Season 20

The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love

The show catches up with fan-favorite couples, and updates on how their love stories have progressed.

195 :20x01 - Week 1

A trio of former Bachelors - Sean Lowe, Chris Soules and Jason Mesnick - arrive at the mansion to offer Ben some words of wisdom before he starts his journey to find the love of his life. What are the do's and don'ts on one of the most important nights of his life? Ben is filled with excitement and anticipation as limos start to arrive. Despite being 26, he feels ready to find the right woman and start a family.

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196 :20x02 - Week 2

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197 :20x03 - Week 3

Lauren B. and Ben enjoy a bi-plane for a secluded date that includes a performance by Lucy Angel. Alex Morgan and Kelley O'Hara coach 12 of the women in a soccer competition. Ben id given some tragic news.

198 :20x04 - Week 4

Ben and the remaining women make their way to Las Vegas. JoJo and Ben enjoy a helicopter tour of the city. Becca gets an interesting proposal.

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199 :20x05 - Week 5

Ben and the girls make their way to Mexico City. Amanda and Ben fly over some ancient ruins in a hot air balloon.The women attempt to learn Spanish.

200 :20x06 - Week 6

Ben decides to confronts Olivia about her behavior. The group make their way to the Bahamas, where one woman manages to confuse Ben with her reluctance to open up.

201 :20x07 - Week 7

Ben shows the six women left in the running his hometown. Ben takes Lauren B. to the youth center where he used to volunteer as a teenager.

202 :20x08 - Week 8

Ben has to deal with some friction from the families of the remaining women after he travels with the girls to visit the places that they grew up in.

203 :20x09 - Week 9

Ben and the final three women make their way to Jamaica where Ben continues to try and find out what his future could be like with each of them.

204 :20x10 - The Women Tell All

The women talk about their experiences on the show.

205 :20x11 - Finale

Ben has to decide who he wants to spend the future with.

206 :20x12 - After the Final Rose

The show looks what happened after Ben made his final choice.