Week 2 (S17) - Recap

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With Paige, Lauren, Ashley P., Kelly, Lacey, Keriann and Ashley H. sent home packing last week, AshLee F. (32), Jackie (25), Selma (29), Leslie H. (29), Daniella (24), Katie (27), Taryn (30), Catherine (26), Robyn (24), Tierra (24), Amanda (26), Desiree (26), Sarah (26), Brooke (25), Diana (31), Lesley M. (25), Kristy (25), Lindsay (24) and Kacie B. (25) remain in the house. The episode begins on a new day. Sean says that he was blown away last night and says that he can see himself getting down on one knee at the end of this. Chris Harrison comes up to the ladies and says that he sees this working for Sean. The date card is given and wishes them luck. Kristy opens it and it is Sarah has the first date card. She goes off to get ready and is up for anything today.

The helicopter comes to pick Sarah up and the girls run out. Sean steps out and takes Sarah into the helicopter. They fly and Sarah says that her disability doesn’t define her with having one arm and her being picked first is amazing. They fly over the city and land on top of a skyscraper. They have a champagne toast at the bottom. They are going to free-fall 300 ft. She tells Sean that she can trust him. They get harnessed in and climb to the edge. They manage to get the strength to do it and free-fall. They are happy that they did it together.

That night, Sarah goes out with Sean to a dinner. They toast to the night and Sarah shares the story of her father and her zip-lining. She was not allowed to go because she had one arm. She says that her father told her that she is going to need to find a guy who is strong and will be able to handle situations and she tells Sean that today was the day where he protected her. At the house, the Group Date Card comes and Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Leslie M, Daniella, Catherine, Robyn, Katie, Kacie, Selma, Diana, Taryn and Tierra are on the list. Back on the date, Sarah opens up about how she wants to find someone who has similar interests as her. Sean takes her to the table with a rose and gives it to her. They kiss.

The next day, the girls go on their Group Date and Tierra is determined to get the rose and is not happy to have to share the date with the other girls. They get to a mansion and Sean tells them that they are doing a photo shoot for Harlequin Novels, the most trusted name in Romance. The person who is selected will appear on 3 romantic books. Sean is happy about this and is planning to give the rose to the girl who impresses him the most. Tierra complains about Kristy having extensions and Robyn doesn’t like Tierra’s attitude. The girls come out for the first shoot and Lesley M. makes an impression and kisses Sean when asked and she says that there were a lot of angry eyes. They move on to the next shoot and Kristy is ecstatic. Tierra gets her spot and says that it is important to take advantage of this. Kristy shows the other girls how it is done and Tierra looks pissed. The winner of the shoot is Kristy wins the cover deal.

The date moves back to the mansion where they have a Pool Party. The evening starts and Kacie B. says that getting a rose would be awesome. Lesley M. takes Sean inside and she asks if he has questions for her. He asks why she is there and she tells him that it is for love and says that she is hopeful. Sean says that he wants to kiss her, but Lesley changes the topic and Sean has fun talking to her. Sean continues to talk to the girls as Lesley gets nervous of the moves that she didn’t make on him. She steals him away again and she leans in and kisses him. Kacie B. takes Sean away and says that she is hopeful that there is a spark. She asks him how he feels about her and he says that he wants to see where this goes.

Sean continues to talk to the girls and Selma tells him that the way Sean says that he is looking for his wife is sexy. Tierra continues to be spiteful and Daniella hopes that Sean sees through her. The date continues and Sean takes Tierra to the side. He asks about her attitude and she tells him that her focus is to show Sean that she is interested mainly on him. He says that he has been in the same situation and says that he really likes her. He says that he wants her to hang around longer. In the house, the next Date Card comes and it is for Desiree. Back on the Group Date, Katie is not happy with the way everyone is acting and that she is the odd duck in the group. Kacie B. says that she is not going to be sad if people leave on their own from this. Katie says that she is not adjusting very well. Sean tells her that he understands. She tells him that she needs to go home. Sean walks her out. Kacie is stoked that she left. Sean sits down and gives the rose to Kacie B.

The next night, the one-on-one with Desiree is on and Sean has asked for Chris Harrison’s help to prank her. Chris meets with Sean and tells him that one of the art exhibits is going to crash and actors are going to be playing with her. Chris says that Sean and him are going to be watching the entire thing. Sean goes out to meet Desiree. They enter the expensive Art Gallery and they toast to a wonderful night. The host says that the “Poulet un Petit” is valued at $1,500,000 and the host says that the piece is in the workroom and invites Sean and Desiree back there. Sean gets pulled away and watches from the video room and feels bad for her. After the artwork falls, he feels really bad and rescues her. She laughs and says that it was a good joke. Sean tells her that they can go to his place and have dinner.

They get back to Sean’s place and he has dinner prepared. Sean says that it feels natural and comfortable being around her. They toast to no more pranks and to getting to know him. Desiree tells him that her parents are perfect and that they have a lot of similarities with the way their parents feel about each other. Sean tells her that being around her is easy and didn’t expect to be so comfortable around her. They get in their swim gear and get into the hot tub. Desiree asks what marriage is to him. Sean says that he will start with love and says that they go hand and hand. Desiree says that if he loves someone, then he will always talk about the future. Sean tells her that Desiree is the first to bring every side out to him. Sean gives her the rose and tells her that she has every quality that he is looking for. She jokes with him for a bit and says that she of course will accept the rose from him. They make-out for a bit.

The cocktail party starts and Catherine says that there are a lot of girls around and Jackie is nervous that she didn’t get a date at all. Sean comes in and tells the girls that he is thankful for the time he has spent with them and says that they will further the connections. Sean says that he has a feeling of whom he is going to send home. He takes Leslie H. to the side and says that he wants to get to know her. She tells him on how her father is a General in the Army and Sean says that he loves families. They laugh and how they should be best friends and Sean is not really sure who he will send home after talking to the girls again. Desiree says that they all want all the time and attention and Amanda is silent glaring at the others. When Desiree asks her how she feels and Amanda ignores her. Catherine says that the mood is off and Lesley M. says that tonight is going to be enlightening. Robyn says that the show has become more culturally diverse and is nervous that Sean might not be attracted to black women.

Robyn sits down with Sean and he says that he doesn’t care about the race of anyone and says that he wants to find his wife. Selma sits down with him and teaches him a little Arabic. Sean comes in and Amanda, who has been glaring all night, changes her mood changes to a bubbly personality. The girls are shocked at the drastic change. Desiree is not happy with that and says that Sean deserves so much better. The rose ceremony beings and the first rose goes to AshLee F. The next rose goes to Lindsay. The third rose goes to Robyn. The next rose goes to Jackie. The fifth rose goes to Lesley M. The next rose goes to Selma. The seventh rose goes to Catherine. The next rose goes to Kristy. The ninth rose goes to Leslie H. The next rose goes to Tierra. The eleventh rose goes to Taryn. The next rose goes to Daniella. The final rose goes to Amanda. This means that Diana and Brooke are going home.