Only You - Recap

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The scene opens with Elizabeth returning Phillip to the hotel. Elizabeth tells him not to replay it in his mind. Phillip is not happy with his new accommodations. At the FBI, Gadd talks to the other agents and says that they are going to hunt down whoever is responsible for the murder of Amador. Martha goes to Beeman and says that she is sorry and says that Amador asked her out again right before he died. She is clearly upset about this. Beeman talks to Gadd in his office and Gadd tells him that him to go home and get some rest.

Beeman goes to Phillip’s hotel and offers him beer. He says that the hotel is depressing. Beeman tells Phillip that during his undercover days, he had to stay is depressing hotel rooms. He says that he lost his partner and Phillip says that he is sorry to hear that. Phillip offers for Beeman to stay, but he says that he better get home. The next day, Beeman meets with Nina and asks if she knows who killed Amador. She asks if he can find out who killed Vlad. She says that he was her friend. She says that she wants him to find out what happened to Vlad.

At the house, Elizabeth tries to rush the kids out to school and Paige tells her that this is Elizabeth’s fault. Elizabeth tells her to stand up and tells her that she doesn’t talk to her like that. Phillip comes in and Elizabeth tells him not to make surprise visits. Phillip says that Amador had a ring that was not on his body. Elizabeth says that she will talk to Gregory. Phillip tells her about Beeman’s surprise visit to his hotel and she tells him to get information and to call next time. He says that he doesn’t need to call to see his kids. At the FBI, Gadd tells Beeman that they have a hit on Amador’s ring and that they found the car in the salvage yard.

Elizabeth calls Gregory and signals him to meet her. Beeman goes to the salvage yard and asks who delievered the car. He lies and says that it was left there. They look in the car and find where Amador left the ring for them. Beeman punches the salvage yard owner and demands answers. He is told that drug dealers dropped it off. Gregory meets with Elizabeth and she tells him to stay safe and out of sight. She tells Gregory that Phillip and her are having problems. He rubs her head and tells her that it will be alright. The salvage yard owner looks through a book of drug dealers and points out Curtis Lyons.

Beeman rushing into Gadd’s office and says that Curtis was at the funeral of Joyce Ramirez, the wife of the dead officer. The FBI go to Curtis’ place and he makes a run for it. However, he is caught. Claudia meets with Phillip and Elizabeth and tells them that Curtis was caught and that they need to send Gregory to Moscow. She tells them that if Gregory doesn’t want to go, then they are going to have to take care of it the hard way. Beeman talks to Curtis in interrogation and tells him that he is an American and that he should talk.

Elizabeth talks to Gregory and tells him that there will be an adjustment period. However, he is not too happy about going to Russia. He tells her that they should get him to Los Angeles and once there, he can get a new identity. She says that it doesn’t work like that and that he is going to have to go to Moscow. He tells her to talk to them. Curtis tells the FBI about Gregory and Gadd informs them that Gregory was part of the Civil Rights Activists and that he could have been turned by the Russians.

Claudia meets with Gregory and tells him that he will have to move to Moscow. She tells him that they have planted evidence in his apartment that will link him to the murder of Amador and no matter where he runs, he is going to be hunted down. Gregory tries to tell Claudia that he can get some work done on his face, but Claudia says that Moscow is his only option now. Claudia walks out into the hall and tells Phillip that if Gregory is not willing, then he needs to take his life for him.

Beeman gets home to his wife and tells her that he had to do things that he never thought that he had to do before. She tells him that it is alright and that he doesn’t need to protect her from these things. He says that the world is darker than she knows. She tells Beeman that they can leave and live in a shack. Elizabeth goes to see Gregory and he asks if Russia has Chinese Food. They laugh and eventually have sex with one another. Gregory tells Elizabeth that she deserves someone who is going to love her no matter what.

At the hotel room, Phillip grabs his gun and leaves. Later at the safe house, Elizabeth packs Gregory’s things, but Gregory tells her that he is not going. He tells her that he will go and find a cop and force him to shoot him. She tells him that she can’t allow him to do that and draws a gun on him. He walks up to it and tells Elizabeth that he is leaving now. Phillip walks in the apartment and Elizabeth tells him that Gregory is not going anywhere. Phillip tells her to leave and that he will handle this. Elizabeth tells Phillip that she believes that Gregory will get into a gun fight with the police. Phillip allows her to win this and puts down his gun and allows for Gregory to leave.

Outside, Phillip and Elizabeth look at one another and leave in separate cars. As Phillip and Elizabeth get back to their places, Gregory walks up the street and gets into a gun fight with the police just as he said he would. He is shot and killed. As Elizabeth and the kids are having dinner, the news report of Gregory’s death is aired. At the Rezyndentura, Vlad’s body is transported. At the FBI, Beeman looks at a picture of a dead Gregory and smiles. The episode ends.