The Women Tell All - Recap

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The Bachelor’s Special kicks off with Chris Harrison coming out and he says that all the women are there and Courtney is going to be there to defend herself. They show a clip of the clip of the Reunion and all about Bachelor Pad. Ed from Season 5, Jillian’s Season, of the Bachelorette is there and he is single even after getting together with Jillian. He is there looking for love. Ryan P. from Ashley’s Season of the Bachelorette is single and he says that he is open to find love. There are many people in the promo of former bachelors and bachelorettes who are looking for love. Ali is there and after things with Roberto and she didn’t last. Frank goes into the party and sees Ali there, the woman who got her heart broken. However, they see that they have a lot in common now and start talking again. The promo ends and Chris says that they are going to talk to the women and have one of Courtney some to the show as well.

Amber T., Monica, Jamie, Samantha, Jaclyn, Erika, Brittney, Elyse, Jenna, Jennifer, Rachel, Casey S., Blakeley, Emily, Nicki and Kacie B. are at the studio and Chris asks them what it was like on the first night. Jennifer says that it was intimidating. Nicki says that she was hoping that Ben was going to be the Bachelor. They review what the girls thought on the first time meeting Ben. Chris talks to Blakely and wants to know why she was competitive. She says that she wanted to go into this without it being in a competition. Jennifer says that she and Blakeley got along and Samantha says that Blakeley was rude to everyone and Jamie says that everyone was rude to everyone. They address her “blessings” and how she was flaunting them. Brittney says that she left because there was no attraction between her and Ben and Samantha says that Brittney was bullied by Blakeley. Emily defends this and Samantha says that Brittney came to her crying, but Brittney says that she is the Chihuahua in the house and tells her to shut up.

Chris brings up Shawntel and she says that this wasn’t easy. They show the clip and Shawntel is not happy to see that again. She says that she was horrified to hear about the names that she was called while she wasn’t around and how the girls said that she was uglier in person and how her hips are wide. She says that she wasn’t expecting to make best friends and says that she was like the little kid being bullied. Elyse says that she wants to be sincere about it, but she was blindsided. Rachel says that she came in wrong. Emily says that they didn’t approach the situation right. Erika fesses up to calling Shawntel the horrible names and says that she was just scared. Emily sums it up and says that it is only because she is gorgeous and that is why they were so defensive with her.

Chris talks to Emily and they take a look at her time on The Bachelor and how she didn’t like Courtney. Afterward, she says that she thought that she was going to go in this without being the antagonist and says that she wonders if she had taken the high road and ignored it, she could have still been in it. However, she says that she doesn’t want to be with a guy who can’t see past Courtney. She says that two things that he did was skinny dipping with Courtney and then he told her that she needs to tread lightly. Emily says that she has learned to open more and hopes that she will be able to see the signals.

Chris talks to Nicki next and they look back on her time on the show. Afterward, she says that she was in love with Ben and that it was great to get to the point of saying “I Love You” to Ben. She says that they were natural with one another and says that is how she should feel. She says that she was shocked that she didn’t get a rose on that night. She says that she has a few questions that she would wanted answered from Ben and says that it was hard at first when she went home. She says that she cried for a while, but says that she is over that now and that she is happy.

Kacie B. gets her time on the hot seat and they look back on her moments on The Bachelor. Afterward, Kacie B. says that she was skeptical at first coming on the show, but was also open-minded to the fact that she could find love. She says that was hard for her and says that she kept telling herself that it was fine. She says that even Ben was telling her that everything was fine as well. She says that was the reason why she flew down to Switzerland to confront Ben about the rejection. She says that she was completely blind-sided and that she wanted to make sure that Ben wasn’t making a bad choice. She says that she learned that the core values and families were different then what Ben expected and says that is what drove them apart. She says that she hopes to find love soon again.

Chris brings up the topic of Courtney and they show her moments. Chris asks the girls about what they thought of Courtney and Monica starts it off by saying that she is a liar and that she is not to be trusted. Kacie B. says that she is the way she is and that it is eventually going to show. Erika says that she is devilish. Nicki says that Courtney is not a good person. Casey S. defends Courtney and says that she was very nice to her. Emily says that Courtney was being nice to her and then flipped around and showed her other side when Emily tried to apologize to her. None of the girls feel that Courtney is in this for love and that she is only in it to win. Nicki says that her affections for Ben are not true and that she is fake.

Courtney comes out oblivious to what the girls have said about her and Chris asks her how she feels. Courtney says that she is terrified to be in the hot seat surrounded by the women she has hurt. She says that they had a right to be upset with her because she treated them badly. Blakeley starts it off and asks what she did to make her hate her so bad. Courtney says that Blakeley didn’t do a thing. The girls feel that Courtney is only trying to save her image. Chris brings up the apology that Emily attempted to give her and Courtney says that she is sorry about not accepting it. Nicki asks her way she waited to be down to the Final 3 before apologizing to Ben. Courtney says that she had time to relax and think things through. That is when she realized that she was being very bad to everyone and says that she is sorry. Jennifer says that she is only apologizing to get closer to Ben and not to them. The girls are not happy and Emily says that they were all nervous, but they were nice to one another.

They take a break and after the break, Chris asks Courtney about the sincerity of her apology. Courtney brings up the fact that the press is attacking her and her family for the things that she has done to get to where she is and that it is really heard. She says that she handled things bad and Emily asks her if she is going to be better from this and if she has learned anything. Courtney says that she has, but none of the girls are buying what she is giving out. Blakeley interrupts the arguments and asks Courtney why she would call her a stripper on national television and then do what she did with Ben. Courtney says that she is sorry and starts to break down and cry. Chris, realizing that this is going nowhere, says that she has had enough and that they wish her luck.

Lastly, Ben comes out and talks to the girls. Jennifer goes first and asks him what he saw in Blakeley that he didn’t see in her. Ben says that with Jennifer, it was early still and says that it was clear that Jennifer was future then he was in the relationship and that it was best to cut the ties now rather then later. Emily asks Ben what really was the reason that she went home and Ben says that he wanted to focus on them, but Emily was always focused on Courtney and her actions. Nicki says that Ben is the best man, but wants to know what happened between them. He says that he realized that he didn’t see himself with her anymore. Ben apologizes to Casey S. for not being more of a gentleman to her. She says that she understands where he is coming from though. Jamie puts the advertisement out that she is available if things don’t work out with Courtney or Lindzi. They laugh and watch the bloopers of the season. After which, the episode ends. Next week it all comes down to Lindzi and Courtney!