You Look Ridiculous - Recap

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The Paolo's depart from the pit stop first and receive the first clue telling them to head to a cove called Playa Maracas, where one team member will need to swim out to a buoy a get their next clue. Tony Paolo heads in for his family and Nick Linz and Wally Bransen aren't far behind. Tony struggles in the water and Nick and Wally jump ahead retrieving their next clue telling them to go 60 miles to Grecia finding Igelsia de Metal where they will find their next clue. Tony eventually has to have the rescue swimmers come out and help him back to shore. The Linz's rush to find a phone to call a taxi which results in Bransen's and Paolo's catching up. The Linz's arrive at the church first and the alter boy gives them their next clue which is a detour. This detour teams must chose between brush or barrel. In brush teams will travel to an ox cart factory and finish painting a pattern on the wheels. In barrel, teams head to a sugar cane factory and load a tractor trailer with one ton of harvested sugar cane and transport it six miles to the factory where they will then need to search rum barrels to find their next clue. The Paolo's and Linz's go with barrel while the Weaver, Bransen and Godlewski's go for the brush. After the teams completed the detour they receive their next clue telling them to head to the airport and fly to Phoenix and then drive to Bondurant Superkarts School. At the airport the Linz's book a flight that is arriving in Phoenix at 9:35am and head off while the other teams find a flight that will arrive 9:20am. While waiting for their flight Linda Weaver feels the need to confront the Paolo's on using the Yield in the previous leg on them and talks to DJ. The Weaver, Bransen, Godlewski and Paolo families board the flight and land in New York City to catch their connection. The Godlewski discover that they were not booked on to the connection and have to go to Newark airport. The Godlewski fear the worse but end up discovering they will land in Phoenix before the other teams. Once in Phoenix the sisters head to their destinations and receive their clue which is a roadblock. One team member needs to complete 50 laps around the track in a Superkart. Michelle is just at the halfway point when the next team arrives. After completing the roadblock the sisters receive their next clue telling them to head to the pit stop. After finishing the roadblock the Bransen's get lost trying to find the pit stop while the Paolo's can't find their car in the parking lot. The Paolo's make it to the pit stop ahead of the Bransen's but believe they are in last place and begin to put on all their clothes when the Bransen's pull up and realize they need to get to the pit stop where Phil informs them they look ridiculous. The Bransen know they are in last and also put on all their clothes and head to the pit stop and hope it is an non-elimination round and Phil informs them that it is but will need to take all their possessions.