Week 3 (S17) - Recap

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With Diana and Brooke given the boot and Katie deciding to leave, it is down to AshLee F. (32), Jackie (25), Selma (29), Leslie H. (29), Daniella (24), Taryn (30), Catherine (26), Robyn (24), Tierra (24), Amanda (26), Desiree (26), Sarah (26), Lesley M. (25), Kristy (25), Lindsay (24) and Kacie B. (25) to fight for Sean’s love. The new day starts and Sean says that he has feelings for a lot of women. He says that he is looking towards the future. Chris Harrison says that there are 2 one-on-one dates and 1 group date. He leaves the first date card. Lesley M. gets the first one-on-one date card and she says that they can take their relationship further.

Sean picks up Lesley M. and she tries to figure out what the date card meant. Sean says that he and Lesley M. had a nice connection and can’t wait to see her reaction. They walk into the Guinness World’s Records. She feels that the date is a little weird, but loves spending time with one another. Sean shows her that his dad broke the Guinness World’s Record for driving across the states in the shortest amount of time. He did it in 97hrs and 4 minutes. They are going to be breaking a Guinness World Record of the Longest On-Screen Kiss. They have to kiss for more than 3 minutes and 15 seconds. They begin kissing and they try not laugh. As they kiss, they get into it more and forget about the people watching them. They manage to break the record and get their certificate.

Later that night, they go to the roof of a Hotel and Sean says that Lesley M. has that quality that makes him want to spend time with her. Sean asks her about growing up and Lesley M. tells him that she was kind of a nerd and studied a lot. She says that she can spend time with her family more than her friends. She says that Sean makes her nervous and she blushes. She is nervous because she really likes him. Sean says that he likes her and she leans in and kisses him. Back at the mansion, the Group date card comes and Kacie B. Robyn, Leslie H. Kristy, Catherine, Desiree, Taryn, Amanda, Lindsay, Daniella, Jackie and Tierra are on the list. Back on the date, Sean asks if this could work so far and she says that she does. Sean says that he does to and gives her a rose.

The next day, the girls go to their date and Kristy is excited. Amanda says that she is really competitive. Sean takes off his shirt and the girls go crazy. Chris Harrison comes over and tells them that they are going to play Beach Volleyball. The winning team will get to stay with Sean into the next part of the date. They are split into the teams and it is Blue Team: Lindsay, Jackie, Robyn, Desiree, Amanda and Kacie B and Red Team: Taryn, Catherine, Tierra, Kristy, Daniella and Leslie H. The game begins and both teams are having a hard time. The score is tied and the winning team is Blue Team! Kristy takes it hard and cries. Leslie also cries in fear that she might go home.

Later that night, the group date continues and Desiree says that the other team is probably crying in their beds. The losing girls get back to the mansion and Daniella says that Sean hasn’t seen her romantic side to her. Kristy says that it is emotional. Back on the date, Lindsay says that he is so amazing. She says that she is looking for someone who she can look at and have him know what she is saying. Sean says that he is excited where this could go. They kiss. Sean takes Desiree and he tells her that she looked good in her bikini. He says that he can never get tired of hanging out with her. Desiree says that she is deeper than just games. She says that she is pretty confident that she will get the rose. At the mansion, the last date card comes and Tierra says that it is for AshLee and Selma. However, she tells them that she is joking. She says that it is for AshLee. Sarah says that wasn’t cool and says that if she was Selma, she would have been pissed.

Back on the date, Amanda tells Desiree that she is going to do whatever it takes to get the rose. Amanda says that it would speak volumes if she was to get the rose. She sits down with Sean and tells him that she could be a light with him and is flirtatious. Desiree hears this and laughs. She hates that Amanda is different than what she shows Sean. Kacie B. decides to go up to Sean and tell him that there is drama between Desiree and Amanda. She decides to be a little selfish. She sits down with him and he doesn’t buy it and tells her that she doesn’t need to involve herself and tells her that he wants her to act like herself and not some crazy person. She realizes that the plan backfired. Sean gets back to the girls and gives Lindsay the rose.

The next day, AshLee gets ready for her one-on-one date with Sean and she says that she wants to open up to Sean about her adoption. However, Tierra falls down the stairs and the girls worry about her. AshLee sees through her act and it becomes obvious when the ambulance comes and Tierra gets to her feet. AshLee doesn’t like that she is monopolizing her time with Sean. After Sean makes sure that Tierra is alright, AshLee and Sean get to their date. It is at Six Flags Magic Mountain. They have it to themselves and Sean says that he has two girls who suffer from chronic illnesses who are going to be joining them. Emily and Brianna are the two girls and they have never met before in person. Brianna arrives first and then Emily. Brianna is happy to see her. AshLee loves to spend this moment with Sean and says that it is great. They have fun and the day comes to an end. That night, the girls, AshLee and Sean go to see The Eli Young Band concert. AshLee is touched to see that the girls’ diseases are not on their minds.

Later that night, AshLee and Sean are along and she wants to tell Sean that she has so much love. She says that on the adopted side of things, there are so many children who are not adopted. She says that she was adopted at 6 and says that she was abused by a family. Sean tells her that she has an optimistic nature and says that he likes that about her. She says that she remembers when she was adopted and says that her family has given her love every day. Sean gets emotional hearing the story and gives her the rose of the date. They end their date with a dance listening to the Eli Young Band and they kiss.

The cocktail party begins and the girls are nervous. Sean comes in and tells them that they all look beautiful. Sean takes Sarah to the side and has a surprise for her. He has brought her dog to her. She thanks him with a hug. Jackie is nervous that she won’t get any time with Sean. Tierra walks with him and says that her back hurts and says that it was embarrassing. Sean says that he trusts that this experience works and Tierra says that this gets their your head and Sean says that it is still early. Desiree steals Sean away and Tierra is pissed. Desiree kisses him. Tierra steals Sean away again and the girls see this. Lesley M. walks up and steals Sean away. As the girls steal Sean away, everyone gets upset with the situation. Kacie B. explains herself and is interrupted.

The cocktail party ends and the rose ceremony begins. Desiree is upset that she didn’t have enough time and Kacie B. is worried that she messed things up with Sean with her comments. Sean comes up to the girls. He asks Kacie B. to walk with him. He says that they are better off as friends. He sends her home. He tells the other girls that he sent Kacie B. home. The first rose goes to Tierra. The next rose goes to Leslie H. The third rose goes to Catherine. The next rose goes to Daniella. The fifth rose goes to Robyn. The next rose goes to Selma. The seventh rose goes to Sarah. The next rose goes to Jackie. The ninth rose goes to Amanda. The last rose goes to Desiree. This means that Kristy and Taryn are going home.