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Message Posted On Thursday, December 9th 2010 at 5:07 pm
Episode discussion for: 17x11 | I'm Surrounded by Ninjas - Leg 11 - Hong Kong, China → Incheon, South Korea (Dec 05, 2010)

The teams race from Hong-Kong to Seoul South-Korea. The first 3 teams bunch up at the airport but Nick & Vicky have a 6 hour penalty and are late. Brooke & Claire book a flight at the hotel before getting to the airport. The departure is at 12:25PM so it will be close for Nick & Vic. The pair gets there just as the flight taxis off to the runway. This puts them about 21 hours behind.

The other 3 teams race to the marked cars and drive to the North-Korean Border. The teams worry about the political situation and Brooke & Claire entertain negotiating a peace with North-Korea. They get there a few minutes behind Jill & Thomas. The route info tells them to go down the Han-Tan river and board a Military Hummer to the U.S. Army Base Camp Casey where their next clue awaits. Jill doesn't sound enthusiastic but takes less time to suit up than Thomas. The Doctors get to the clue box as the other teams are hitting the water and get suited up really fast. A few hang ups on the way down the river but no major disasters.

J&T get the the Hummers first and head off, quickly followed by B&C and the doctors a few minutes behind them. The next clue is a road block. The teams have to match a headband to one that is worn by one of 200 soldiers performing a Tae Kwon Do routine. The soldier will break a board in half to find the clue. Thomas starts followed closely by Brooke. Thomas quickly finds it and heads to Seoul World Cup Stadium for the next clue. Brooke finds her soldier just as Kat starts the challenge. As J&T Head off in the subway B&C are delayed at the turnstile which allow the doctors to catch up to them.

Nick & Vicky are on the plane as J&T get to the Detour. In the first choice, Full Throttle, The teams make their way on foot or by Subway to an ice rink and skate a 24 lap skating relay. In Full Bottle, they have to carry 6 Ginseng roots to a wellness center and drink a bottle of tonic. All the teams opt for the skating even though Claire hasn't skated since she was 7.

Jill & Thomas make a quick trip by Subway as Brooke & Claire make the mistake of taking a taxi. At this point Nick & Vicky land in South Korea. The doctors also take the Subway.

B&C get to the stadium first and J&T wonder how they got there so fast. Vick & Nicky are taking it easy as a friendly guide leads them to the border. Thomas is having trouble but at least he has less trouble staying upright than Claire. They are neck and neck for most of the time and J&T edge out B&C by a slight margin, heading for Han Riverside Park, to find the next clue. Both teams find a taxi as Nat & Kat start the detour.

On the way Jill is still puzzled as to how the girls got there so fast. The Girls flirt with the Taxi Driver and bring their Kiss Count up to 9. Even though Jill & Thomas get to the Park first, Brook & Claire find the cluebox right away and are off to the Temple of Heaven, the Pit Stop for this leg of the Race.

Nat & Kat Finish the Detour as a Jill finds the clue and head off. Brooke & Claire are first at the mat but have a 30 min penalty and have to wait by as Jill & Thomas arrive at the 18 min mark, despite having trouble with a cab driver. Brooke & Claire then check in second as the doctors can't get there before the penalty runs out. As they reach the Pit Stop, Nick and Vick Reach the border and do the road block but are summoned to the Pit Stop to be eliminated.

The Final three teams are two all-female teams going against Thomas, the last man standing, and his partner Jill.

Comments: I hope for Brooke & Claire in first, Nat & Kat in second and Jill & Thomas close behind for a cool finish.