Week 2 (S16) - Recap

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The show continues and for Lindzi C. (27) Jamie (25), Rachel (27), Blakely (34), Emily (27), Casey S. (26), Kacie B. (24), Brittney (26), Erika (23), Shawn (28), Nicki (26), Jennifer (28), Elyse (24), Samantha (26), Courtney (28), Jaclyn (27), Monica (33), and Jenna (27), it is the continuing of their journey. The show opens with Ben saying that he brought the women to Samoma, CA so that he can show them a sense of what it is all about. He says that he is ready as the 18 women come up to the house. He tells them to their new “house” and Jennifer is hoping that she will get the date card with Ben. They gather around and Kacie B. is the first one to get a date card.

Ben comes up to Kacie B. and he takes her off for their date. Kacie says that this is a big moment for her. They go out to the town and get out of the truck and he says that they are going to go on a walk around the town. They go to the music hall and have fun playing on the piano. Ben says that Kacie B. sounds like she will fit in perfect with the town of Samoma. As they leave the candy shop, Kacie sees something. She shows Ben that she used to twirl a baton. He gets into the fun and they have their own parade in the middle of the street. Kacie B. says that this is the best night of her life. They continue their date and they go to their restaurant that they are eating at. Kacie B. says that it has been nice to get to know the town. Ben says that he is looking for someone to share this life with. Kacie B. says that she is a hopeless romantic.

The other girls are waiting around and Jaclyn reads that Ben wants to go on a group date with the rest of the girls. Blakeley is not happy at all about going on the group date and says that if she has to knock someone out, then she will. Back on the date, Ben says that there is one other thing that he wants to do and says that he wants to give her the First Rose that secures her a spot in the next round of the competition. He shows her one last surprise and takes her to the Theater. Together, they watch home videos of Kacie B. The film changes and it is Ben’s home videos. Seeing his dad gets them both emotional. Kacie B. realizes that Ben is real and genuine. They kiss and end their date.

The next day, the group date is underway and he meets with 12 women and Blakeley says that she wants to make sure that Ben sees her. Nicki says that she is really excited. Ben says that today they are going to perform a play. They meet the “playwrights” and they are little kids. Jennifer gets up to act and they tell her to act like a weasel. The other girls get going and they get to have fun acting like a fool. Blakeley comes up in a revealing top and the boys ask her to jog in slow motion. She has fun with the things they give her and the girls hater her, but the boys love her. At the house, Courtney, Lindzi and Erica talk and Courtney says that Lindzi can’t really judge the entire time from one rose. Erica doesn’t like Courtney’s silent attack toward them.

Back in the park, Jenna gets dressed as the wizard, Jaclyn is the princess, Jennifer is the weasel, Samantha is the rabbit, and Blakely is the Gingerbread Man. The other girls dress up and later at the Community Theater, the friends of Ben are in attendance. The girls have pressure by hearing the crowd. Monica says that she is going to have fun with this. The shows starts and they all have fun with this. Emily and Rachel have fun with their parts and they entertain the crowd. After the play, the girls had fun. Nicki says that it was nice to be with Ben and Blakeley says that Ben being with the kids made him more attractive. Ben says that he liked to find out that the girls are happy in their own skin.

The girls get to the pool and champagne is waiting for them. Ben talks to the girls about the play and Jennifer says that it would be great to get the rose. Rachel and Emily are not happy about the missing kiss. They tell him that they felt jiped. He allows them to kiss him and he kisses them too. Blakeley tells the other girls at the couch that the rose is going to be hers. Samantha doesn’t like Blakeley’s assertiveness. Nicki says that Blakeley is going to show the true colors. Samantha gets up and leaves and calls Blakeley a Cougar and desperate. Ben goes up to Blakely and says that she was great in the play. She says that she feels like there isn’t competition.

