Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens in Washington D.C. in 1981 at a nightclub. Elizabeth Jennings is having a conversation with a guy. Elizabeth asks how she can know that the man isn’t making the information up. The man shows his U.S Department of Justice ID. The man tells Elizabeth that the information could be dangerous. They retire to the bedroom at a hotel and Elizabeth begins to pleasure the man for the information. Later, she gets into her car and takes off her blonde wig. She drives away. The scene fast-forward’s to thee days later. Phillip Jennings and Rob wait for someone while Elizabeth goes to an apartment to look out the window. Phillip sees that Elizabeth is in place. The man that they are waiting for is Timoshev, a KGB sleeper. Timoshev comes around the corner and senses something. He runs. Timoshev stabs Rob and continues to run. Phillip chases after him still. Eventually, the man stops and they fight. Phillip manages to win the fight and Elizabeth pulls up the car. Phillip puts Timoshev inside and removes the license plate on the car.

They drive down the road knowing that they have Rob bleeding and a time schedule to keep. They drop Rob at the hospital and tell him to go in as a John Doe. They drive to a pier. Timoshev tells them that there is another way, but they aren’t listening. They get to the drop zone, but they are too late. Elizabeth kicks the car door closed. The next day at the FBI, Agents Chris Amador and Stan Beeman walk down the hall and go into work. Amador asks his boss if they are getting started with the meeting. However, he says that Timoshev is supposed to run it is not there yet. Amador says that it could’ve been the Vodka. His boss tells Amador that Timoshev has never been late. Amador blames them being up early on Regan being a Mormon. Beeman corrects him and says that is not true. Amador says that it is the same concept. Beeman asks who Timoshev is and Amador says that he is a former KGB sleeper. At the same time, Phillip has Timoshev in the trunk of car. Timoshev says that the FBI paid him $3 Million to defect. He tells Phillip that he could make a lot.

Phillip gets into his house and Elizabeth is there with their two children, Paige and Henry. Phillip says that the car won’t start and that they have to take the train to school. Elizabeth tells Phillip that they have to get rid of Timoshev. Phillip goes to the park later and plants something under a park bench. Elizabeth goes to the trunk of the car and memories from when she was in Gryazi, Soviet Union back in July, 1960. The scene shows her sparring with a trainer when Timoshev comes in and says that he will spar with her. He teaches her by pinning her down and raping her. She opens the trunk and asks if he remembers her. Later, Henry and Paige get home and Phillip gets home. He tells Elizabeth that he made the drop, but there is no response. They go out for ice-cream and Phillip tells them that he has to meet a client tonight. He says that he has to keep them happy. Later that night, Phillip puts on a wig and goes up to Martha, his “client”. He gets details of what is going on in the FBI. She says that a man was kidnapped. They tied it to a Phillip and Elizabeth’s vehicle.

Phillip gets home and pulls out a recorder. He plays the tape of Elizabeth’s sexual encounter with the man to get information. He goes to the bedroom and tells Elizabeth that they have to assume that the Feds are all over this. Elizabeth says that they should deal with this themselves. Phillip talks her out of it. The next day, Elizabeth sees new neighbors and Phillip asks her if she wants to go to the new mall. She tells her that she will pass. Phillip waits as Paige shoe shops. He sees an adult with a teenager in the store. Phillip starts dancing in store. They go to the checkout and the adult makes a comment on how nice Paige looks. Phillip sees that his name is Errol. He tells Errol that Paige is thirteen and Errol says that Paige looks ready to him. Phillip holds back. He tells Paige that it is no use fighting guys like that.

At the house, Elizabeth gets a knife out to cut the brownies and pauses. She goes to the trunk of the car. Phillip and Paige get home and Elizabeth tells him that she met the new neighbors. Phillip kisses her and she tells him to stop. He tells her that she is her wife. She tells him that it doesn’t make it right. Phillip, Elizabeth and the kids go to the new neighbors. It is Beeman and his family who has moved in. Paige and Beeman’s son make eyes at one another. Beeman tells them that he works for the FBI. Later, Phillip and Elizabeth talk about what their next move is. Phillip says that this may be an opportunity for them to defect. Elizabeth asks if this is a joke and says that the motherland is important and asks about the children. He tells her that they tell the truth. He tells her that they will be more careful than Timoshev. She walks away.

The next day, Phillip goes jogging and remembers when he was in Moscow back in 1962. Phillip looks at a photo of a woman and rips it up. He is escorted to the Cornel Zukov’s office and is introduced to Elizabeth. Phillip calls the hospital and finds out that Rob died at the hospital. Phillip gets home and Beeman asks for some jumper cables. They go into the garage and Phillip signals for Timoshev to be quiet. Beeman gets into the work and Amador and Beeman are introduced to Agent Gadd from the CIA. He asks Beeman if he has insight on where Timoshev could be. Beeman says that he has experience in this field and says that Timoshev is at the kidnappers’ home. Amador asks about Beeman’s undercover work and he tells him that it was deeper then normal things. Later, Phillip goes to Henry’s school and Henry asks if they can get a racing stripe on the Oldsmobile. He says that Elizabeth doesn’t like new things. They get into the auditorium and sing the National Anthem. They watch Thomas Stafford give a speech.

Later that night, Phillip goes downstairs to the trunk of the car. Timoshev is still gagged. He takes the gagg off and Timoshev bites him. He tells him that he is trying to make a deal. Elizabeth comes out to the garage and asks what is going on. Phillip is defecting. She says that she is finishing this. She fights with Timoshev and is about to smash in his face. Timoshev tells Elizabeth that the Russians allowed the officers to have their way with the cadets. She tells Phillip to do what he wants. Phillip kills Timoshev. They take his body and dump it. After they do it, Elizabeth kisses Phillip. They proceed to have sex in the Oldsmobile. The next morning, they cover the bruises with makeup. Phillip’s scratch is too swollen. He takes Henry to school and Beeman asks Phillip how he got the scatch. Phillip says that he cut himself shaving. Elizabeth cleans the trunk and Paige asks to go to the drugstore. Beeman tells his wife that there is something strange with Phillip and his wife tells him that he needs to stop profiling everyone into a criminal. He tells her that she is right.

Phillip is in disguise and goes to Errol’s home. He fights with him and stabs the barbecue fork in his hand. He tells him that there will be no more little girls or the next time it will be in his heart. At a KGB Safehouse in Bethesda, Maryland, Elizabeth meets with General Zukov. He says that they killed him. He is disappointed. He says that Regan is not secret about his hatred to Russia. Elizabeth tells Zukov that she was at fault that the mission went badly. Zukov tells her to not allow that to happen again. He says that the risks are going to be greater. At the FBI, Martha gives the boss files. He goes into the conference room when the Attorney General comes in. They are told that they are going to war against the KGB and Russia.

At the house, Phillp pours some Vodka for Elizabeth and asks why she didn’t tell him about Timoshev. She says that it was a long time ago. She tells Phillip that things are going to be uglier. Phillip says that they will be fine. Elizabeth tells Phillip about her life before him. She remembers when she and Phillip were place in Northern Virginia back in August, 1965. They are at a hotel and Elizabeth is happy about the air conditioner. Phillip rubs his fingers through her hair and she tells him that she is not ready. She asks what he thinks so far and Phillip says that it is quieter. That night, Beeman walks over to Phillip and Elizabeth’s garage and picks the lock. He looks at the Oldsmobile and picks the lock to the trunk. Inside he finds nothing. He is relived. He opens the garage and Phillip watches with a gun drawn. Beeman returns home. The episode ends.