Week 5 (S17) - Recap

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With Jackie and Robyn out of the competition, it is down to AshLee F. (32), Selma (29), Daniella (24), Catherine (26), Tierra (24), Desiree (26), Sarah (26), Lindsay (24) and Lesley M. (25) to get the hand of Sean in the end. They are in Alberta, Canada this week and Sean says that he is feeling great to be in Canada, but doesn’t know what is going to happen and is still hopeful of finding his wife in the group of girls. The girls arrive and Chris Harrison says that there are two one-on-one dates and one group date. He tells them to get their suite. Lesley says that Sean was upset at the rose ceremony. AshLee says that there is tension and says that she will through up if Tierra gets the date card. Lesley reads the one-one-one date card and it is for Catherine. She is happy that she is going on the date and knows that it will be perfect.

She stands in the middle of a blizzard for Sean and sees a giant snow bus. Sean is driving it and picks her up. They are at Jasper National Park and Sean says that they are going to play on a glacier. Catherine loves the manliness of Sean and says that he is in his element. They get out and Sean says that they have to turn things around this week and they have fun in the snow. He says that this is what he wants in a wife and for her to just embrace what happens. Sean says that there is no doubt in his mind that she passed the blizzard test. Later that night, they clean up and have dinner. Sean says that they are going to start their fairy tale in a carriage. Catherine says that she doesn’t want this to end. They walk up to an ice castle that was built just for them. They sit down and Sean says that this is the most romantic settings. He tells her that it clicks with her.

At the mansion, the group date card arrives and it is for Tierra, Sarah, AshLee, Lindsay, Lesley, Daniella and Selma. The girls feel bad for Daniella that she didn’t get a one-on-one. Back on the date, Catherine opens up about her experience when she was 12-years-old. She says that a tree fell on a girl who pushed herself in front of the line and that it could have been her. She says that her biggest goal is to have fun in life and to have a family. He says that he agrees with her outlook. Sean says that Catherine is intelligent, funny and sexy. He gives her the rose. He tells her that he is crazy about her and can’t get enough of her. She accepts the rose gladly and they kiss. Catherine says that she took a risk and is hopeful that she and Sean will find their happily ever after. Sean says that he can see himself with Catherine.

The next day, the girls come up for their group date. Sean says that last week it was full of drama and hopes that it will not. They get into canoes and Lesley jumps into Sean’s canoe. Sarah says that she has to get this rose today. Lindsay says that the water is so clean. They arrive at their destination and Sean says that they are going to join the Polar Bear Club. He says that he hopes that everyone will do it. He says that they will be supervised and tells them to get out of the water as soon as possible. Selma is not happy to do it. Sean is excited to do this. Selma tells Sean that she is not going to do it. Tierra decides to do it despite saying no at first. Lesley says that it will be alright. AshLee is just going to dive in and forget it. They jump in the water and scream. Afterward, the girls feel great and say that it is the best feeling. However, Tierra starts to panic and says that she can’t breather. Sean sees this and says that he feels helpless. He hopes that she can get her body temperature up. The medical team rushes her inside and Desiree and Catherine watch from the balcony. They wrap up Tierra. They give her warm coffee and she says that she is missing time with Sean.

Catherine and Desiree go to see Tierra and say that it was crazy. The other girls come in cheering about the experience they had and AshLee says that Tierra is faking it. Sean comes in and finds Tierra on a breathing machine and says that she is feeling better, but can’t feel her toes yet. Sean says that she scared him for a moment and says that she always finds time to spend with him. That night, the girls get to the cabin and are happy that Tierra is not there and there is going to be no drama. Lesley says that she has never done that and felt honored holding Sean’s hand. She talks to Sean and tells him that her feelings for him are real and says that she loves love. She says that she is glad that he is there with him. Sean tells her that he appreciates her. They kiss. Sean sits down with Sean and says that she has a surprise. She shows him a family picture of her family from a while ago. She tells him that she would love for Sean to meet her family someday and says that spending time with him is great. At the mansion, the one-on-one date is for Desiree. Tierra doesn’t stay home and gets dressed.

