Week 9 (S16) - Recap

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With Kacie B. out of the quest for love, it is down to the Final Three: Lindzi C. (27), Nicki (26) and Courtney (28). Ben is getting packed to go and he says that the more he gets to know about the women, the more he is worried if he is making the right choice. Tonight they are in Switzerland and Ben says that Nicki is a warm and lovely woman. He says that Lindzi is a little bit country and a little bit city, which he loves. He says that he loves the time with Lindzi and her family. He says that with Courtney, there is a magical pull. He says that she is exciting and rebellious. However, there are concerns. Tonight is “overnights” and Ben says that he will be able to dig deeper and asks other things that he hasn’t asks the girls before. They are in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Nicki goes up to Ben and greets him. Ben shows that they have a helicopter ride. Nicki feels happy with Ben and they go see a glacier. They nose dive and have a trilling time with one another. Ben says that he can feel the love with Nicki. They enjoy the helicopter ride and land on top of a mountain. Ben shows that he has a little picnic prepared and Ben says that it was nice meeting her family. Nicki says that she freaked out a little bit about the visit, but is glad that Ben had a good time. They get done with their picnic and Ben says that the day with Nicki has been fun. Ben and Nicki end their day with standing on a mountain. Nicki likens it to their relationship and how the view goes on forever, but there is a cliff that represents the abrupt end to it all as well. That night, Nicki and Ben go to a log cabin and have a romantic dinner. Nicki says that she sees herself with Ben and asks how many kids he wants. He says that 4 would be good. Ben says that he wants her to stay overnight. She says that she will accept it. They get to the suite and Nicki says that she loved how Ben said that her father reminds him of his father. She says that she would make Ben happy.

Ben meets Lindzi the next day and she is ready to go. Ben says that they have an adrenaline rush day and says that they are going to repel off a gorge. The fall would be 300 ft. if they fall. They get harnessed and Lindzi and Ben are a little scared. Ben likes that they can get through this together despite being scared. He says that he loves Lindzi. They get to the bottom and are they are happy that they made it through the dramatic experience. They get to a Jacuzzi and Ben says that he has noticed her open up. He says that he loves this time that he is able to spend with Lindzi. He says that tonight will be a telling point where he and Lindzi stand. That evening, Ben and Lindzi get to a romantic dinner and Lindzi says that she is scared that she might get hurt, but she doesn’t want to lose Ben. They talk and Lindzi says that in the beginning, it was hard to open because she was afraid to get hurt. She says that she has been guarded. She says that she knows that she is falling in love with Ben and says that she would love this to end well. He gives her a card and it says that she would love to spend more time with him. They get into the suite and Lindzi says that this feels real and she says that she likes where this is going. They kiss and Ben says that he can see himself with her for the rest of his life.

The next day, Ben finishes his overnights with Courtney. They meet up and they get on a train. Courtney is happy to be with Ben and they love the view from the train. Ben likes that Courtney is open to anything and Courtney says that she loves her time with Ben and it is getting to the point where she can picture a life with Ben. She says that she feels bad for treating the other girls bad. Ben says that her being mean with the girls concerned him. She says that she maybe said things that were hurtful. Ben admits that it was messed up and Ben says that he will talk about it later. Courtney says that she is sad that she hurt Ben by being mean with the other girls. She gets emotional and says that there is a dark cloud over her. They get to dinner and Courtney hopes that she doesn’t lose Ben. Courtney talks about the actions and drama that she had with the girls. She says that she felt that she was the evil one from day one and says that she doesn’t want him to be worried about her. Ben says that he knows her and the Courtney that he knows, is good. He says that he needs support and says that he wonders if he is going to have the support of his friends and family with her. Courtney says that she is sorry. He gives the invitation to an overnight and she accepts it. They get to the room and she says that it is a perfect setting. She says that she is really in love with Ben.

The scene changes to Charlotte, North Carolina where they introduce Emily Maynard. She is the new Bachelorette. After breaking it off with Brad from the last season of The Bachelor, she has been taking care of her daughter. She has friends in Los Angeles and meets other girls who were on the Bachelorette as well. The girls take Emily to get her dolled up. They go to Titanic 3D and Emily says that she won’t settle for anything less then perfect love.

Back in Switzerland, Kacie B. goes up to Ben’s door and he is shocked that she is there. She welcomes him with a hug and is nervous. She says that she has come to Switzerland because she wanted to tell Ben that she wanted to know what happened between them. Ben says that for him, he felt that they were worlds apart. He says that she didn’t do anything wrong. He says that he cares for her and wanted to protect her. She felt that the question of moving in together was an issue with Ben. She opens up with her true feelings about Courtney and says that she is not in this to find love, but to win it. She says that it makes her sick that Ben could pick Courtney and says that she cares about Ben and wants him to be happy.

Later that night, Ben is confused and says that Kacie B.’s return was a mind-opening experience and is confused. Chris comes up and asks how he is feeling. Ben says that he is confused and says that Kacie B. showed up and told him some things about Courtney. He says that he has a rose ceremony and all the information that Kacie B. gave him is weighing on his mind. He doesn’t know if he has made the right choices. Chris asks if they need to include Kacie B. in the rose ceremony and he says that he doesn’t want her to be there. Chris says that he had amazing dates with the three girls. Ben goes over his dates and says that they have been fun.

At the rose ceremony, there are only 2 roses to be given out. Ben comes up to the girls and says that this is going to be the hardest part for him. He gets into it and gives the first rose to Lindzi. The final rose goes to Courtney. This leaves Nicki to go out of the quest for love. He walks her out and says that this has been hard on him and says that he cried even. She tells him that she wants him to be happy and hopes that he is treated well with the girl he chooses. The episode ends. Next week, the women come back and tell all!