After the Final Rose - Recap

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The special kicks off with Chris Harrison coming out and greeting the crowd. He welcomes out Ben to the studio and he sits down. Chris congrats Ben and says that the woman he saw on the episodes is not the woman he was talking to in person and says that it was hard to see the negative publicity that he got for proposing to Courtney. He says that it was hard for him and that it shouldn’t have happened. He says that he cracked under the pressure of it all and that is why they broke off the engagement. He says that there were some trust issues between them. Chris brings up the Tabloid pictures of Ben with another woman after the engagement to Courtney. Ben defends himself and says that was a friend and some of the pictures were taken years ago. He says that was not what he signed up for and it is hard to see that and not being able to talk to Courtney in person.

Courtney comes out and Chris asks how she is doing. She says that this journey got spoiled and it is hard to be in the public eye and says that she feels responsible about the bad press. She says that this brought out the worst in her. She says that she didn’t like the fact that Ben literally abandoned her when she needed him the most. She says that she didn’t want all the publicity, but agrees that she created most of it for Ben. Chris asks if they are still a couple and she says that they are. She then recants that and says that she doesn’t really know if they are a couple or not. She says that she loves him too much to turn her back on him and says that she is hopeful that they are going to get back together. She cries and says that she wants to be hopeful and says that she needs to see Ben and have it be normal and talk.

Ben and Courtney sit down together with Chris and he asks what happened with their engagement. Ben says that the publicity got so much that he couldn’t take it and that he should have stood by Courtney’s side on this, but he cracked. He apologizes to Courtney for not being there when she needed him the most. They both agree that they have trust issues because of the fact that Courtney was rude to all the women and that she had some things to work out. Chris asks them to watch the proposal one more time. Both of them are in tears and they are happy that they got to see that again. Ben maintains his composure and says that day was special for them.

They talk about the proposal and Courtney says that was the happiest day of her life and says that it was great to see it again. Ben says that the main reason why he broke off the engagement was because of all the bad press and he just couldn’t handle it anymore. Chris pulls out the ring that Ben took back from Courtney. Chris asks Ben what he wants to do with this and Ben gives Courtney the engagement ring once again and the crowd cheers. He says that he doesn’t know when they will get married, but hopes that it will be someday soon.

Chris brings out Ashley and J.P. from last year’s Bachelorette. She says that this is really weird to be there. Ashley says that she can relate with what Courtney is going through and says that she feels bad for her. She says that if they really do love each other, then they can get through this. J.P. says that he knows that the press can be hard on them because he remembers that Ashley got a lot of bad press and that there was many times in which she didn’t know what to do. However, they stuck by their original plan and have been happy ever since.

Chris asks where they are in the relationship and J.P. says that Ashley is pregnant. She slaps him playfully and says that is how rumors get started. They laugh and tell Chris that isn’t true and say that they are having fun being engaged. Ashley says that she and J.P. are looking to get married within a year for sure. Chris says that he is going to the wedding and suggests that he get ordained to marry them even. They agree to it. Ashley gives a few words of wisdom to Emily Maynard, the new Bachelorette. The episode ends.