The Clock - Recap

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The scene opens with Phillip who the woman calls Scott, getting busy. Later Phillip tells Elizabeth that Annelise, the woman Phillip was having sex with from before, isn’t cut out for this. Annelise is at a dinner party and she leaves for a moment. She takes pictures of a room and is questioned by the FBI. Phillip later goes to see Annelise. She tells him that she was great and that the FBI questioned her, but she was so good. She tells him to have sex with her. Phillip is in the dark room developing the pictures later and Elizabeth says that Reagan is insane and that he wants them all dead. Phillip says that all they have to do is take the clock in the study and place a listening device in it. He tells her that everything will be fine. Elizabeth sees the picture of Annelise and tells Phillip that he never told her that Annelise looked so attractive. Phillip says that it is nothing.

Agents Amador and Beeman are watching a Stereo Shop and see a woman leave rather quickly. They go in and talk to the worker inside. He tells them that he isn’t going to tell anything about the woman who left quickly with a wrapped box. They find some Russian caviar behind the counter and Beeman tastes it to make sure. They leave with the caviar. At the Soviet Embassy, Washington D.C. KGB Rezidentura, two men, Vasili and Arkady are talking. Arkady tells Vasili that the Prime Minister and Defense Minister from Britain are arriving in three days. He tells him about how the Defense Minister is going to meet with Weinberger, the Secretary of Defense secretly and how they should be there. Vasili doesn’t like the idea. Arkady tells him that he answers to Moscow and Vasili tells him that he answers to Zhukov and that he will call him. Arkady tells Vasili to be careful of Zhukov.

Phillip and Elizabeth realize that they have three days to pull off this operation now. Phillip doesn’t like this and Elizabeth says that they are orders and it is necessary. He says that it is crazy and she tells him that they have no choice. Elizabeth waits at the park and moves in when she sees her target. She manages to scratch his leg with her umbrella. Elizabeth and Phillip are at home later and Elizabeth sees that Paige has a bra. She tells Elizabeth that everyone is wearing them at her age. Phillip and Elizabeth go to the home of Grayson, the man Elizabeth stabbed. Phillip tells Grayson’s mother, Viola that he has been poisoned. He tells her that he has the antidote to the poison and he will give it. However, she needs to go to her boss’s place and steal the clock in the study and then when he is done with it, to put it back. She tries to fight him when he leaves and Phillip tells her that he will want to help Grayson, but she needs to help them. She agrees and begins to pray. Elizabeth is to hang around acting as Grayson’s nurse.

Phillip and Elizabeth talk about the mission later and Phillip says that he doesn’t like the late hours. They talk about how Beeman snuck in and Phillip says that he thinks that they are alright since he saw that the trunk was clean. However, they should avoid him. Elizabeth says that Henry should adjust if anything should happen to them, but she worries about Paige. Phillip says that they are both fine. Elizabeth says that Paige is delicate. The next day, Viola is about to take the clock when the Secretary of Defense’s wife comes in. She asks if she is tired. Viola says that she is just worried about Grayson. She lies and says that nothing is wrong. Elizabeth goes into Phillip’s work to take over for him while he goes to Grayson’s house. She tells Phillip that she is not going to go down without a fight if she is arrested for this. Phillip tells her that it will be alright.

Phillip goes to Grayson’s place and asks how the taking of the clock went. A man enters with a gun aimed on Phillip. He manages to get the gun away from the man and eventually breaks the man’s arm. He tells Viola that this is serious and that no one should know about this. She gives Phillip the clock and he leaves. Elizabeth goes into Paige’s room and talks about how they could go to the mall to shop for her bra. Paige says that doesn’t happen. She tells Paige that she loves her. Phillip is down in the basement installing the listening device in the clock. Elizabeth comes up asks him what happened to his arm. He tells her about the fight that he had with Grayson’s uncle. He says that this is turning to crap and that they need to get it done with. He tests it and it works. That night, Beeman gets home and sees that his family is out to the movies. He goes over to Phillips and sees Phillip and Henry playing outside. He invites Phillip to try so caviar. He tells Phillip that he took it from a guy while working on a case. Phillip says that it is salty.

The next day, Viola meets with Phillip. He gives her the clock. She asks him if he worries about God and Phillip says that they are so close to making things normal for them again. Beeman and Amador go to the same stereo shop and the clerk gets upset that they are there. Beeman takes a speaker foam cover and gives it to Amador. He tells the clerk that he will give him one last chance to tell them about the woman who came in yesterday. He has Amador shove the foam in the clerk’s mouth and it is clear that he is ready to talk. Viola has the clock in her hand and puts it back in her purse really quick just as the wife of the Secretary of Defense comes downstairs. Phillip listens in on his device to see if the clock has been put in. Viola is returning home and there is still no signal. Phillip gets back to the office and tells Elizabeth that Viola didn’t put the clock back. Elizabeth says that they have to finish the mission. However, Phillip gets an emergency call from Annelise. Amador and Beeman are on stakeout for the woman who was at the stereo shop. Her name is Nina. Beeman tells her that he knows that she is breaking Soviet laws and that she needs to work for him now. She reluctantly agrees.

Phillip meets with Annelise and she tells him that she is tired of this and that she is going to go to the police. He tells her not to threaten him and he tells her that she has been through a lot. However, she needs to take a breath. It seems that she only used the emergency signal to get close to him. She gets out of the car and tells him that she will see him later. Elizabeth goes to Grayson’s place and tells Viola that this could all end for her. However, she tells her no. Phillip comes in and puts a pillow over Grayson’s face and she agrees to do as they say. Phillip and Elizabeth get to the car and it is clear that affected Phillip emotionally. The next day, Viola gets to work and plugs in the clock. Phillip hears that she put it back and tells Elizabeth to inject the antidote. She and Phillip are relieved. Elizabeth gets home and Phillip has caviar waiting. She tells him that they could never afford that in Russia. They love it. She tells Phillip that she had a moment where she thought that everything was going to go wrong. She tells him that they shouldn’t ask them to do impossible things. Phillip tells her that they still did it though.

At the FBI, Beeman talks on the phone with someone congratulating him on a job well done. He hangs up and says that he talked to the president. The other agents tell him that he should be honored, but Beeman tells them that it was only the Chief of Staff, but still, a good thing that they have an inside woman in the KGB Rezidentura. Elizabeth goes into Paige’s room and wakes her up. She tells her that she can pierce her ears. She says that she can do it for her. Paige agrees. Phillip is watching over Henry while Elizabeth pierces Paige’s ears. The next day at the KGB Rezidentura, Arkady comes in with the listening device. Nina asks another employee what is going on and he says that he doesn’t know. Arkady plays a recording of a conversation in the Secretary of Defense’s home. They hear men talk about a nuclear missile shield that the USA is working on. Visili and Arkady are equally surprised and scared at the news.