In Control - Recap

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The scene opens with Phillip watching a news report and Henry asks where Poland is. Paige says that it is part of Russia. Elizabeth is confused. Amador and Beeman come into work and the boss says that the son of a Romanian Leader was busted with Cocaine and that they should talk to him before they do their own form of justice by cutting off the boy’s balls. Later, Phillip meets Elizabeth at a hotel and they kiss. At the FBI office, Amador quizzes Beeman on his Russian when they get the news that Reagan has been shot. Back at the hotel, Phillip thanks Elizabeth for making them take the afternoon off. She asks him if there is anything else he wants to thank her for, hinting at the sex they just had. They laugh. The boss at the FBI gathers a team and Beeman tries to ask what he wants him to do, but he is not interested.

Phillip and Elizabeth come out of their hotel room and find out that Reagan was shot. They scramble and Elizabeth says that she will find out more information. Phillip says that he is going to visit Charles. Back at the FBI office, the boss tells Beeman in secret to get to Nina and find out what is going on. Phillip goes to his journalist friend, Charles Duluth. He tells Phillip that he can’t do anything about what is going on. Phillip asks for the names of the nurses watching over Reagan. He says that he can. Charles says that he hopes Reagan bleeds to death. Claudia meets with Elizabeth and says that they need to gather supplies and be ready for Operation Christopher. She tells Elizabeth that they need to get all information that they can on this so that they can see if Russia is going to move in on Poland or not. She tells Elizabeth that she will do well and that she is not worried about them. Nina answers the phone at the KGB office and tells Beeman that today is not a good day. Beeman tells her that they have to meet.

Elizabeth unburies a crate in the woods. She remembers when she saw it as a little girl that it was filled with food and supplies. She opens the crate after cutting the wires to the bomb. Inside, she finds sniper rifles and tubes with bombs in them. Later, Phillip calls a man in a basement. He tells the man that he needs to talk to the heads of the hospitals. He tells Phillip that he will set it up. Beeman waits for Nina to arrive. However, she is stopped and is told to go to the staff meeting. Phillip gets home and Elizabeth tells him that they need to be ready for Operation Christopher. He tells her that they are going to need a getaway car and she tells him that she will alert Gregory. It is clear that Phillip is not happy with this information. Inside the house, Paige and Beeman’s son, Matthew, watch the news report and Paige tells him that it seems “ghoulish” to keep showing the shooting. However, he says that it is “ghoulish” that the men could die. Clearly, he is upset more about it.

Nina tells Vasili that she could go to a bar where some Congressional men and woman meet and says that she could see if she picks up on something useful. He tells her that it is a good idea, but tells another man to follow Nina. Phillip and Elizabeth go to Dana Simon’s, a nurse from the hospital, home and tell her that they need to make sure that the information they hear is correct. Dana says that Reagan is doing well and that he will recover. Later that evening, Nina gets dropped off by a cab and walks toward Beeman. Amador sees a car has followed her, but is not too sure. Beeman sees this and aborts the mission to talk to her. Nina goes into the bar she told Vasili that she was going to go into. Elizabeth sends an encrypted message that a hospital source confirms that Reagan is in stable condition and is expected to survive. Elizabeth finds out that they need to mark their targets. Phillip feels that Moscow is overreacting and Elizabeth says that he shouldn’t be saying anything since he wanted to defect last week.

Paige goes over to Beeman’s home and talks to his Matthew. She apologizes and says that she didn’t think of his father when the president was shot and how his father puts his life on the line. She tells him that Phillip doesn’t do anything dangerous. He jokes with her and says that Travel Agenting is dangerous too. Elizabeth and Phillip are outside a government official’s home and Phillip has the sniper rifle ready. However, neighborhood watch comes around and tells Elizabeth that they are going to have to wait for the cops who will search the van. Elizabeth goes up to the man and shoots him. She then takes his car and drives off. Phillip follows behind. She tells Phillip that he needs to listen to instructions and that is all. Nina meets with Beeman and tells him that he shouldn’t call her at the KGB office. He says that it is fine. She tells him that the USSR doesn’t know anything on who is involved. This has Beeman conclude that the KGB wasn’t involved.

In a basement, Phillip and Elizabeth try to hear what is going on the radio transmitter and only get bits of information. Elizabeth says that the General of the USA is ready to nuke Russia. However, Phillip tells her that she is overreacting and that they need to wait. She agrees to go by Phillip’s rules. At the FBI, the boss is told that Nina said that the KGB doesn’t know anything. Amador goes up to Beeman and apologizes that he didn’t radio him. He says that it is alright and that next time he gets a hunch, to simply put it out there and he will act accordingly. Paige, Phillip, Henry and Elizabeth watch Charles talking about history where 37 Million were killed when nuclear weapons were used and Elizabeth sees that Beeman is home. She and Phillip go over there and Beeman tells them that Hinckley, the man who shot Reagan, acted alone. Later, Phillip goes and sends the message to Moscow and that they don’t suspect that the USSR is involved.

Elizabeth lies in bed and remembers when her mother told her that she has to rely on herself. At Beeman’s house, Beeman tells his wife that it was a hell of a day and sees that she is upset about something. She says that she was happy when she was in St. Louis and that she thought that they were going to get to know each other again. She tells him that she never talks to her. She says that she was living with psycho militants for too long and says that it doesn’t feel like anything anymore. He tells her that he is trying. Phillip gets home and tells Elizabeth that the site is clear and that the transmission is good. She tells Phillip that she is glad that they did it his way this time. He tells Elizabeth that if Moscow ever finds out that they sat on intelligence, then they are finished. She says that she won’t tell if he won’t. They kiss and the episode ends.