Week 5 (S17) - Recap

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With Amanda and Leslie H. sent home, AshLee F. (32), Jackie (25), Selma (29), Daniella (24), Catherine (26), Robyn (24), Tierra (24), Desiree (26), Sarah (26), Lesley M. (25) and Lindsay (24) continue in their quest for love with Sean. Chris Harrison comes in and congrats the girls. He tells them that there is a one-on-one, a group date and two-on-one. They are also told that they are going to Montana. Sean says that he has never been to Montana and already he is in love with the place. He says that this is going to test some of the ladies. The girls arrive at the lodge they are going to be staying at. The date card is there and it is for Lindsay. She is on top of the world while the other girls are jealous. Sean comes in and takes Lindsay with him.

They go out to a helicopter. Sean says that Lindsay almost went home the first night when she wore the wedding dress, but he has realized that there is more there. They go to Glacier National Park and land. Lindsay says that she hasn’t been this close to anyone before. Sean says that he thinks he knows her as well as she knows him. She kisses him and he kisses her. Later that night, they have wine in a room. Lindsay says that she is grateful to be with him. She talks about how she was an Army Brat and how it was difficult. He says that he likes that she is seeking security. She tells him that she loves being around him.

At the mansion, the group date card comes and Selma, AshLee , Catherine, Desiree, Sarah, Lesley, Robyn and Daniella are on it. This means that the two-on-one is going to be between Tierra and Jackie. Tierra shows that she is not worried at all and the other girls don’t like how she is acting about it. Back on the date, Sean tells Lindsay that she is incredible and will make a great wife for someone. She gets the rose. Sean says that they get along so well and it is really exciting. He leads her to a sea of people and where they dance to Sarah Darling singing. Lindsay says that it is a dream come true for her. Sean says that they have come a long way since first meeting.

The next day, the group date is on and the girls come up to Sean. Selma gives him a hug. Sean tells the girls that they are going to have a relay race. They are going to have to saw a log, chuck hay, milk a cow and drink the milk. Selma, Desiree, Sarah and Robyn are the Red Team and Lesley, Daniella, AshLee and Catherine are the Blue Team. The winning team will move on to the second part of the date. The challenge begins and the Blue Team is off to a commanding lead. However, they are not good at canoeing. The Blue Team continues the lead, but Red Team pulls ahead. They get to the Goat and milk away. The Red Team wins! Catherine is really not happy.

They continue their date at Casey’s and Sean tells them that they were going to lose. Sean says that he wasn’t happy to send the blue team home. He wants to bend the rules a bit. Chris comes in and says that he has a date card for the Blue Team. They are invited to the party and they are happy. Sean tells the other girls that he has invited the Blue Team. Desiree is livid that none of her efforts were for nothing. Robyn says that they got nothing extra. Sarah talks to Sean and he tells her that she is pretty. At the mansion, Tierra is upset that she is being mislead and says that she doesn’t know where Sean’s head is at and wants to go find him. Back on the date, the girls are not happy that they won and are not given extra treatment. They say that they better not get the rose.

All the girls arrive on the date and Robyn is clearly upset. Tierra goes to Casey’s and walks up behind Sean and closes his eyes. He is shocked and happy. She says that she has to do what is right for her and says that she doesn’t understand why she is getting a two-on-one. She tells him that he hopes that he follows his heart tomorrow night. Sean says that it is going to be fun. Tierra leaves and Sean says that he worries about Tierra and doesn’t know what to make of it. Desiree gets taken away and AshLee comes up and interrupts her time. She tells Sean that this was so nice of him. She says that this is working for her and says that there is a soul connection with him. They kiss. She says that she is falling in love with him.

At the mansion, Tierra and Jackie get their date card and Jackie hopes that Sean will see how manipulative Tierra is. Back on the date, Catherine tells Sean that she loves spending time with him and says that it is great. Daniella goes up to Catherine, but feels that they are happy and tells Desiree that this has been emotional. She tells her that she doesn’t want to have to fight for it. Daniella continues to cry when Sean pulls her to the side. She tells him that she is sorry she is crying. Sean tells her that he wants her to know that he hasn’t forgotten about her. They kiss. Sean tells the girls that the relationships have grown. He gives Daniella the rose. Robyn is upset and says that it sucks.

The next day, Tierra gets ready for her date and says that she has to be aggressive now. She hopes that there is no connection with Jackie and Sean. They go to the Bar W Guest Ranch. Sean says that he really likes them, but has to make sure that he has a fun day. They get on horses and Jackie says that Sean looks sexy on a horse. Tierra says that she is going to act that Jackie is not there. Jackie doesn’t trust Tierra and says that Sean deserves to know things about Tierra. Jackie and Sean talk and he asks her where she sees herself in a year. She says that she hopes it is with him. She tells Sean that Tierra is fake around him and that she is really flirty around other men. He tells her that he would want to know things like that. Sean says that he knows that she is real and genuine. They kiss.

Later that night, the girls go with Sean to the lodge. They sit for some dinner and wine. Sean tells them that he had fun with them today and hopes to get to know them more. Sean is confused on whom to give the rose to. He pulls Tierra to the side and says that there is so much tension. She tells Sean that she is nervous because she has the biggest heart. Tierra tells Sean that she was with a guy for five years despite him going through rehab. She says that he passed away back in 2009 and says that she is afraid of getting close to someone and losing someone. She comes back and Sean says that he has a rose and gives it to Tierra and apologizes to Jackie. Sean says that he is starting to see things in Tierra more than with Jackie. In the cab ride, Jackie says that Sean is a great guy and Tierra is not a good decision for him. Sean and Tierra snuggle up and watch the fireworks.

The cocktail party comes and the girls come in upset that Tierra got the rose and not Jackie. Sean says that after yesterday’s date, a weight has been lifted. He tells the girls that it has been a difficult week and says that he hopes that they can continue to build the relationships. Sean says that he is excited to spend his night with the 10 remaining women. Desiree sits down with Sean and says that she feels that she gets affirmation and says that she doesn’t know what he gives the other girls. Sean asks Desiree about what is on her mind and she tells him that she doesn’t know what he is looking for. Sean says that he doesn’t feel great where he is with Desiree. The other girls make Tierra upset and Robyn says that it is to the point where it is getting out of control. She goes up to Tierra and tells her that at home they are not getting along and when the cameras are on, she wants to talk. Lesley tells Tierra that she needs to respond when people talk to her. Tierra says that Robyn wants to argue and Tierra says that she doesn’t care if they don’t like her. Tierra says that there are plenty other guys she can be with and

Sean talks to Tierra and she tells her that the girls are attacking her and saying that she can only handle so much. She says that no one gives her credit. Sean says that someone needs to say something to him. Sean talks to Lesley and asks if she has done anything directly affecting him. She tells him that Tierra is cold when around the other girls. Sean tells him that it has been a tough night and that it is going to be hard. The girls talk and Desiree says that Sean hopes that takes away Tierra’s rose. Chris talks to Sean and says that some women made a big impression with him. However, he is frustrated. He says that his one-on-one was great and says that he would hate to fall in love with Tierra and then find out all the drama. The girls line up and the first rose goes to Selma. The next rose goes to Catherine. The third rose goes to Lesley. The next rose goes to AshLee. The fifth rose goes to Sarah. The last rose goes to Desiree. This means that Robyn is going home.