Go Mommy, Go! We Can Beat Them - Recap

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The picturesque New York skyline emerges as water taxis speed the 10 families across the New York Harbor as they ready themselves for a high-energy race through Manhattan. Fireworks begin immediately as one family bickers about getting lost in the crowded streets while another team complains of a leg injury. After completing their first task, families travel to Pennsylvania where they must paddle a rowboat across the Delaware River, the same place where George Washington famously crossed the Delaware during the Revolutionary War. At the detour, families choose between building a miniature working water mill or pulling a traditional Amish buggy along a 1.5-mile course. The Weavers has a scare when they lose control and wrong over Linda the mother of the team. After finishing their task the teams must head to the pit stop located at Rohrer Family Farm. The Black Family finishes last and is eliminated from the race.