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Covert War - Recap

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The scene opens with Agent Gadd talking to the agents telling them that 3 KGB Officers at this moment are being hunted down and killed in Moscow including General Zhukov, the Head of Directorate “S”. At that moment in Moscow, an Agent come in and kills General Zhukov. In America, Elizabeth takes Beeman’s wife, Sandra, out for drinks. She asks Elizabeth if she has ever dated someone from another country. Elizabeth says that she hasn’t. Sandra gets really drunk and asks Elizabeth if she had ever thought of cheating. Elizabeth asks Sandra if anything is going on with her and Sandra says that there isn’t. They decide to dance. At the hotel, Paige and Henry are with Phillip and they have a lot of questions. He distracts them by play fighting. At the bar, Sandra mingles away from the music to call home. However, she can’t get a hold of Beeman and clearly upset.

Phillip feeds Henry and Paige with food from a vending machine and they see a man peeing. Phillip tells him to stop it and the man leaves. Later that night, Sandra is drunk when Beeman comes home. He says that she doesn’t understand and Sandra says that Beeman is a liar. She says that she called Headquarters and they said that he left four hours ago. She says that she wants answers and says that there is nothing there between them anymore. She says that is not happy and storms out of the kitchen. The next day, Claudia tells Elizabeth that General Zhukov is dead. Moscow is not allowing this to spiral out of control and says that they are going to do nothing about it. Elizabeth is clearly upset to hear this, but Claudia says that she is only going to follow orders. She tells Elizabeth that she may have allowed the issue with Gregory to go past her, but she tells her that she needs to pay attention and follow orders. Elizabeth remembers when she was in Gryazi, Soviet Union in 1964 where she met with Zhukov, who was a Coronel at that time, and tells him that there aren’t any problems in the training. He told her that she and Phillip will make a good match. He told her that his dog taught him about love and says that she should never lose that.

In the Travel Agency, Elizabeth tells Phillip that Zhukov is dead and that she is going to hunt down the agent who killed him. Phillip tries to tell her that it is a bad idea. She says that Agent Patterson is the agent who she is following right now and has mapped what he does. She says that his weakness is women and that she can get to him in that matter. Phillip says that he understands that she wants to kill him, but says that she just wants to do it to get the pleasure of killing him. She admits that she wants to see Patterson’s face before she kills him. Later, Matthew gets home and asks Beeman where Sandra is. Beeman says that he doesn’t know. He tells Beeman that he was at the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Beeman realizes that he is out of the loop with his son. At the Rezyntura, Arkady comes into see Nina in her new office. He tells her that he can tell her even more secrets. He tells her about the bug they planted in Casper Weinberger’s residence. He tells her that she wants her to find out what they are saying about the assassinations. Phillip goes to see Martha who has invited her parents and surprises Phillip. They have dinner and they tell Phillip that he is a great guy. He excuses himself and outside, he thanks Martha for the day.

Elizabeth remembers when in Geneva, Switzerland in 1971, she told Zhukov that she was pregnant with her second child. Zhukov asked her how old Paige is and Elizabeth says that there is nothing that they have to worry in America. She doesn’t know if she wants to keep the baby. Zhukov tells her that his dog died and that she has to make the right choice. In the present, Elizabeth is in disguise and Phillip joins her. He tells her that she has 20 minutes. Elizabeth goes into a bar where Patterson is. He notices Elizabeth and they talk to one another. He offers to have her join him, but she is straightforward and asks him to have sex with her. He obliges and they get to it. He sees that

Nina meets with Beeman and she asks who murdered Vlad. He lies and says that he doesn’t know. He says that their meeting each other sexually needs to stop because it is the right thing to do. Nina says that she only has fear and him. Beeman says that his wife wants him. Nina says that family is everything. Beeman goes up to her and kisses her. In a hideout, Agent Patterson is handcuffed. Elizabeth asks him what he hears and how it feels to know that he is going to die. Patterson says that he is just following orders and that the generals that were killed were not innocent. He says that Elizabeth is not innocent either. Elizabeth fires her gun, but doesn’t kill Patterson. She goes in another part of the hideout and cries. Phillip tells her that he can do it and offers to kill Patterson. However, Elizabeth says that it was never about Patterson and that she just got out of control. He says that it is alright. Elizabeth takes Patterson to a bench somewhere with his blindfold on. She drives away.

Patterson is brought into the FBI and Gadd talks to him for information. He says that it was an industrial warehouse. He admits to wanting to have sex with her. He says that she had help. They are going to look for a couple. Elizabeth remembers when she was in Rome, Italy in 1976 with Zhukov. He asks how she and Phillip are doing. She says that they are fine. Zhukov said that she was chosen because of her fear of surrender. He said that he lost his way and has lived for his work. He misses the life he never had. Elizabeth goes to Phillip at the hotel and says that she wanted to say thanks a lot. She says that she brought beer. He invites her in. She asks if he is going somewhere. He says that he doesn’t want to stay. Elizabeth says that it has been long enough. However, Phillip says that he got an apartment. She realizes that Phillip is not thinking the same way she is.

She leaves and meets Claudia. She asks why she wanted her to kill Patterson, but says that she let him go. She says that she doesn’t understand her. Claudia says that she was in love with Zhukov and that they were an item together. However, Elizabeth doesn’t believe her. Claudia says that she has to be tough to accomplish that Elizabeth will be the best “trained” officer. Elizabeth says that she is better than Claudia ever was and Claudia says that she is still new at this and has so much to learn. Elizabeth says that it is not going to go well for her at all. The episode ends.