How Do We Know We Aren't Going to Get Shot? - Recap

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The families leave Rohrer Family Farm and receive their next clue instructing them to head Shoe House Road in York, Pennsylvania where they will see a house shaped like a giant shoe and find their next clue. The next clue tells them to head to our nations Capitol and find the reflecting pool to get their next clue. Some families, including the Gaghans end up at the wrong reflecting pool unaware that there is two and search forever until they finally put it together and head to the other pool. Their next clue is for a roadblock that only one person can complete. The person chosen must run around a walking area filled with people in suits to find a spy and say "The Sky is Blue" and if they get the correct person they will answer "The Sea is Green" and receive their next clue. This clue tells them to head to Melbourne Manor in Middleburough and participate in a detour. The detour is a choice between either "Heat of the Battle" where teams have to take five "injured" soldiers that are participating in a reenactment. The other choice is "Heat of the Night" where teams will have to roll a barrel of oil to a table and fill twenty lamps with oil and light them. The Rogers get lost on the way to the detour and head the wrong way leaving them far behind the others. Godlewski, Linz, Aiello, Bransen, Gaghan and Paolo families choose "Heat of the Battle" while the Weavers choose "Heat of the Night." When the Rogers arrive they are not to much behind the Paolo but choose battle first then change their minds and head to fill the lamps. The Weavers finish first at the pit stop and the Rogers end up finishing last and are eliminated.