Week 4 (S17) - Recap

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With the shocking elimination of Kacie B., Kristy and Taryn, it is down to AshLee F. (32), Jackie (25), Selma (29), Leslie H. (29), Daniella (24), Catherine (26), Robyn (24), Tierra (24), Amanda (26), Desiree (26), Sarah (26), Lesley M. (25) and Lindsay (24) to win over Sean. Chris Harrison talks to the girls and tells them that he has the first Date Card in his hand. Sean is getting ready and says that this week he wants to allow the girls to trust him. The girls read the card and it is for Selma. She is excited for her first one-on-one date with Sean. She gets ready for her date and skips out of the room. The mood changes when she leaves and they are not happy that they didn’t get the date.

Sean comes up to the house to pick up Selma. They go into the limo for their date. She tells Sean that if they are going dancing, then she is going to step on his feet. They pull up to a private jet with the red carpet. They fly to their destination and Selma says that she feels like she is dreaming. They arrive in the middle of the desert to Joshua Tree National Park. Selma doesn’t do well in heat. They decide to do some rock climbing. Their gear is there and Selma is not happy about climbing. She struggles with her nerves, but then gets the power to climb and makes it to the top. She says that she conquered one of her fears and it is amazing. Sean tells her that she impressed him and says that she was fearless.

That night, they get cleaned up and go to dinner at a RV park where the RVs have their own theme of décor. They have wine and talk about the day. Selma says that her favorite part was being with him. Sean agrees. She asks why Sean is single and he says that he was in a serious relationship right out of college and marriage was brought up. He wasn’t ready at that time and now he is. Selma talks about her home life and how her parents were putting pressure on her and that. However, one big thing that she is not ready to tell him is that she can’t kiss him on national television. At the mansion, the next date card arrives and it is Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee F., Sarah and Tierra. Back on the date, Sean says that she would love to kiss her and she says that she can’t because her mom is strict in her culture. She says that she wasn’t happy that she is there on The Bachelor. She apologizes to Sean for that and he says that he understands and respects that. He gives her the rose.

The next day, the girls get ready for their group date and the girls are excited to see what is going to happen. They get to the place and find out that Sean has planned a roller derby. The girls are shocked at the thing that they are going to have to do. They get taught how to do the skating and battle and Amanda lies and says that she has done this before. The other girls are clearly affected as they start to mess up in practice. Sarah is unsure that she can do this because she doesn’t have the other hand to catch herself or even balance herself. She sits down and AshLee comes over. She tells Sarah that she can do this. Sean comes over and says that it doesn’t matter to him, but says that she will regret not going out there. She decides that she can do it and they continue to practice. Amanda crashes on the floor and the paramedics feel that she might have broken her jaw. She is taken to the hospital and Sean says that they are going to free skate for the rest of the day and says that he doesn’t want anyone else hurt.

That night, the girls get dressed up and have a party. Sean says that he is hoping for an even better night. Tierra is going crazy not spending time with Sean. Lindsay says that she was happy when they didn’t have to do the roller derby. Sean takes Sarah with him. He says that today was a good day and says that she did great. AshLee tells Tierra that she was good. Tierra is not socializing with the others. Amanda comes back and Sean talks to her. He says that he was worried. Amanda says that she is going to play the sympathy card. Sean kisses her on her chin. At the mansion, the final date card comes and Daniella wonders why she doesn’t get one. The card is for Leslie H. She gets earrings to wear on the date.

Back on the date, the girls talk about Amanda’s fall and Robyn asks Sarah and AshLee what happened. Tierra gets upset and Robyn calls her out. Tierra is acting so immature. Tierra says that she is not going to stoop to their level. Sarah asks her if Tierra is alright and Tierra says that she is about to walk out. She says that she doesn’t trust anyone. She tells the producers that she is done with this. Sean and Lindsay are kissing while Tierra has a breakdown. Lindsay tells Sean that they should go into the Hot Tub. They go downstairs and Tierra is waiting. Lindsay’s time is interrupted. Tierra tells Sean that this is hard and that she can’t do this. Sean says that he has been there and says that there comes a point to know if this is for her or not. Sean says that he knows that he likes him and knows by the way she looks at him. She calms down and Sean tells her that he will be back. He grabs the rose and tells Tierra that he is crazy about her and gives her the rose. The others girls see her sneakiness.

The next day, Leslie H. is excited for her date with Sean. He comes up to the house for their date and picks up Leslie. Sean takes Leslie to Rodeo Drive and does some shopping. They are living out the “Pretty Woman” fantasy. She models some dresses and she finds her dress. She completes the outfit with shoes. Sean completes it with a necklace from Neil Lane. Leslie is shocked at the size of the necklace. Leslie says that when she looks at Sean, she sees her future husband. They go to Bradbury and have dinner. Sean says that this date has been set up to enhance the romance. Sean asks about her past and she says that she grew up in church and says that her relationships have been strange and Sean asks how her family is built and she tells him that it is about love. Sean says that he has been blessed with love and says that he will take that from them. Leslie says that she grew up in a broken home. Sean says that there is no connection.

At the house, Selma says that Sean needs to see something in Leslie and Tierra says that there is something that has to click with every girl. Back on the date, Sean says that Leslie has a great personality, but there is no connection. He tells her that it didn’t click for him. He tells her that he can’t give her the rose. She tells him that she knows that he is there for the right reasons and that she wants him to find his wife. Sean says that he was really hoping to have the romance there, but it wasn’t there. In the car, Leslie says that she is blindsided and says that it sucks to say goodbye. She says that she is lost right now. At the mansion, they see that Leslie’s bags are taken. Sean says that he is going to have to let great women go and says that he didn’t know how much this is playing with his head. He says that he is having some doubts at this moment.

The next night, the cocktail party begins. Sean comes out and says that the girls look amazing and says that he knew that Leslie wasn’t the woman for him. He takes AshLee with him and says that he felt bad not being able to spend time with her yesterday. She tells him that she understands. He says that he thinks about how amazing she is. Robyn goes with Sean and tries a pick-up line. She kisses him. Desiree says that it is hard to tell Sean that Tierra is not right for him. Tierra talks to Amanda and tells her that she won’t allow anyone bash a hammer over her. She talks to Robyn and Jackie and apologizes to them..kind of. She tells Robyn that she attacked her. Robyn says that she didn’t do anything wrong. Robyn tells her that she is standoffish and that when she is around Sean, she is a different person. Robyn tells her that she accepts the apology. Robyn tells Desiree and Daniella about what Tierra says. Daniella says that she is manipulated.

Tierra talks to Sean and the other girls watch her and call her Tierr-able. Tierra tells Sean that she is very guarded and wants to only focus on him and her. Sean tells her that she is her own worst enemy and says that he knows who she is. Sean tells her to focus on them. Catherine tells the others that nothing needs to be said about Tierra’s fakeness. Catherine says that she is there to build a good relationship with Sean. She gives him her lips on a card. Sean says that she is easy to talk to. She walks with him and hug. They kiss. The rose ceremony starts and the girls line up. Chris Harrison tells them that there are 9 roses to be handed out. Sean comes out and says that he is confident that he might find his wife in this crowd. The first rose goes to Catherine. The next rose goes to Desiree. The third rose goes to Lindsay. The next rose goes to Lesley M. The fifth rose goes to Robyn. The next rose goes to AshLee F. The seventh rose goes to Sarah. The next rose goes to Jackie. The last rose goes to Daniella. This means that are going Amanda is going home.