Back on the date, the girls talk about how Tierra cries wolf all the time. They laugh about how she fakes everything. Tierra comes in and the girls are shocked that she is there. Sean is happy that she is there. He walks off with her and says that she is great. Lindsay says that Tierra is too young and says that it is horrible. Lindsay comes in and steals Sean away. Tierra says that she’s got to get the rose. Sean gives the rose to Lesley. She is happy. Sean jokes that he is going to do it again. That night, Sean gets to his room and says that he doesn’t see a forever with one of the girls. He says that he needs to come clean tonight. He says that he is going to send home someone. He goes into see the girls and asks to steal away Sarah. The girls are wondering what is going on. Sean sits down with Sarah and says that it feels that he is forcing the feelings for her. He says that they were reaching and says that he wanted this to work so badly. She tells him that she is surprised and Sean says that she is an incredible girl and is one of the hardest decisions. She tells him that is how love goes and says that it is alright. Sarah cries and says goodbye to the other girls. They tell her that they are all shocked. She cries and says that she has heard this all before.

The next day, Desiree gets ready for her date. She says that this is hard for her to fall in love if it is not mutual. Sean comes in and Daniella is upset that she hasn’t gotten a one-on-one. Sean says that it is time that they had a date again. He wants to put her mind at ease and tell her that she is special. They go to Tunnel Mountain and Sean tells her that they are going to have a picnic, but it is at the bottom. They are going to have to repel off the mountain. She tells him that she is not happy about this and says that she is kind of scared. They start to go down and she panics a bit. However, Sean tells her that she is great. They continue and get to the bottom unharmed. They kiss. Sean tells him that he is happy that they did that together. Desiree tells Sean that she doesn’t know why she was having any doubts. Sean tells her that she shouldn’t doubt his feelings. She tells him that it is great to be with him. Sean shows Desiree that he can climb a tree and she follows behind. She says that she is excited to know what is in store further on.

Later that night, they get to a teepee and Desiree says that this is perfect. She says that it is cozy. Sean says that he had so much fun with her and says that they have so much fun all the time. She says that she always wants to be strong. She tells him that he can tell her anything. She tells him that she has a lot of heart from her parents and says that she lived in a tent and trailer during her childhood because her family never had a lot. That is why having a lot of things really doesn’t matter to her. She tells her that most of the kids in school lived in mansions while she and a few kids lived in a trailer. She tells him that her family put them first. Sean says that he wants to create the home with love and laughter. Desiree says that she wants to have someone who is secure. Sean gives Desiree the rose. He tells her that he wants to make sure that she knows that she is special to him. They kiss and Sean says that he can see himself proposing to Desiree. She says that she is going to remember this moment.

The night of the rose ceremony arrives and Tierra is pouting. The girls talk about her and hope that Sean’s patience is wearing thin. Sean comes in and tells them that this week has been great and is back to where he needs to be about this. Sean sits down with Selma and she tells him that she has something that she would like to do. She leans in and kisses him on national television! It was a little one and says that kissing someone on national television is a shame on the family. Lindsay gets taken away by Sean and tells him that she can’t kiss him and needs to talk to him. She tells him that she loves adventure and says that she brings out a lot in her. She tells him that she sleeps naked. She fights the erge to kiss him and loses. They kiss. Sean says that he feels that Lindsay is the total package.

AshLee sits down with Sean and tells him that she has controlled everything in her life and gives him a blindfold to blindfold her to show that she is going to allow him to lead her. She says that this is big to allow Sean to lead her. Sean picks her up and carries her to a couch and kisses her with the blindfold. She thanks him for that. She says that everything in her is letting go. She tells him that she is falling for him. The rose ceremony commences and Sean says that he wants to follow his heart. The girls line up and the first rose goes to Lindsay. The next rose goes to AshLee. The last rose goes to Tierra. This means that Selma and Daniella are going home. Selma says that she doesn’t understand it and says that Tierra is not the girl for him. Inside, Sean tells the girls that they are going to tropical St. Croy in the Virgin Islands.