COMINT - Recap

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The scene opens with Elizabeth visiting a home. She tells the man that she is from a VisuaTec Security. She tells him that she is sorry about his wife, who died 35 years ago. His name is Adam Dorwin. He is part of the Laser Operations Group that the Russians want their hands on. She asks him questions and he answers them honestly. Later, Elizabeth picks up Claudia and says that Dorwin’s handler is going to have to meet with him. She is told that they are trapped because the FBI is following them because they have transmitters. Elizabeth offers to be Dorwin’s handler, but Claudia says that that there is no real bond. She talks about how she became of a friend of an asset until they didn’t need him and he killed himself. She tells her that they need Udacha (Dorwin) and says that they need to get the encryption codes. Dorwin talks to his handler, Vasili. He tells Dorwin to never call him and to not say names. He is told that they will meet soon.

The next day, Elizabeth takes Henry and Paige to school. Beeman and Phillip pull up next to Elizabeth and Phillip says that the game was great. Elizabeth asks how Phillip will get to work and Beeman says that he can take him. Elizabeth is clearly not happy with this. Nina is at the office and Vasili teaches her how to make zavarka, a special tea, the right way. She thanks him. At the FBI office, Amador and Beeman are looking at Martha and Amador says that when he dated her, she never wore heels. Agent Gadd comes up and they are told that they picked up a conversation calling the KGB Rezidentura. He tells Beeman that they need to get information. Martha comes up and Amador compliments her calves in the shoes. She tells him that is a sexist comment and Amador is reprimanded. However, Agent Gadd rolls his eyes. Beeman talks to Nina and asks her who Vasilli was talking to. She doesn’t know. Beeman says that he wants to help her, but needs to have the information. He compliments her and tells her trust him in Russian. She tells him that the way he says it seems like she doesn’t have a choice but to trust him.

Phillip goes to visit Martha and asks her if she is feeling alright. He leans in and kisses her. He tells her that he has been waiting for a long time to do that. He says that he has to protect the agencies and says that they can’t trespass any boundaries. He compliments her shoes. Phillip says that he is worried about the surveillance technology and asks if Agent Gadd is on it. He says that the guy who is in charge of the operation codes. Martha says that his name is Kurt Shultz. Later at the KGB Rezidentura, Vasili talks to an agent and they talk about how they need to get the FBI off their back. He says that they have agents on it. Phillip and Elizabeth are in bed and Elizabeth tells Phillip to keep his distance with Beeman. Elizabeth later goes to Kurt Shultz’s hotel room and they start to have sex. It doesn’t last long and Kurt turns Elizabeth over and begins hitting her with his belt. She falls to the ground and screams. He tells her to be quiet and apologizes. Nina goes into Vasili’s office and brings in zavarka. She starts to undress. He asks her why now. She tells him that they are both lonely.

Elizabeth tells Kurt that her boss wouldn’t be happy to know what Kurt is into. However, Kurt tells Elizabeth that they aren’t going to buy his company for only $3 Million. He counters with $30 Million because of the Top Secret project they have. He says that he figured out how to make the surveillance technology portable and is in the back seat of every FBI car. Vasili and Nina finish and she asks if he is alright. Vasili tells her that he recruited an agent 23 years ago who has “the jitters”. He demonstrates what that means and says that everything will be fine. He leaves and she rinses her mouth out with the zavarka. Elizabeth gets home and Phillip sees her bruises. He gets upset and tells her that he will be back. She tells him that he is not her Daddy and he says that he is her husband and that doesn’t happen. She is not happy with him. He aborts his intentions.

The next day, Phillip is clearly upset and takes it out on Henry. Beeman meets with Nina and tells him that the informant has “the jitters”. He asks her how she got the information and she tells him that she pleasured him orally like he said. Beeman says that he never said that. He tells her that they will give her a new name, but she has to do what she has to. Later that night, Elizabeth tells Claudia that the cars have the surveillance technology. Claudia asks Elizabeth is alright and she tells her that she can handle it. The next day, Phillip and Elizabeth cause an FBI car to crash into another car. Later at the mechanic, Phillip watches as the FBI agents talk to the mechanic. He tells Elizabeth that he will distract them which she gets into the trunks and get a copy of the codes. She climbs in and gets the card from the device. She makes an impression and puts it back. She feels that the car is coming off the lift and she is still inside. Phillip asks for his car back.

Elizabeth is still in the trunk when the FBI goes into the office. Phillip sees that she is not in his trunk. Elizabeth gets out and walks right out of the FBI Headquarters. Phillip is there outside with coffee and doughnuts. He apologizes about before. She tells him that they have to be a certain way for their work. She tells him that she wishes every night that she will wake up and not be worried. She asks him to show her how to live another way. Beeman is practicing his Russian, when his wife comes downstairs in lingerie. He asks her if it is new and she tells him that it is. However, he is not interested. She tells him that things were nice before he went undercover. He agrees with her. In the KGB Rezidentura, Vasili is getting pleasured again when the agent comes in and tells him that hey have the codes. He says that he will meet with Udacha tomorrow. The next day, Nina tells Beeman that the meeting is happening.

At the FBI office, Agent Gadd tells Amador that the meeting is happening and that they will finally get Vasili. The agent talks to Vasili and tells him that the FBI changed the operation codes and that it might not be safe. He tells him that he still needs to meet Udacha before he goes off the deep end. Beeman and Amador wait to see Vasili come out and Amador tells Beeman that he seems uptight. He tells Amador that he was cut off from the social life for a while. They follow him to a pier and wait for the next move. However, Dorwin walks with the codes in another place and Elizabeth comes up to him and shoots him in the head. She pauses for a moment with a shocked look of what she just did. Vasili walks away from the pier. Phillip walks and Claudia comes up to him and says that they have a mole. Vasili gets back to the KGB Rezidentura and the agent tells him that they have a mole and that is why he had to cable Moscow. Phillip gets home to find Elizabeth in bed. She asks what Claudia said. He tells her not to worry and tells her that he will tell her in the morning. The episode ends.