Week 1 (S17) - Recap

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Another Season of ‘The Bachelor’ kicks off with Sean Lowe, 29, from Dallas, Texas. Sean was on Emily Maynard’s season of ‘The Bachelorette’. He says that this is nuts and says that he is excited to meet the 25 women that he is going to meet. He says that he was vulnerable on ‘The Bachelorette’ and always felt that Emily and he had a connection. However he was blindsided. He says that it was torture getting over Emily, but he has great friends and family and knows that there is another plan for him. He says that this is slowly setting in with him when he arrives in L.A. He says that he wants to find his wife and is about to embark on the most important journey.

Sean gets ready for the night where he is going to meet the 25 girls. Arie from Emily’s season of ‘The Bachelorette’ comes over and they have a beer together. They sit down and Arie says that it is tough and asks how he is going to give out the roses. They play around a bit with how he is going to break up with a girl and Arie and Sean role play a little. Sean asks for pointers on kissing and Arie says that he has to lead with his hands and tells him that he wants to use very little tongue. Sean says that this is going to be wild. Sean gets dressed up and goes to the mansion. Chris Harrisson comes out and says that Sean wants to fall in love again and find the woman of his dreams. They take a look at

Desiree (26) a bridal stylist from Los Angeles, CA wants to meet the person who completes her. She is hoping for fireworks and thinks that she is ready for love.

Tierra (24) a leasing consultant from Denver, CO has gotten her heart broken twice and says that she wants a best friend and husband and is ecstatic when she finds out that the Bachelor is Sean. She loves his eyes and says that he is her future husband.

Robyn (24) an oilfield account manager from Houston, TX has dated before and is a little corky. She has sticky notes everywhere because she wants to learn Spanish. She says that she is a hopeless romantic and wants to find love.

Diana (31) a salon owner from Salt Lake City, UT has two daughters. She says that life as a single mother is hard, but wants to find love again.

Sarah (26) an advertising executive from Los Angeles, CA is an average girl with one arm. She was born with it and has not allowed it to hinder her. She says that ‘The Bachelor’ brings people compatible together.

Ashley P. (28) a hair stylist from Macomb, MI has no idea why she is still single. She has a special man in her life and says that it is Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey. She wants Sean to rip her clothes off and spank her.

Lesley M. (25) a political consultant from Washington, D.C. wants to get with someone who is not a geek or politician. She is from Arkansas originally and is a modern southern belle.

Kristy (25) a model from Darien, WI loves the spotlight. She says that she is ready to dive in head first.

AshLee F. (32) a personal organizer from Houston, TX wants to have someone in her life. She says that she is adopted and went through several homes until she was adopted by a Pastor and his wife. She has been through a lot, but she looks forward to this.

Sean steps out of the limo and talks to Chris Harrison. The first limo pulls up. The first girl to step out is AshLee F. (32). She hugs him and asks him how he is feeling. Jackie (25) a cosmetics consultant from Boynton Beach, FL steps out next. She kisses him on the cheek with red lipstick. Selma (29) a real estate developer from San Diego, CA comes out next. She pulls out a cleanex from the top of her dress and wipes off the lip mark. Next, Leslie H. (29) a poker dealer from Los Angeles, CA comes up. She tells him that she is nervous. She calls him Mr. McSteemy. Daniella (24) a commercial casting associate from San Francisco, CA comes up next. She says that they can do a secret handshake and it is a bit bizarre.

The next limo pulls up and Kelly (28) a cruise ship entertainer from Nashville, TN comes out. She hugs him and sings him a song that she wrote a song for him. Katie (27) a yoga instructor from Charlotte, NC comes up and teaches him a yoga move. Ashley P. (28) comes up and pulls a tie from the top of her dress and asks him if he can teach her how to use it sometime. He blushes and says that he gets the symbolism. Taryn (30) a health club manager from Troutdale, OR comes up next. She says that she wanted to get to know him because she hasn’t seen the last two seasons. Catherine (26) a graphic designer from Seattle, WA comes out next and says that he is such a hunk.

