The Oath - Recap

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The scene opens with Sanford meeting Elizabeth. She tells him she doesn’t like surprises. Sandford says he recruited a Colonel and says he has information. He says he will give it to her for $50,000. He says the Colonel is crazy and hates the Reagan Administration. Elizabeth tells him she needs to know what she is buying and tells Sanford they will talk later. Nina is called into Arkady’s office. He tells her she has to direct the activities of Directorate S. He hands her a piece of paper and a pin. He tells her to read the Oath of the new position out loud. Phillip and Elizabeth talk about the Colonel and he asks her if she talked to Paige about her eating dinner at his place. Elizabeth says she has. Phillip asks if she is alright with the arrangement and she says she does.

At the Senator’s house, Viola looks at the clock she planted a while ago with the listening device. Later in the evening, Elizabeth goes to pick up a message. She examines it and finds out it is plans for a Space Based Interceptor. At a church, Viola listens to a sermon and feels guilty for doing what she did. Elizabeth goes to meet Claudia, who is playing PacMan. She asks what the results are from the information. Claudia says the Colonel wants a face to face with Elizabeth if there is to be a deal. Elizabeth takes the information to Phillip and he says they can check with the center to make sure the information is right. Elizabeth thinks it could be a trap set by Claudia. Phillip says they can put a bug in Gadd’s office and says Martha will do it. Nina packs up Vlad’s things and another woman says Vlad was a sweet boy and says he had a crush on Nina. She says Vlad was like a brother to her. The woman says Vlad knew Nina was out of his league.

Later, Paige is over at Phillip’s new place and they are having fun tossing grapes in each other’s mouths when Elizabeth gets there to pick Paige up. It is clear she is not happy with the arrangement. Phillip sees he is late and goes to meet Martha for dinner. He tells Martha to close her eyes. He spells M-A-R-R-Y on her hand and she accepts his proposal. Nina goes to meet Beeman and tells him Arkady is meeting with the Directorate S officer this week. Nina says she dreamed about him and he was rescuing her from a fire, but she woke up before. She takes off her clothes. She asks if he killed Vlad and he says he would never do anything to hurt her. Martha tells Phillip she wants to take his name, but Phillip says she doesn’t need to do it. She sees he wants to tell her something. Phillip shows Martha a pen with a listening device in it. He says she needs to place it in Gadd’s office where he won’t know where it is. She asks him if everything will be alright and he says everything will be fine. She says she trusts him and agrees to do it. She tells Phillip she loves him.

At the Wineberger residence, Viola asks to talk to Mrs. Wineberger. Later, she tells Gadd she was forced to put the listening device there. Gadd says they will bring in a sketch artist. Beeman says a man and a woman are again causing issues. Matthew plays with his band and Paige watches them. A girl named Sarah comes in and shows them she can play the guitar and sing. Paige sees Matthew likes Sarah. Paige talks to Elizabeth and says she doesn’t think Matthew is into her. Elizabeth tells her there might be feeling something that isn’t there. Paige asks if that is how Elizabeth feels about Phillip. Elizabeth says it was there. Gadd goes to the Wineberger residence and tells Mrs. Wineberger that they know the KGB is listening and will know what to say. At Gadd’s office, Martha goes into Gadd’s office and runs into Gadd. He tells her to reschedule his meeting. She plants the listening device.

Later at Martha’s place, Martha tells Phillip she made a Pros and Cons list. She tells him she can’t marry him because she needs to be able to tell her parents she is getting married. He tells her his clearance doesn’t allow him to see Martha and he could go to jail. He tells Martha he has been married before and says he didn’t know how to be married. She tells Phillip her parents live 2,000 miles away and says she needs to tell them. Phillip agrees. Martha says she wants to get married right away. Elizabeth listens to the audio from Gadd’s office and says the meeting with the Colonel is not a trap. Phillip tells Elizabeth he needs a relative at the wedding tomorrow. Sanford goes to his car, but is stopped by the local Police Department. They arrest him.

The next day, Claudia tells Elizabeth about Sanford’s arrest for back child support. Elizabeth says they can’t meet with the Colonel because he could be broken. Claudia asks why Elizabeth went around her back to plant a bug in Gadd’s office. Phillip introduces Claudia and Elizabeth to Martha and her parents. Martha and Phillip get married. Afterwards, Elizabeth tells Phillip she liked the ceremony and asks if things would have been different between them had they went through a service. Phillip says he doesn’t know. Gadd meets with some agents and shows the descriptions from the sketch artist. They are two different sketches. Beeman says they are looking for Caucasian man and woman in their 30’s. Nina walks into Arkady’s office and tells him everything of her betraying her country and says she wants a chance to redeem herself and help Russia now. The episode ends.