Duty and Honor - Recap

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The scene opens with Paige asking for new leg warmers and Elizabeth says that she already has 16 pairs. On the TV, news on Poland’s outspoken critic of Soviet Union control, Andzej Bielawski is being played and Henry complains that it is boring. Phillip and Elizabeth talk and Phillip tells her he is trying to open up, but Elizabeth is not happy. She is sarcastic that Phillip is treating his trip to New York as a mission. He tells Elizabeth that he hasn’t seen “her” for 20 years. Once in the train station, Phillip remembers when he first met Irina. He smiles at the thought of meeting her again. Phillip arrives at the hotel where Bielawski is staying at for the Travel Associates Convention.

Charles Duluth talks to Bielawski and Phillip watches it on TV. Bielawski says that he is planning to start a government in exile in opposition to the Soviet Union. Elizabeth is in disguise at a casino and walks up to Sanford, another person working on the laser technology. She tells him that he is going to give up information he has or else he will end up like Dorwin. Sanford laughs and says that he is already dead. Phillip goes to the Travel Associates Convention and talks to Jerry from Boston. He tries to end his conversation, but Jerry is talkative. Irina, who says that her name is Anne, talks to Phillip about where she is from. She mentions that it is cold with trees all around. Elizabeth meets with Claudia and Claudia apologizes that they had to do that to her and Phillip. Elizabeth tells her that she is sorry she didn’t kill her. Claudia tells her that she better succeed next time. She calls Elizabeth by her Russian given name and she tells Claudia to never do that. Claudia asks about Sanford and Elizabeth tells her that Sanford has $20,000 in debt.

Phillip remembers when he told Irina that he got accepted into the academy. He goes to a bar and sits down to Irina and she recognizes Phillip. They talk about how their lives are and Irina says that she has a son and she wishes Phillip luck. Elizabeth, Paige and Henry go to the Beeman home and Paige asks about Mathew. Mrs. Beeman tells her that he is upstairs. Irina meets Bielawski with the help of Charles. Phillip walks by Jerry from Boston, who tries to get him to have a drink with him. Irina tells Bielawski that she was born in Poland. Charles gets a call from Phillip who asks how things are going. He says that it is fine. Back at the Beeman’s home, Beeman calls and tells them that he won’t be able to make it for dinner. Matthew says that Beeman is never home. Back at the restaurant, Irina continues to lie to Bielawski and they have a lot in common. Elsewhere, Philip is getting ready to go out in a grey sweater.

Bielawski and Irina walk through the park together and Bielawski tells his guards to back up a little bit. Phillip runs by and tries to show that he is stealing Irina’s purse and Bielawski punches Phillip, but doesn’t stop him. Phillip manages to escape and Irina scrapes up her knee. At the FBI, Amador tells Beeman to come with him for a drink. He reluctantly agrees. Mrs. Beeman talks to Elizabeth and tells her that she wishes that she had what Elizabeth has with Phillip and it is clear that Elizabeth doesn’t think that she has it good right now. Bielawski and Irina are at his hotel room and he tends to her wound. She put in a sedative into his drink and gives it to him. She tells him that she is his if he wants her. He says that he wants her, but cannot have her. At the bar, Amador and Beeman are having a drink and Amador tells Beeman that Gadd likes him more than anyone else. He says that Beeman needs some “strange” as in a woman to have sex with. Beeman tells him that he is not interested. However, the more Amador pushes, the more he is interested at the woman smiling at him across the bar.

Irina gets into Phillip’s hotel room as part of the plan. She shows him a picture of her son, their son really. Phillip is shocked and she tells him that she was pregnant when he left the academy. She tells him that their son is a good boy and is going into the Army. Phillip is still shocked and Irina tells him that she cried, but she is ready now. Phillip smacks her to over and over again. Back at home, Elizabeth smells Phillip’s shirt, missing him. Nina walks up to Beeman’s car and asks what he wants. He tells her that he doesn’t know. She can tell that he has been drinking and leans in and kisses him. They start to kiss more. Elizabeth calls Phillip and says that she misses him. He doesn’t say anything and she tells him to come home. He hangs up the phone and Irina is in bed with him. At a hotel room, Beeman and Nina had sex and she tells him that she wanted to have sex with him and that she isn’t going to hurt him or use it against him. She tells him for Russians, everything is Grey rather than Black and White.

The next morning, Charles goes into Bielawski’s room and shows him pictures of a beaten up Irina and tells him that he can’t believe that he raped Irina. Charles tells him that Bielawski is in trouble and Bielawski begs for Charles’ help. Outside, Irina tells Phillip that she can’t do this anymore and that she is going to disappear. She tells him to come with her. Elizabeth goes to see Mr. Fucci, the owner of Sanford’s debt of $20,000 and gives it to him. He says that he is not for sale. Elizabeth turns Fucci on and then grabs his privates. She tells him that she is telling him to let Sanford go. He agrees. Gadd goes up to Beeman and Beeman sasy that they need to extradite his source. He tells him that Nina is a spy and that she can have him for “breakfast”. He asks Beeman if she did that do him and Beeman says that he is worried. Gadd tells him that he will think about it. At the train station, Irina watches as Bielawski announce on the news that he will not go ahead with his plans. Irina sees Phillip and he tells her that he is not going. He asks Irina if the boy is real. She says that only Duty and Honor is real. She is upset and walks away.

Elizabeth drives up behind Sanford and she tells him that she paid his debt and that he is owned by her. Sanford says that the Laser Technology has had a breakthrough. She drives away with the information. Phillip gets home to find Paige and Henry playing chess and asks if they missed him. Henry asks if he saw any hobos or drug dealers and he says that he saw a few. Later that evening, Elizabeth asks how things went and he says that Bielawski is not going to go with his plan. Elizabeth apologizes to Phillip for the interrogation. She tells him that she missed him and says that she wants their relationship to be real. He says that he doesn’t know. She asks him if anything happened with him and Irina. He tells her that nothing happened. He hugs her. The episode ends.