Trust Me - Recap

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The scene opens with Phillip telling Elizabeth that there is a mole. Paige comes in and tells Elizabeth that Henry is waiting in the car and that they need to go. Phillip calls Martha from a pay phone and asks if he can see her. She says that she has to work. Phillip tells her that she can be a little late and she agrees to it. However, when Phillip hangs up the phone, he is taken by a group of men who put a bag over his head and throw him in a van. Phillip gets placed in a warehouse where a man tells him that he knows who he is, and they want him. He takes off Phillip’s disguise and tells him that they know that Phillip is a communist. At Vasili’s home, Nina is in bed with him and he tells her that she is his medicine. He tells her that the Rezydentura has been penetrated. Nina tries to tell him that it is not his fault, but Vasili says that it will be alright.

At the FBI, Agent Gadd has Beeman come in on Sunday and gives him a file. It is about Dorwin’s murder. Gadd tells Beeman that it was Top Secret information that Dorwin was working on. Beeman realizes that it was at the same time they were tracking Vasili. At the house, Elizabeth hears something and walks the halls holding the kitchen knife. She makes her way to her bedroom and finds a bottle of perfume knocked over. She is attacked and she fights back. She manages to know out one guy, but she is hit with something from another attacker. Paige and Henry are waiting at the mall and Paige tries calling home. However, there is no answer. She tells Henry that they are going to hitchhike home. Nina meets with Beeman and tells him that she wants out of this because it is getting too dangerous. Beeman tells her that she needs to stay calm and says that he won’t allow her to be harmed. She tells her to trust him.

In the warehouse, the man keeps hitting Phillip with a phone book and demands he tell him about other KGB operatives and the locations. Phillip says that he is not a spy and the man says that his multiple passports beg to differ. He tells him to go to hell and the man has Elizabeth brought in. Paige continues to try to hitchhike when a man comes up and tells them that he can take them. Henry tries to say no, but Paige says that it is alright. Elizabeth gets thrown into a closet with pictures of herself, Paige, Henry and Phillip. At the FBI office, Gadd tells Beeman that Dorwin had access and asks what his friend says. Beeman says that she is scared and he says that he needs some of the diamonds from a heist. In the car, the man tells Paige and Henry that he played sports when he was in High School and tries to talk to Henry, but he is not willing to. The man says that he wants to make a stop and says that he likes to feed the ducks before going to work.

Back at the warehouse, Phillip gets his head held under water and the man demands that he talk. However, he is still silent with information. The man gets Elizabeth. Paige, Henry and the man arrive at the park and the man grabs a six pack of beer from the trunk. He gives Paige a beer and tells Henry to take the bread. Paige realizes that the man is too creepy and tells him that they can walk the rest of the way. However, the man tells her that he paid for the beer and that he did a lot of bad things when he was younger. Henry comes up and smashes a beer bottle over the man’s head and they run for it. Nina sits down next to Beeman and he gives her a camera to take pictures of important documents. She tells him that she is scared. He tells her that she won’t have to give him the camera back. Elizabeth is brought in and they demand that Phillip talk. However, he tells the men that they are trained not to talk and would die before giving information. They put Elizabeth under water until a voice tells them to stop. It is Claudia.

She comes up and tells them that Moscow told them to make sure that Phillip and Elizabeth were not the moles. Elizabeth gets upset and starts to drown Claudia. Phillip tells Elizabeth to stop and Elizabeth starts punching Claudia. She tells her to tell the people who told her to do this to see her bruised and cut up face. Phillip and Elizabeth leave and Phillip asks Elizabeth if she is alright. She tells him that they didn’t hurt her at all. Phillip realizes that Elizabeth told them something and she admits that she told them that Phillip liked America “too much”. Phillip says that this is why they were interrogating them. He is upset and walks ahead of her. Paige and Henry get home and Paige tells Henry that they are not going to speak of what happened. Henry tells Paige that he had “an accident”. She offers to wash his pants for him. At the Rezydentura, Nina gets some files from a filing cabinet and goes to the bathroom. She takes pictures and one her way back, a co-worker asks if she is alright. She says that she is. Phillip says nothing on the car ride home and crashes the car into a tree so that they have a cover story.

At a tea shop, Vasili gets his favorite tea and goes to the counter. The cashier accidentally drops his change and it turns out that it was purposely. He slips something into Vasili’s bag. The cashier calls Beeman and tells him that “it” is done. Beeman calls the Rezydentura and asks for Vasili. He says that it is Theo. Nina goes up to Vasili’s room and he welcomes him. Phillip and Elizabeth arrive home and Paige asks if they are alright. They tell Henry and Paige that it was a car accident. Elizabeth asks how they got home and Henry lies and says that the Shelly’s mom drove them home. Phillip tells Elizabeth that he needs to see Martha and apologize for standing her up. He asks Elizabeth for some jewelry and she reluctantly gives him a necklace. Beeman calls the Rezydentura again asking for Vasili. While Phillip is away, Elizabeth goes to see her friend and asks him to watch her family. He says that there is a mole and she doesn’t want anyone watching her or her family. He agrees.

Arkady visits Vasili later and wonders why he was not available to take the calls that were for him. He tells him that he was busy. Arkady says that things are suspicious and that they have to search him. He offers his support and they find diamonds in the tea that he got from the café. They begin tearing his place apart and find Nina’s camera behind a clock. Arkady believes that Vasili is guilty of giving information. It is clear on Vasili’s face that he knows who set him up. As Nina goes to Vasili’s office, Arkady escorts him and Nina seems happy. Later that evening, Gadd calls Beeman and tells him that the operation was a success and they still have Nina. Beeman’s wife asks him what he can tell her about his work and he says that he was scared for another person today and it turns out, she was safe in the end. Phillip sees to Martha and she asks if he can have someone else see her so that they can see each other more personally. He gives her the necklace. He returns home and Elizabeth tries to explain herself, but Phillip doesn’t want to hear it and sleeps on the couch. The episode ends.