The next limo pulls up and Robyn (24) comes up and attempts a back cartwheel. She messes up on the second one and is a little embarrassed. Lacey (24) a graduate student from Valencia, CA comes out next and gives him a heart made out of lace. Paige (25) a jumbotron operator from New York, NY comes up. She says that she was on Bachelor Pad 3 and says that she is excited for this. Tierra (24) comes up next and says that she is so excited. She shows that she has a heart on her finger that is open and wants him to be the man to complete it. Sean tells her to wait and Sean goes up to Chris and says that he wants to bend the rules a bit. He comes back to Tierra and gives her the first rose. Tierra gets in and shows the other girls that she got a rose and it is clear that they are not happy. Amanda (26) a fit model from Newport Beach, CA comes up and they hug. Keriann (29) an entrepreneur from Boca Raton, FL comes out and says that she drove from Florida to meet him and says that he is worth it. Desiree (26) comes out and says that can make a wish together.

The next limo pulls up and Sarah (26) comes out first. He says that he would have never thought that he could fall in love this way. Brooke (25) a community organizer from Pittsburg, PA comes up and asks him if he is ready for a wild journey and he says that he is. Diana (31) comes up and hugs him. She asks if he wants to call it a night and he laughs. Lesley M. (25) comes up and says that she has a football. She has him bend over so that she can look at his butt.

The final limo pulls up and Kristy (25) comes out first. She says that she is excited to get to know him. Ashley H. (25) a fashion model from Denver, CO comes out next. She says that it is nice to meet him. Lauren (27) a journalist from Cranston, RI comes up and says that she is from an Italian family and says that if he breaks her heart, her father is going to break his legs. He laughs and she laughs. Lindsay (24) a substitute teacher from Fort Leonard Wood, MO comes out in a wedding dress complete with viel. She kisses him. That is it for meeting the girls and Chris comes up. He asks what Sean thinks and he says that he can’t wait to get inside. Chris says that there is one more person. Kacie B. (25) from last season of the Bachelor comes up. He says that it is great to see her. Kacie B. says that she wants to see if there is something between them.

Kacie B. goes inside the house and the girls are shocked. They start talking Desiree says that this is not fair. Kacie B. says that she came here because she wants to have a chance like everyone else. The girls talk about Sean and how he is pretty to look at. Sean comes in and Selma says that Sean is her dream man. Sean tells the girls to be themselves and says that they should be open-minded. Catherine says that all the girls there are gorgeous and it is intimidating. The girls talk to the others and Kacie B sits with Sean to talk. Sean offers his jacket to her because she is cold. She says that she wants to see what happens with her and him. Sean talks to Desiree and she talks about how she works at wedding dress shop. She tells him that she loves how Sean is and says that she hopes that his heart is better. He gives her the second rose of the night. The other girls are not happy and are confused. Sarah is shocked that another girl has a rose. Selma gets a rose, Robyn gets a rose, Jackie gets a rose as well. Sean says that there is a stress. Ashley H. doesn’t get the rose when she talks to Sean.

Lindsay sits down with Sean and asks to dance with him. She is a big flirt and says that she likes to act like a goofball and Sean tells her that he is glad to meet her, but he doesn’t give her a rose. She is feeling insecure. Ashley P. is a little drunk and Kacie B says that Ashley needs a lot of water. She sits down with him and tells him that she wants to marry him. She falls over and is clearly really drunk. Lesley M. is a little shocked that the rules have changed and the mood is definitely not good. They battle each other for time with Sean. Taryn isn’t sure if she is going to have some time and Sean comes and takes Brooke away for a moment. Taryn is on the stairs crying and she says that she doesn’t really fight over a guy. Sarah says that she isn’t going to force anything and if it happens then it will happen. The girls talk her into talking to Sean. She sits down with Sean and says that she is looking for the next step. She tells Sean about her arm and how she is open about talking about it. She says that she is unique, but has the same heart. Sean tells her that he enjoys talking to her and gives her a rose.

It is time for the rose ceremony and the girls who don’t have roses are anxious to find out what is going to happen. Lindsay says that this could be horrible for her. The girls line up and Chris Harrison comes out. He says that there are 7 roses to hand out. Sean comes out and thanks the girls for their patience. He says that ultimately he would love to find his wife. He says that he has made some decisions. The first rose goes to Amanda. The next rose goes to Lesley M. The third rose goes to Kacie B. The next rose goes to Kristy. The fifth rose goes to Daniela. The next rose goes to Taryn. The final rose goes to Lindsey. This means that Paige, Lauren, Ashley P., Kelly, Lacey, Keriann, and Ashley H do not get a rose and have to leave. The remaining 19 girls toast to a possible future with Sean and the episode ends.