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25 Days, 50 Cities and More than 600 Consecutive Hours as a Family (2) - Recap

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The families depart the pit stop and are given their clues to head to the airport and catch a flight to Montreal, Canada. The Bransen opt to search for an earlier flight and find one that will arrive 10 minutes before their original flight. The Linz's and the Weaver's also find a new flight one that will arrive at 4pm which is more than an hour before the Bransen's. The Weaver's and Linz's arrived in Toronto and raced to the ticket counter. Rolly Weaver pulled down Alex Linz's backpack to try and get the tickets first. Alex attempted to push Rolly out of the way and Linda Weaver yelled "Don't Touch Him." Linda talked to some other airport staff and asked if there was another way to get tickets and they were escorted into a room. Both teams ended up on the flight and headed to Montreal. Once there they needed to find a taxi that would accommodate their whole group and the Weaver's managed to get one first while the Linz's had to search. The Bransen's are still in the air and we learn they will be arriving 25 minutes later then scheduled. Once getting their taxi the teams needed to head to the underground city and find their next clue. The Weaver pulled into first and found the clue telling them they would need to complete a detour which is a choice between Roll it or Slide it. In Roll it the teams will need to roll 4 logs along a course using lumberjack tools. In Slide it, teams will do a popular Canadian sport known as Curling. They will each need to get the granite rock into the house to complete the task. The Linz's walk past the clue the first time and find it when they go back through the tunnel. Both the Weavers and Linz's chose slide it and both of their taxi drivers get lost and bring them to a different rink. They eventually find the right one and the Weaver's complete the task and move on. The Linz's arrive and also complete the task with little trouble. The Bransen's choose Roll it and have a few problems but soon finish and receive their clue. Their next clue tells them to head to the American Pavilion and find the stairs located at the base and walk up 5 flights of stairs to find the clue. The Weaver's are still in first place and their next clue tells them to go to the industrial park and find door J for their next clue. The next clue is a roadblock. The teams must chose one person to do a trapeze trick. The Weaver's chose Rolly and he has no trouble completing in to receive their next clue telling them to head to Parque Olympique and use golf carts to find a opening to the football field. The Linz's arrive next and both Alex and Megan want to to do the task but everyone else agrees to let Alex do it. Nick Linz makes a comment about Alex's weight and that he won't be able to do it. Alex misses on his first two tries and on his third the Bransen's arrive. The Bransen's are excited to learn they have caught up and the Linz's are worried that Alex won't be able to complete the task the the Bransen's will pull ahead. Alex is able to complete the task and Beth Bransen takes to the trapeze and completes it on her first try. The Weaver's are having trouble finding the entrance and decided to try and push through a door to no avail. The Linz's and the Bransen's are not far behind. The Weaver's find the entrance first and see the clue box in the middle of the field and rush to it. They learn they will need to search the 56,000 seat arena to find one of three clue boxes for their departure times which are either 5:45, 5:50 or 5:55 am. All the teams begin searching the arena and everyone is having trouble and they all decide they better go pay their cab driver since they will be sleeping at the arena anyway. The teams are getting discouraged and the Weaver eventually decided to give up but Rolly is trying to convince the his mom and sisters to go to the higher seats like the other two teams are doing. The Linz finally find a clue box and decide to go with the time of 5:50 am instead of risking looking for another clue. The Bransen's find the earliest departure time while the Weaver's haven't even bothered to look in some time. They eventually realized Rolly was right and head to the top section and find the latest departure time and they immediately leave the arena to go to the airport. Once their they discover they have the last departure time. Everyone arrives at the airport for their flights to a mystery location. Their mystery location was Toronto and they would need to find marked cars for their next clue which told them to find the worlds largest building La Tour CN and use binoculars to find their next clue box. The Bransen's and the Linz's found the clue box below while the Weaver's were still searching. The clue instructs them to do a final detour choosing between Ship or Shoe. In Ship, the teams will chose one person to climb a later and retrieve a flag so they can receive their next clue. In Shoe, the teams will have to head to the Bata Shoe Museum and search among many women to find one that fit the a pair of shoes. The Linz's and the Weaver's choose Ship and the Bransen choose Shoe. The Bransens have trouble finding their person at the shoe detour and the Linz's finish their task in no time. The Bransen's find their girl and slip into second. Their next clue tells them to head to a boat ramp and look for a buoy with their next clue attached. The Linz keep their first place status and grab the clue which tells them to head across the boarder to a roadblock where one person must complete a giant jigsaw puzzle shaped like North America. Once completed they would have to head to the finish line. The Bransen's and Linz's are both neck and neck with the puzzle but the Linz's finish first and begin the race to the mat. The Bransen's are not far behind but the Weavers are no where is sight. Everyone is cheering and clapping when the Linz's come through and Phil informs them they are the winners. Megan is crying and says she never wants to run again. The Bransen's come across in second and both teams have only good things to say about each other. The Weavers stroll in awhile later in third place and Linda talks about how her family really came together.