Jennifer and Jaclyn find Samantha in the bathroom. She says that she is sick of Blakeley and they tell her that it is nothing to worry about. Later, the date card arrives and it is for Courtney. She asks Kacie B. how that tasted coming out of her mouth. Erika says that Courtney is trying to deflate everyone to get under their skin. The girls have fun with Ben in the pool and Blakeley is certain that she is going to get the rose tonight. Jennifer takes Ben away for a moment and they go into the heated pool. She says that Ben makes her smile from ear to ear. She tells Ben that she had a fun time today and Ben says that he is glad to hear it. They kiss and Jennifer says that it was perfect and she says that she could easily fall in love with Ben. Meanwhile, they girls talk and Blakeley says that she is going to grab Ben when she sees him. She and Ben are in the pool and Jaclyn and Jennifer watch and Blakeley says that she is getting turned on with Jennifer watching. They leave sick to their stomach. Jaclyn says that if Blakeley gets the rose, there will be a lot of upset women.

Ben gathers all the girls together from the group date and he says that it is going to go to Blakeley. She hugs him and the other girls are not happy with that at all. Jennifer says that she is really disappointed. She hopes that Ben will give her a chance. Jaclyn and Samantha talk and she says that Blakeley is horsey. Blakeley says that sucks when people are jealous of others. The next day, it is date time for Courtney and he has brought his dog with them. Kacie B. says that Courtney showed her true colors the other night and that Ben is going to see her true nature. They get out into a wooded area and he says that they are all Redwoods. Courtney says that it is really romantic and they have a fun time with letting the dog howl. They sit next to the lake and she says that they don’t get to do that in Los Angeles and she says that she is ready to settle down with everything. Ben says that he wants to share his life with everything. He says that he is happy that there is a connection with Courtney. They ride on Ben’s tractor to the fields and he says that he was having a great time, but still thinks that it could be “too good” to be true. They go to a table and chairs that are set up and Courtney asks what his life was like so far and he says that he partied when he went to University of Arizona. He says that it wasn’t until after “The Bachelorette” that he didn’t change. He asks about her and she says that she is picky and that she wants something real. He gives Courtney the Third Rose. He says that he is happy that she is there. They kiss.

They pull up at the house and the other girls are getting ready for the Cocktail Party. There is a lot of worry in the room. Ben comes in and asks how everyone is doing. He says that tonight is the night for the girls he hasn’t gotten time with. He sits down with Lindzi and asks how her week has been. She says that she drives an F-150. She says that normally, dirt is her makeup. She says that she hopes to have more time with him.

Ben comes in and takes Samantha with him. Blakeley talks about her rose that she got and she says that she wasn’t going to allow that rose to be taken away from her. Jennifer voices her opinion about the rose issue and Blakeley says that her focus is Ben. Samantha immediately says that it drama out there. Blakeley comes in and interrupts her time with Samantha. She goes downstairs and says that she can’t believe that she did that. The girls talk about her. Blakeley takes Ben away form another girl and they are not happy.

Later, the girls realize that Blakeley is a Stage 5 Clinger even though she has a rose. Jenna gets some time with Ben and Jenna is a little nervous. She tells him that she is grateful that she was given another chance. She says that this is unfamiliar territory for her and says that she is not a good girl. Jaclyn comes up before Jenna can make herself look any more pathetic. Jenna goes to the room and lies down in the bed and cries. They realize that Blakeley is toxic and that Blakeley is following around Ben. They don’t like her. Blakeley hears the girls talk about her and she goes to the bedroom and cries.

Ben sees that the mood of the party is shifting and asks Amber what the drama is like and if it is affecting her. She tells him that it is all about Blakely. Ben finds Blakely crying in the corner. She asks what is going on and she says that things are just awkward. He tells her to take a moment and collect herself and says that he will see her in a few. He finds Jenna in the bed and gets her out and says that he didn’t know that things got this bad this quickly. The Rose Ceremony is underway and there are 13 roses to be handed out. The First rose goes to Jennifer. The next rose goes to Emily. The third rose goes to Elyse. The next rose goes to Jaclyn. The fifth rose goes to Erica. The next rose goes to Rachel. The seventh rose goes to Lindzi C. The next rose goes to Nicki. The ninth rose goes to Casey S. The next rose goes to Samantha. The eleventh rose goes to Monica. The next rose goes to Jamie. The final rose goes to Brittney. It is the end of the road for Shawn and Jenna and Jenna is very emotional about the rejection. Ben reveals that they are headed to San Francisco.