Gregory - Recap

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The scene opens with Beeman and Phillip playing racketball. Beeman talks about how his strategy is the best and they both are pretty good. Beeman’s pager goes off and he says that it is work. Beeman gets into work and Amador says that Nina is moving and that they have to meet her. Beeman meets with her and says that she overheard that they lost a man the same night Timoshev went missing. Nina says that she wants safety from them and Beeman says that her life got scary the moment she stole from her country. She tells Beeman that the man who died in the hospital was a Directoret S, a high ranking official in the KGB. The FBI meets later and Beeman says that the man is a John Doe. Amador jokes that they can’t send his picture to every DMV around the country. The boss feels that is a good idea.

Phillip is at a diner with Paige and he wonders why she is reading a girl’s magazine that is talking about things a teenager shouldn’t know. She tells him that Elizabeth won’t know. A woman across the diner tells Paige that it is mother’s intuition and that she will always know. Phillip smiles and looks at the paper. He sees something and his face goes serious. He tells Paige that they have to go. At work, Phillip says that they have a signal, but it is from Robert, the guy who died in the hospital. Elizabeth says that he has been dead for a while. However, Phillip tells her that they have a place and time. Elizabeth says that she will get an informant to help with this. She meets with a CI named Gregory and he tells the other guys to leave. At the FBI, the boss tells Beeman that they got a hit on the John Doe and that now they can find everything they need to know.

Elizabeth is back at Gregory’s place and he tells her that he has missed her. It is clear that they have history together, even sexual history. She tells him that they can’t do this anymore and tells him that things are changing at home and that she isn’t leaving Phillip like they thought before. He asks for the information and says that he will get it done. He is clearly upset. The next day, Gregory goes out on stakeout to where the message in the newspaper read. He sees a bunch of men watching a woman. They are FBI agents. The woman leaves and so do the men watching her. Elizabeth says that Robert had a wife and child. She says that Gregory told her that the FBI is trailing her. Phillip says that they have to talk to her and find out what she knows. At the FBI, Beeman says that Robert’s wife is Joyce Ramirez. Beeman says that they can bring her in, but the boss says that they will see where she leads them first.

Elizabeth talks to Gregory and asks if it could be pulled off by Friday. He says that he could. He offers her a hit off his joint and she puts it out. He tells Elizabeth that she needs to get rid of Phillip. She ignores the proposal. Later, the FBI boss talks to his bosses and tells them about Joyce. Meanwhile, Gregory and his team pull off a snatch and grab and get Joyce away from the FBI trail. Gregory takes Joyce to an apartment where Elizabeth and Phillip are waiting. The tell Joyce that Robert is dead. She breaks down and Phillip asks what Robert told Joyce and she tells him that he kept to himself. She gives Phillip a piece of paper that Robert told her to give to Phillip. She cries. Phillip goes into the kitchen to see if there is more to this paper and Gregory tells him that he and Elizabeth have hooked up before. He tells Phillip that if he loves Elizabeth, then he should let her go and be able to have something real. Phillip sees codes when revealed with some liquid.

Beeman and Amador go into see the boss and tell him that Joyce escaped their security team which was following her. The boss says that they are going to cause some noise to get her to come out. Back at the hideout, Elizabeth asks what the message says and Phillip says that it is just another name and phone number. He tells her that he is going to the Center to make sure what their next move should be. Gregory says that they should just kill Joyce and the baby, but Phillip says that he better not harm them. Phillip walks around in dark alleys when the woman from the diner comes up. She tells him that she is the new Gabriel, his handler. Her name is Claudia. He gives her the information and she tells him that they should set up the meeting then.

Back at the apartment, Joyce sees that the FBI is trying to blame her for anything and comes to the realization that Robert, Phillip and Elizabeth are all spies. Elizabeth tells her that they are there to help her. Amador and Beeman walk around the ditch site and Beeman sees a man watching him from a fruit stand. He plays it off like it is nothing. Phillip gets back to the place and tells Elizabeth that he is meeting with the man alone and that Elizabeth can handle things on her own. He is upset that Elizabeth hid the secret of her and Gregory’s relationship. He tells her that she can continue seeing him and go back to where it was at the beginning. Phillip meets with the guy and the security team which is watching him force Phillip to attack them. Money flies everywhere and Phillip realizes that he was cut a little bit. He demands the plans. They are plans to a Nuclear X Laser Anti Ballistic Missile Ray. He asks what it is and he tells him that it just something he got.

At the apartment, Gregory tells Elizabeth that she needs to make a choice and he tells her that he loves her. Elizabeth slaps him and says that it is not going to happen. Beeman and Amador search more and the same guy by the fruit stand is there. They chase him and lose him. They start to wonder why the hood cares about the KGB. Phillip and Elizabeth drop off Joyce to Claudia and she tells her that she is going to love Cuba. She tells Phillip and Elizabeth that the General is thinking of them. They leave to go home. Once home, Phillip puts ice on his bandaged up stomach where he got cut. She opens up about her relationship with Gregory and tells him that she feels the love with Phillip now. Later in Donetsk, Solviet Union, Stavos gives Robert’s son to his parents. Beeman finds Joyce in a car with a needle in her arm, dead. The episode ends.