Week 6 (S17) - Recap

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With Selma, Sarah and Daniella out of the competition for love, it is down to the Final Six! AshLee F. (32), Catherine (26), Tierra (24), Desiree (26), Lesley M. (25) and Lindsay (24) are left to show that they are more in love with Sean than the others. Tonight they are in the U.S. Virgin Islands in St. Croix. Sean and the remaining girls fly on a plane together. The girls get to their hotel and love it. AshLee says that she really wants a one-on-one. Desiree gets the date card and it is for AshLee. She is excited and Tierra says that the “cougar” is back in town. She says that AshLee should be married at 32 and that if she was 32, she would be married with kids.

Sean gets in to the room where the girls are and takes AshLee on a date. He takes her to the beach where a boat is waiting for them. They swim out to it. AshLee says that she has never shared her personal life with anyone and says that he makes her really happy. Back at the hotel, the girls, minus Tierra, talk about how AshLee is going to tell Sean about Tierra’s behavior. They say that Tierra doesn’t deserve to go to Home Town week because she isolates herself so that she can pout more. Back on the date, Sean asks if the drama has subsided. AshLee says that it is the house and Tierra. She tells him that all the girls have tried to welcome her in and she just refuses. She warns Sean that if she meets his family, they are going to have fun. However, when plans change, the pouting is going to begin. Sean says that AshLee is the most honest person he knows and believes her. AshLee says that she is really falling for him. She says that she wants to take Sean home with her.

Later that night at the hotel, another date card comes. Tierra gets the one-on-one date and complains that it is not on a boat where her makeup won’t run. Sean and AshLee sit down to dinner and Sean offers her some wine. They toast to the best day so far. AshLee says that there is something left for her to tell him. She says that 15 years ago she was married before. She says that her poor mistakes of the past can’t let this affect her relationship. Sean says that is nothing and says that she is perfect the way she is. AshLee says that Sean makes her feel special and she shouts that she loves Sean. He in turn kisses her and says that he could see himself ending up with AshLee.

The next day, Tierra has her one-on-one date with Sean. She meets him and Sean has a ton of questions for her. Sean wants to enjoy his time with her. Tierra says that she is hot and thirsty. They go shopping and a parade happens in the middle of the street. They dance with the dancers in the street. Sean loves hanging out with Tierra. Back at the hotel, AshLee tells the other girls what she told Sean. Lesley says that she doesn’t see how he can keep Tierra after this week. Back on the date, Sean asks how things are in the house. She tells him that she tries to talk to them, but they don’t say a word to her. Sean asks if she would handle things different with the girls and she says that the other girls are not going to be around so she doesn’t care.

Later that night, Sean leads Tierra to a table and Tierra says that she had a fun time, but felt that there is some distance from him. She says that she is behind in this game and feels that he doesn’t feel like it is mutual liking. Sean tells her that he may be that way because of all the drama in the house. At the hotel, Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay get a date card and they are excited. Back on the date, Tierra doesn’t feel secure where she is. She tells Sean that she really cares for him and that she is falling for him. They kiss and Sean says that she is not a bad person and that her feelings, he feels, are genuine. Back at the hotel, Catherine, Lesley and Lindsay talk about how drama is going to happen between AshLee and Tierra.

The next morning at 5am, Sean comes in with a camera and takes pictures of Desiree, Catherine and Lindsay. He tells them to hurry up and get dressed. They see the sunrise and Sean says that they are the first people to see the sunrise because of where St. Croix is located. They are told that they have a lot of things to do before seeing the sunset. They make their way through St. Croix by visiting the Sugar Mill first. At 12:00, the girls stop to pet a pony. They eat at a Café and toast to a wonderful road trip. They arrive at the Treehouse at 2pm and Desiree says that this is really fun and she connects with Sean more than Catherine and Lindsay. At the hotel, the date card comes and it is for Lesley. She says that she hopes that her feelings for Sean are known.

Back on the date, Desiree talks to Sean and Lindsay is a little jealous. They get to the beach to wait for the sunset. The girls see the rose and know that it means that the girl who gets the rose is going to be going to Home Visits. They decide to go swimming. Lindsay and Sean sit down on the beach and he tells her that he thought that she was crazy first night. However, she has opened up and it is great. They kiss. Sean says that he is crazy about the girl in the wedding dress. Catherine spends time with Sean and Sean says that tonight, he can tell that she wants to tell him something. She tells him that her dad lives in China and that when she was 14, he had suicide attempts. She tells him that would be weird if he came and asked where her dad was. Sean respects that and admires her for telling him that.

At the hotel, Lesley and AshLee talk and AshLee that it is hard to see who is going to go home. She says that the only problem is Tierra in the house. Tierra hears this and is really annoyed. Back on the beach, Desiree gets her time with Sean and she says that she really wants him to meet her family. She cries and says that her family means so much to her and says that it is a huge thing to bring home a guy. She says that it would mean the world to her to get the rose. Sean and the girls sit down and tells them that Lindsay is getting the first Home Town rose.

The next day, the one-on-one date with Lesley arrives and Lesley meets him in a plantation. She tells him that she has missed him. Sean says that his relationship with Lesley hasn’t grown like the others and wants to see if he can do something to change that. They walk around the garden and Lesley says that she is really falling in love with Sean. She talks about her family and says that she has a lot of chemistry with him and says that they should pick some more fruit. She struggles to tell her true feelings for him. She says that she wants him to meet her family so badly and it could potentially be all over.

After the date, Sean has his sister, Shay, come in and talk to him. He says that he has to let two girls go home tonight and he doesn’t know which ones to go. He says that he can see the possible of marriage with all of them. Shay says that they want him to be with a girl who has the genuine to their feelings. He tells her that Tierra is questionable. At the hotel, Tierra talks to AshLee and says that she is the fault to why Sean was distant on her date. AshLee says that Tierra is rude. AshLee gives Tierra a piece of her mind and says that Tierra is mean. Sean talks to Shay about what he feels about Tierra. Shay tells him that he doesn’t want to be with the girl that no one else likes. This entire time Sean is talking to Shay, Tierra and Ashley are arguing.

Sean tells Shay that he is going to get Tierra so that she can try to see what he is not seeing. However, when he gets inside, Tierra begins to cry. The other girls say that it is the Tierra Show again. Sean is feeling really frustrated with all the drama and has to excuse himself. He comes back and says that he is crazy about her, but he can’t allow her to hurt herself any more. He says goodbye to her and sends her home. In the van, she cries. Sean says that he couldn’t stand to see her so emotional. He goes back to his sister and tells her that he sent Tierra home.

The rose ceremony arrives and the girls are anxious to know what happened with Tierra and tells them that there is no cocktail party. AshLee is scared that she is drama and that is not what Sean wants. Sean gets in. The first rose goes to Desiree. The next rose goes to Catherine. The final rose goes to AshLee. This means that Lesley is going home. Catherine is worried that she doesn’t know what Sean wants now. The episode ends. Next week, Home Towns!