Safe House - Recap

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The scene opens with Elizabeth and Phillip at the dinner table with Paige and Henry. Elizabeth says that they need to talk. She tells them that Phillip is going to be sleeping somewhere else for a while. Paige thinks that it is a joke, but Elizabeth says that they have been fighting a lot. Paige and Henry don’t like it and Paige says that it is all Elizabeth’s fault. That evening, Phillip tries to talk to Henry, but he is not interested in opening the door. Phillip tells Henry that he loves him. Phillip gathers his things and tells her that he will see her tomorrow at the Beeman’s. She doesn’t think it is a good idea, but Phillip says that Beeman’s work friends are going to be there and so they should be there. She reluctantly agrees. The next day at the party, Paige ignores her parents. Elizabeth asks where Phillip is staying and he says that he is in a hotel. She says that it is for the best. Phillip clearly doesn’t agree.

Beeman goes up to Amador, Gadd and other agents and Gadd says that they are going to take out Arkady, the acting president of the KGB Rezydentura. Beeman opts out of the mission that is not approved. Amador asks Beeman why he doesn’t want to go on the mission and he says that it is not authorized. Amador sees Elizabeth and says that he would go with her in an instant. Beeman’s wife asks Elizabeth where Phillip is staying at and Elizabeth tells her that they are taking a break from one another right now. She tells Elizabeth that she can talk to her anytime. Later that night, Phillip sees Martha and they have sex. Afterwards, Phillip makes up a reason for him to leave, but Martha tells him to stay because she is in love with him. Phillip decides to stay. The next day, Paige asks what she should tell her friends and Elizabeth says that she can tell them that they are she and Phillip aren’t living together right now. At Martha’s place, Martha wakes Phillip up with breakfast and tells him that she has to go into work because the FBI wants to kill a KGB Agent.

Phillip goes outside and is approached by Amador. He asks what he is doing with Martha and he says that he is having sex with her. Amador and Phillip get into a fight and eventually, Phillip gets the upper hand and stabs Amador. He puts Amador in his trunk. He takes him to a hideout. Elizabeth arrives and asks what happened. Phillip says that he just came up to him and picked a fight. She says that he will know what the FBI is planning. They give him morphine. At the FBI office, Beeman waits for Amador and tries to call him. He leaves a message asking where he is. Phillip and Elizabeth take the knife out of Amador and patch up the wound. Beeman goes to Amador’s place and looks around. He finds nothing out of sorts. He sees Amador’s car and wonders where he could be. He goes back to the FBI office and tells Gadd that Amador’s car had no prints and says that it doesn’t make sense that Amador would wipe down his own prints. Gadd tells Beeman not to jump to conclusions.

Back at the hideout, Elizabeth has to leaves. Back at the FBI office, Beeman remembers when he and Amador were together and how Amador said that he is a lone wolf. Phillip continues to watch over Amador while Elizabeth gets home with groceries. Paige comes in and says that she wants things to go back to normal and not have Elizabeth cooking new things. Elizabeth says that she knows that things are hard, but it is for the best. Elizabeth gets a call from Henry’s teacher and she talks to Henry about how he didn’t turn in his homework. Henry shows that he did do the homework on the Revolutionary War with one sentence “America won.” Elizabeth asks him why and he says that he didn’t have anything else to say. Beeman meets with Nina and avoids her kiss. She tells her that she needs to find out where Amador is being held. She tells him that she doesn’t know anything. Beeman demands that she find out.

Back at the hideout, Amador asks for water and a blanket. He asks Phillip what he wants and tells him that he doesn’t know who the FBI is planning to take out. At the same moment, Gadd meets with a group of agents to take out Arkady. Beeman joins him. He tells Gadd that if they kill Arkady, then Amador is dead. Gadd says that his CI is as good as dead if Amador talks. Elizabeth gets back to the hideout and says that she will try to get the information. At the Rezydentura, Val comes in to see that Arkady is not going out for his normal jog because his hand is hurt. Val decides to go alone. Back at the hideout, Amador flirts with Elizabeth and says that he would tell her if he knew anything. She doesn’t believe him. Amador tells her that she can torture and kill him, but they are going to take them down. The agents watch as Vlad runs and they notice that Arkady is not with him. Beeman tells the agents to grab Vlad.

At a safe house, Gadd tells Beeman that he doesn’t like this, but Beeman tells him that they have his partner. Beeman asks Vlad if he hunts and tells him that the duck dies in the dog’s mouth without the dog killing it. Vlad tells him that he is not KGB and that he doesn’t know anything about Amador. Beeman tells him that if he doesn’t tell him anything, then he will die. Amador tells Phillip that he needs morphine and tells them that the target is Arkady and that he is already dead. Beeman calls Arkady and tells him that he has his guy because Arkady has Amador. Arkady tells him that he doesn’t know anyone by the name of Amador. Arkady gives Nina information to look for Amador. Elizabeth calls Arkady and believes that Amador is lying. She tells Phillip and says that Claudia told her that Vlad is the new target and that they captured him. Phillip tells Elizabeth that he wouldn’t let a dog suffer like this. They plan to kill Amador, but when Phillip goes up to him, he sees that Amador is dead.

Later that night, Beeman goes up to a crime scene where Amador’s body was dumped. Gadd promises to put every agent on this and says that it is family. Gadd says that Beeman’s CI is in more danger, but Beeman says that he would risk his life on the fact that Amador didn’t give her up. Beeman goes to a restaurant and remembers when Beeman and Amador were on a stakeout having a good time talking. He gets his order and goes to the safe house where Vlad is being held. He gives Vlad food and tells him that fast food is not good, but it taste good. Vlad reveals that he is KGB, but doesn’t know anything about Amador. Vlad asks for something to drink, but instead, Beeman shoots Vlad in the back of the head. The episode ends.