark that they really just want to beat Thomas as he's the last man standing. All three teams are on the same flight to LA.

When they land, they scramble to the taxis and head to the Long-beach port to find their next clue. N&K and J&T are neck and neck with B&C slightly behind. When they get there the route info challenge has them swinging from a giant crane. Nat, who it terrified of heights, just tries not to think about it and powers through. As they get to the elevator the two other teams arrive, almost at the same time. The two other teams get to watch the doctors as they swing on the bungee cables. J&T follow quickly and B&C screaming in the rear. They have to ride a helicopter to a surprise destination.

They survey Los Angeles from the air and figure out that they are going to the Rose Bowl. The roadblock consists of decorating different sections of a Rose Bowl parade float. Nat is having no trouble but Thomas, who thought this would be a physical challenge, is not cut up for this but he gives it his best shot. Nat fails to notice that their was water with the roses and has to correct her mistake. Nonetheless, they are first to head out. They have trouble with the clue, Sancho Panza's Master (Don Quixote). Jill & Thomas are having no luck with the clue. When Brooke & Claire leave they head for a Hotel with Internet. The doctors figure out by phone that they have to go to Quixote Studios but J&T are having no luck with their Taxi driver. Brooke & Claire find the solution at the hotel, get an address and head after the Doctors who just got there.

The Route Info challenge tests their memory of their race. They have to select pictures of the 11 greeters at the Pit Stops for the race and place them in order. The Challenge is hosted by legendary game show host Bob Eubanks. The doctors take advantage of their head start as Brooke & Claire get going to the studio. Jill & Thomas are still having problems finding Internet. Nat & Kat give a hug to Bob as he hands them their clue. They head to the finish line as the other girls gets there. Brooke makes a fool of herself with Bob just before getting started. It seems that they get it done in record time but that might be clever editing. Jill & Thomas are still stuck.

The end is no big surprise despite the producer's attempts to convince us otherwise. Nat & Kat come in first and make history as they are the first all female team to win one million dollars on The Amazing Race. Broke & Claire show good sportsmanship as they are welcomed to the finish line and we see some favorite moments from their adventure. Jill & Thomas are summoned to the finish line and give a tearful farewell to this season.

Comments: This leg was missing a detour which was disappointing and I would have liked to see Brooke & Claire win. In the preview for next season, where our favorite teams return, it hints that my girls will be coming back.