The Final Rose - Recap

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The moment has come and it is down to the Final Two: Lindzi and Courtney. The Season Finale kicks off in Zermatt, Switzerland and they are in the Swiss Alps. Ben says that he is in love with two women and he says that he needs more time with Lindzi to be able to have more of a connection. With Courtney, he has doubts along the way and the decision is going to be even more difficult then he thought. He says that it feels great to be in love. Ben’s mother, Barbara, and sister, Julia, are there with him and Ben gets teary-eyed. He is relieved. They sit down and talk about the journey and Ben says that them being there for him is perfect. He says that their opinions of the girls and says that he needs honesty. Julia asks if there was a girl that the other girls didn’t like. Ben says that Courtney is that girl. Julia says that she is a red flag. Ben says that he wants his family to see what he sees.

Lindzi comes up with a present and she says that she is a little nervous to meet Ben’s family. She goes into the cabin and meets Julia and Barbara. She says that she is a little bit country, but lives in the city. They get some lunch and Lindzi is a little clumsy. Lindzi talks to Barbara and she asks her what Lindzi finds in Ben. She says that Ben is special. Lindzi says that she feels comfortable with Ben and says that she has completely fallen in love with him. Lindzi goes out with Julia and she says that she wants to dig deeper with Lindzi and says that she is nice. Julia says that she needs a little information on Courtney. Lindzi says that Courtney is different and says that she was shut-off. She says that Courtney doesn’t sit well with her and says that she wants to protect her brother and says that she appreciates Lindzi and says that she would be a good fit with Ben. Afterward, Julia talks to Ben and says that she really likes Lindzi.

Courtney comes up to the cabin and she has a present too. Ben is more nervous then Courtney is. They go in and sit down with Barbara and Julia. Right away, they bring up the model thing and Courtney says that she was attacked from Day One by the other girls. Julia takes Courtney outside and she brings up the fact that Courtney never got along with the other girls. She says that she tried to make friends, but it seemed like they were against her from the beginning. Barbara sits down with Courtney and Courtney says that she loves Ben and says that he is a fun guy. Julia sits down with Ben and says that Courtney is a really amazing girl. She says that she would fit really well in with the family. He likes that they gave her Courtney their stamp of approval. Ben sits down with Julia and Barbara and asks them what they felt with the girls. Barbara says that Lindzi was natural and it was really good to see that. Julia says that it is clear that there is time that is going to be worked on. For Courtney, Barbara says that she is an accomplished woman and that she would fit in nicely.

The next day, Lindzi and Ben have a date and Lindzi says that she is nervous about the date. Ben comes up in a horse-drawn carriage. They ride around the town and Ben and Lindzi have a good time. They go skiing and they are going to ski the Matterhorn. She says that she has never skied before. They have a picnic in the Gondola. Suddenly it stops in the middle with the Matterhorn in view. Ben and Lindzi talk and she says that this is good crazy. Ben says that Lindzi has been more open with him and she asks if he can see them in his future. She says that she wants to be the best for him. Ben says that it is hard to get to that place and says that he appreciates it. They go down the mountain together and she says that she is excited and doesn’t want to hold back.

Later that evening, Lindzi lights candles with Dinner. Ben comes to her room and she says she is kind of exhausted skiing and says that she loves the down-times with Ben. He says that he has had a good feeling with her and she says that it is going to get better for him. He says that he wants someone to be able to go to and Lindzi says that he is the first person worth loving. She kisses him and says that she had a lot of fun with him.

The next day, Courtney and Ben have their potential last date together. Courtney says that she is happy with Ben and says that she doesn’t feel threatened with Lindzi. They get in a helicopter and enjoy flying over the Matterhorn. They land and have set up a picnic. Courtney says that she loves Ben and that she doesn’t want anything to go wrong with the date. Ben asks how she is feeling and she says that she is glad that it is going to be the end of the journey, but hopes that it is not the end of their time together. Ben says that his family loved her too and Courtney says that this experience has been worth it. She says that she loves being with him. Ben says that he feels comfortable with Courtney. They go sledding down a hill and have a lot of fun.

Later that night, Courtney lights candles for Ben and their dinner together. She says that she wants to focus on the connection that they made and not to think of the past. Courtney says that she has put herself out there. She says that she has a gift for him and he opens it. He sees that it is a photo album of them. She reads him a love letter that she wrote him and she says that he is the only one for her. He says that is really nice of her. She asks if he has any concerns and she says that she has been defending herself all the time during the journey and says that it makes her sad that he would bring it up. Ben says that he trusts what people say. Courtney says that she was showing Ben the real Courtney. She is worried of losing Ben over her actions.

The next day, Ben starts to bring up the pros and cons of Courtney and Lindzi as he walks through the city. Lindzi and Courtney do the same and say all the things that they love about Ben. Later, Ben picks an engagement ring for the second time. Ben starts to think about the woman who he is going to have to break up with and which one he is going to propose to. The girls get ready for their potential proposal. Ben says that this is the first time where he feels the love from another person. Ben gets ready to make the choice. Lindzi arrives and Chris escorts her to Ben. Lindzi says that she loves Ben and loves everything about him. However, he says that he is in love with someone else and that this didn’t come easy. She gets in the chopper and she says that she wants to go home now.

Courtney arrives via helicopter and she says that she is either going to be leaving the happiest or the biggest fool. Courtney says that she is a good person and good things happen to good people. She gets off the helicopter and Chris escorts her to Ben. She says that she will say yes if Ben proposes to her. She says that Ben is a good guy and possibly be able to love him forever. He says that he had a fun time with her and that she showed him a great time. He hints that he is going to say that he doesn’t want to marry her, but then says that she is his “forever” and that he wants to marry her. He gets on one knee and she says yes. The episode ends.