Mutually Assured Destruction - Recap

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The scene opens with Elizabeth listening to a code. She decodes it. Phillip comes back from playing Racketball and finds Elizabeth in the kitchen. He says that he missed her. She tells him that they have to stop an assassin. It is one of theirs and that they have no information about the assassin except for the names of scientists who are the targets. Phillip tells her that they are having dinner with the Beemans on Wednesday. Later that evening, they watch as a scientist is helping his wife in the car. Phillip has planted a bomb in the engine. The scientist gets out because the car won’t start. He sees the bomb and gets his wife to safety. Phillip detonates the bomb to get their attention. At the FBI, Gadd talks to his team and tells them that they have to protect the scientists because the KGB might know about them. Amador says that they should protect everyone, but Gadd says that would take too much. They are ordered to work around the clock.

Elizabeth meets with Claudia and she is told that the contractor is from Germany and gives her information. Claudia tells Elizabeth that she knows that there is bad blood between them, but she has a comradery with her. Claudia tells Elizabeth that Phillip was with Irina in an intimate sense. Elizabeth doesn’t believe her and Claudia says that she forgives her for hurting her last time they met and says that Phillip was doing his “job”. Elizabeth walks away and goes home. She stands over Phillip, who is sleeping on the couch. He wakes up and asks what Claudia said and asks if she had to restrain herself. She says that she is getting over it because Claudia was just doing her job, like the rest of them. Phillip knows that Elizabeth knows about Irina. At the FBI office, Gadd calls Beeman in his office and gives him a key to a safe house and says that he and Nina can meet there from now on. Elizabeth goes to the home of contractor of the assassin and says that they need to talk.

They sit down and Elizabeth says that she knows who he is and what he does. The contractor’s daughter comes out with a shotgun and aims it at Elizabeth. However, Phillip is there and grabs the girl. They tell the man that they are not there to hurt anyone, they just need information. The contractor gives them a picture of the assassin. Meanwhile, the assassin watches from a distance as two men meet with another man at a safe house. Inside, they have the scientist. He writes in his notebook. Phillip goes to see Martha and she kisses him. He asks about work and she tells him that they always talk about that. They kiss and eventually have sex. Afterwards, Phillip says that he needs information on what is going on with the scientist assassination attempt. Martha asks if she can help and says that she can get all the information that Gadd has. Nina visits Beeman at the safe house and Beeman apologizes for last time. She tells him that she was the one who kissed him. They kiss and she tells him that things are tense at work. He tells her that they can get her out, but it is going to take time. Nina tries to have sex with Beeman, but he resists. She tells him that it is alright and Beeman gives in.

The assassin walks up to a woman at a bar and she asks what his “thing” is. She is a prostitute. At the Beeman’s house, Phillip, Elizabeth and their kids are over for dinner and Beeman gets a call from work. Later, Phillip asks Elizabeth what’s up and she tells him that she was thinking about the time they first met. He tells her that he was relieved how pretty she was. Elizabeth says that she knows that he slept with Irina. Phillip apologizes and says that he didn’t want to lose her. He says that he loves her, but it is clear that Elizabeth is not buying it. She tells him that they are going to do their job and that is all with no more emotional attachments. At the hotel, the prostitute is having sex with a man in the shower when the assassin walks into her room. The man she is having sex with is an FBI agent. He takes the man’s radio and implants a bomb inside.

At the FBI office, Gadd gives Martha files to put away and she makes copies of them before she puts them away. Amador comes up behind her and says that she has been looking really nice and that he has missed her. He asks her to get a drink with him, but she says no. He is suspicious as to why Martha was startled. Nina goes into see Arkady and he asks her how she likes America. She tells him that this is a chance of a lifetime to be here. He smiles. Phillip goes to see Martha and she is wearing the jewelry piece he gave her. She and Phillip have sex and Phillip is distracted. He says that it is the necklace and continues to have sex with her. Afterwards, she gives him the paperwork and calls him “honey”. It is clear that she is getting emotionally attached. Later that evening, Phillip and Elizabeth go through the files and Phillip finds the assassin. At the hotel, the assassin is watching TV when Phillip gets to the room and finds him. Elizabeth climbs through the window. They tell him that they work with the people who hired him. He shows them a detonator and they see a bomb in the room. Elizabeth shoots the detonator out of his hand and they throw the bomb into the kitchen area. The assassin is killed.

On the drive home, Phillip says that they can get past this, but Elizabeth is not interested. Nina goes to see Beeman and tells Beeman that she knows that the FBI will bleed her of all the information she has. She says that she got a promotion and will try to find the KGB spies living in America. She tells him that his boss won’t let her go until it is done. The FBI agent who was having sex with the prostitute gets to the safe house where the scientist is. The house explodes killing everyone inside. At the FBI office, Gadd gets the news. Amador asks what they are going to do about it. He says that business as usual, but says that this won’t happen again.

Elizabeth gets the code that they failed to protect the scientist. Elizabeth says that it is because of their emotional connection that stopped them. Phillip tries to explain that it is not their fault, but sees that Elizabeth doesn’t care. He says that if she doesn’t want to be with him, then so be it. Elizabeth checks on the kids. Amador follows Martha home and watches her go inside. The episode ends.